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In this video I am presenting all Samsung Android phones ever, from S2 up until S9. Note series, everything. Let's see the advantages and downsides of these phones in today's world.

Western Europeans are somewhat reluctant to eat any kind of Eastern European food, somewhere in their mind they think that they may be eating poison or something but on the contrary, Eastern European food is better and more natural than Western European food.

So the most famous and controversial Youtuber of all times, Pewdiepie is about to be beaten by T-Series but there's a solution, not to beat T-Series, but an even better solution. Watch to found out!

A really simple but professional guide on how to repair your damaged Xbox 360 Wired Controller cable. Repair and save the environment by not throwing it away to create more plastic waste!

So America is so altruistic and philanthropic it always sends "humanitarian aid" to foreign countries. Ohh that's so nice of them! But hey what about some "humanitarian aid" to your own citizens???

Here's why we care about the environment while politicians don't but pretend they do to get your money. If you still don't get it after watching this video then you will never get it, you're too much of a sheep... baa-baa?

Hi everyone I'm new here, so this is more of a introduction video, I took the time to talk about the European Union and Brexit a little bit, I will be speaking about more stuff in the future, make sure you share, subscribe and like.


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