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we bring you the latest incident where an Irish citizen faced unexpected consequences for proudly displaying the Irish flag in their own homeland. The incident, which has sparked controversy and debate, has left many wondering about the rights and freedoms of citizens in Ireland.

Side by side comparison.

What happens when you type in Climate change in twitter search bar? Enjoy!

how accurate in XXI century

"If the Kakhovka dam is blown up, then the idea of water supply in Crimea will be gone for at least 10 years."
— Oleksii Danilov, National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine.

It has happened....

And I quote - "Satan loves you and respects who you are... LGBTQIA+ people are so often referred to as being a product of Satan or going against God's will, so fine. We'll hang with Satan instead"

Far Right extremists have taken over this island! Enough is enough

I don't think Canadians will go for this, sure it is only a conspiracy theory.
Canada trying to introduce CBDC saying that it won't replace cash...(false)

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Few videos from Tullow co. Carlow
Please see this tweet for details

(d) “gender” means the gender of a person or the gender which a person expresses as
the person’s preferred gender or with which the person identifies and includes
transgender and a gender other than those of male and female

“(a) the person— (i) communicates material to the public or a section of the public, or (ii) behaves in a public place in a manner, that is likely to incite violence or hatred against a person or a group of persons on account of their protected characteristics or any of those characteristics, and (b) does so with intent to incite violence or hatred against such a person or group of persons on account of those characteristics

Fianna Fáil junior minister and ex-county councillor Niall Collins voted to sell council-owned land that was bought by his wife.

Collins’s wife, Eimear O’Connor, had written to the council the month before the council meeting seeking to buy the land. O’Connor’s was the only expression of interest received by the council, according to documents released to The Ditch.

Irish minister invites to many people to the party but unfortunately didn't get enough party hats

Kellie releases statement, media go into offensive (losing their sh.t over it)

Links to the full 4 min of that part of the interview

link to the screenshot of Kellie's deleted tweet

-Fly to Ireland & when in queue tear the passport up & pretend not to speak English
link to the original tweet

Eamon Ryan: Free public transport would 'increase level of unnecessary trips'

Hershey's come up with new commercial, and then they remove it as well as they clean up their twitter feed lol

In what Treasury insiders say would be the biggest upheaval in the monetary system for centuries, the Bank of England would establish a direct digital equivalent to physical money and take control of it in the same way as sterling.

Its supporters in the Treasury say that it would allow the Bank to give the economy a boost in times of financial crisis by paying the 'Britcoins' directly into people's bank accounts.