Make Me Believe

Jack the Ripper meets Lizzie Borden. BTK meets The Nightstalker. The Zodiac meets John Wayne Gacy. Just.....what if.....

This topic was brought to my attention by CrazyR0cky. I had no idea the size and scale this conspiracy theory was. Actually, it still is. To some, this theory is still believed. What do I believe?

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Children depend on their parents to keep them safe. But, when parents fail, the government is supposed to make sure that that child will be protected. What happens when the government fails to help too? That is exactly what happened to Zachary Turner.

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Canada has it's share of killers. Believe it. I plan to share with you three killers that call Canada their home.

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So many things in the world that defy explanation. Some I believe, and most others, I don't. I plan on examining all the things I don't believe. From the weird, weirder and weirdest.