Karl Schwarz
VERBATIM of his famous speech
Townhall Meeting
on September 11, 2004
New York City

this is the Verbatim + Audio version (text as video)
For non-native speakers

David Icke
Kate Shemirani (Intro)

Trafalgar Square, London
Unite for Freedom Rally

August 29, 2020
Made from several independent movies.
Kudos to the original uploaders!
There is just one thing that most to the British do not get: They do not understand what is really coming over them.

Kate at Trafalgar - shortened


Full HD + until 2019
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This is a mirror.

Original text:
"I was with the Russian side of Germany Russia Business Alliance and Russia Academy of Sciences. We rattled USA's balls that day. USA made ass of itself in front of hundreds of thousands of air show attendees."

Erin Marie Olszewski (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse Exposes Shocking COVID Malpractice

Tommy Hansen did an excellent presentation.
YouTube is now blocking this video so posting it here.
This video will be the basis for an extended version to come.

Tommy Hansen passed away but his entire video will be in the middle of what will be produced to expose the truth. From 2014.

This is a mirror from:

Snowball fight in 1896. Lyon, France.


Kate Shemirani with David Scott from Northern Exposure

Interview 27th Sept 2020

Sorry for the unequal division of the cover photo; this is due to different resolutions.

Toyota France Film (2002)

spoken in French language

Assessment Russia Military Man

Flight from Hanau to Koblenz 1945 - aerial photos (SFP 186)

Flug von Hanau nach Koblenz 1945 - Luftaufnahmen (SFP 186)

Vladimir Putin answers questions about Moon landing and 9/11 theories.
This Q&A took place on August 1, 2011 at an annual education forum.
It was held by an organization named “Russian FederalAgency for Youth” at a youth camp on a lake Seliger, 350km from Moscow.

Kudos to the original uploader, Dimitri K.

Parlé en langue français / Spoken in French language
1ère et 2ème partie / 1st and 2nd part

Témoignage d'une franco-chinoise actuellement coincée en Chine:
Elle met en garde contre une propagation rapide, conseille d'acheter des masques.

Testimony of a Franco-Chinese currently trapped in China:
She warns against rapid spread, advises to buy masks.

Meet Saint Just,
the second man after Robespierre
during the great terror of the
French Revolution.

Vladimir Putin said that the Polish ambassador
promised to erect a monument
to Hitler in Warsaw.

It is about after Poland in Germany and the Nazi
plans to expel Jews from European countries
to Africa. Then the ambassador said that if Hitler
succeeded in this plan, he would
erect a monument in Warsaw.

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation:
"You bastard. The pig is anti-Semitic. There is no
other way to say. He fully solidified with
Hitler in his anti-Jewish sentiments."

The Russian president confirmed his words with
an extract from a document of the 30s.

Putin also called "complete nonsense" the talk
that the USSR was also responsible for unleashing
the Second World War, and said that some European
countries had entered into an agreement
with Nazi Germany.

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation:
“Starting from the year 38, when Hitler presented his
claims to part of Czechoslovakia, Great Britain, France
surrendered their ally. But what did other states do,
the same Poland? They entered into an agreement,
in fact, with Hitler. Directly this is evident from
documents, from archival documents. "

Note that Vladimir Putin at a large press conference
announced that he was going to write an article about
the Munich agreement, when European leaders tried
to negotiate with Hitler. In addition, the Russian
president showed the leaders of the CIS countries
unique documents on the causes of the Second World War.

Martin Tower (PA Steel) is pulled by controlled demolition in Bethlehem, PA (USA) on May19th2019.

Several buildings are pulled by controlled demolition in the GDR (former East Germany) in the early 1970ies.


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