This episode, we're taking a look at Transformers: War for Cybertron, a beloved third person shooter acting as a pseudo-prequel to the gen 1 cartoon. Let's take a look at what makes this game so special, even 8 years later...

War for Cybertron FPS fix:

Rise of the Dark Spark Gameplay:

Music as Always, provided by the awesome swede, Henrik Johnson:

Halo 2 and Portal had a baby, and this is Wormhole Wars (name still undecided.) A fantastic multiplayer FPS being developed by 1047 games.

It is currently in pre-alpha, so if you want to get your hands on it, you'll need to head over to their website and join their discord. From there, you can get your hands on an Alpha Key:

According to them, the next play session is likely to occur on June 9th.

As always, the awesome tunes are provided by Henrik Johnson:

A bombastic arcade driving game rebooted back in 2001, seemingly forgotten by much of the internet. Inspired by cheesy spy movie action, this game has a fond place in my childhood.

Music, as always, provided by the awesome swede himself, Henrik Johnson:

God is dead
and we killed him

also known as Fahrenheit 1220

nothing says deplorable like using children to push your narrative

A forgotten FPS that manages to stand the test of time.

Intro music, as always, provided by the awesome Henrik Johnson:

I love this game

"Holdfast: Nations at War"

So World of Warcraft, Metro, and Diablo walk into a bar.

Hellgate London is 10 years old, so I thought I'd take a look back at this game and it's potential future.

The awesome Swede himself, Henrik Johnson:

For more information about Hellgate Revival:


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