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Game Design Manual template -

‪Sonic Foxes acceptance speech -‬ (2:40 for the direct quote)

‪The Game World section, the Character section and the Story section are the trinity of pages that create the story you want to tell with your game. These help you tell amazing stories that challenge your players and entertain them. Without these you might as well just make a card game.‬

‪With the character section of your GDM, think about all the relevant details as you are creating the descriptions of your characters. All the character classes and powers, the back stories, the stories in the game, their personality, alignment changes and any other thing that should be included, and a full character sheet.‬

‪This may seem daunting at first, but you only need to start with a list of the characters first, and then you can add to this section as time and production permits.‬

‪Thanks for watching this video and Making Games Great Again!‬

Facebook is creating an 'independent body' to review controversial content

With Facebook ramping up action against controversial content on their platform, they are becoming oppressive themselves. My account was locked within 36 hours of naming a page GamerGate Trolls, Parody RPG. It was locked a second time last night after I shared an album for one of my main characters, Trolly McPatriarchy with the Indie Game Devs group.

As Smiling Mountain in Jade Empire said -

The way of the Open Palm is not without its dangers, despite the best of intentions.

It’s a small leap from there to enforcing your will so the crime never takes place. Suddenly, you are the oppressor, when all you wanted to do is make things right.

Facebook is going too far with their measures to protect their user base from ‘controversial content’. I can understand if I was putting forth videos to promote violence against people, you’d be well within your rights of locking my account, but naming your content after controversial things shouldn’t result in locking a account for security reasons.

We need to fight Zuckerberg over this egregious and draconian efforts to quell offensive content off his platform.

Thanks for watching and making games great again.

Algorithms Definition -

SwiftPlaygrounds -

Algorithms are one of most misunderstood concepts in the world. If you listen to the news, Algorithms are going to create the great robotic uprising, and you can’t go onto a conservative online space and not hear about Facebook, Twitter and Google altering their algorithms to silence conservative thought. Algorithms are to blame, or are they.

Algorithms are just tools, and they’re simply digital solutions to problems. Whether you want to make sure a character has a key before you let them enter a room, or you create level up scripts, or power scripts, or any other coding, anytime you solve a problem with coding you have just created an algorithm. Sure, Facebook, Twitter, and Google are using algorithms in very biased ways to silence conservative voices, so the problem is not algorithms but the people who create them.

Today, I talk about how all the lessons we’ve taken so far have been teaching you how to create your own algorithms to solve issues in SwiftPlaygrounds, and that this concept applies to game development as well, especially level design, which I briefly touched upon in the Game World Page.

Thanks for watching and making games great again.

Tutorials -
Draw Anime Bodies -
Draw a Simple Anime Girl -

MGGA - Anime Girl
MGGA - Anime Girl 3 angles

Previous vids -
MGGA - Introduction to Procreate

MGGA - Introduction to Humanoid Drawing

Apps -
Procreate for iPad - ($13.99 cnd but it’s worth it)
If Procreate is too Expensive - Autodesk SketchBook for iPad -
Virtual Human Body for iOS -

There are some similarities between drawing men and drawing women. First, the basic rules that similar between men and women. Both men and women are about 7 heads tall, and their shoulders and chests are 2.5-3 heads wide. That’s where the similarities end, women’s waists are narrower being 2 heads wide, and the hips of the woman is as wide as their shoulders, so women are more curvy than a man.

In this lesson, we have four tutorials from drawing hub, two that I saved before the tutorials got updated, and two updated tutorials. So if you want to spend time drawing each tutorial 10 times each, you can get all kinds of practice on it.

I always recommend a pencil tool in painting programs to draw before you go onto pen tools, because the pen tool needs to be very precise to look right, where a pencil tool can be drawn over to make look right, a pen tool looks messy if you do that.

After you get enough practice on both the male drawing and the female drawing, take a try at using the pen tool in your drawings. It can be frustrating at first, but after time will get better at it.

Thanks for watching and making gaming great again.

Game Design Manual template -

Game Worlds are extremely important in the storytelling of video games. Before you say, video games don’t need stories to be good, in every single game I’ve ever played, there are story elements.

Game Designers know that in a game, every area should have it’s unique challenges you need to overcome, unique factions in it, and unique enemies, including CUPHEAD.

Game Worlds is a triune aspect of stories in games. You need to know the game world in every detail to create the characters that inhabit each part of that world which you need to create the story of your game.

While Loops -

SwiftPlaygrounds -

While loops combines the three topics we had taken previously, the for loop, conditional coding and logical operators. It helps define NPC behaviours in games to animate your world. You can use a while loop to have a shopkeeper in a game stay in their shop until a certain time of day, after which it will go home - so the loop for the shopkeeper would be while the time condition is true, the shopkeeper stays in the shop, else if the time condition is false than the shopkeeper goes home, and then the same loop is created every single day in that loop.

Thanks for watching and making games great again.

Brent Knowles

Gaming companies that listen to and empower their player base make the greatest gaming companies, because the community learns from the developer and the developer learns from their community. This is why NeverWinter Nights was supported by BioWare for 4 years with a huge fan base who created their own modules to played by the community, a miracle when you look at the cycle of popular games that are developed.

I want to inspire a new group of creators to learn the basics of coding, art and game development to create the same community of gamers and developers that made BioWare great.

Thanks for watching and making games great again.

Codea -

I use Codea and coding to create this animated short of a Pill and a Cube getting into an insane argument about how the Cube is racist for being able to make walls and that’s what Trumpy wants to create because he hates Mexicans.

Make Gaming Great Again is a politically incorrect gaming and media initiative to bring back some sanity back into our media.

Game Design Manual template -

The Game Overview is the two page short resume of your game. It describes everything you want to talk about with your game. Every aspect of your game is discussed, and the philosophy behind the game as well.

It is what you give to a gaming company that expresses interest in your game after the elevator pitch, so they can make a more informed decision on whether they want to create the game, or it is the document that keeps inspiring you while you take the months, even years, to create that video game.

Thanks for watching and making games great again.

References -
Logical Operators definition -

SwiftPlaygrounds -

Logical Operators, defining things if two combined variables are true, or if a variable is untrue, or if a variable equals this or that allows game designers to provide puzzles and unique experiences to their games. Building on the conditional programming that is very important for game programming, because games are all about conditions, this helps ensure unique experiences for gamers.

Game Design Manual Template -

Anatomy References -
The Animator’s Survival Kit -
The Disney App -

In the past 3 Saturday videos, I introduced the concepts of art, and today, I start to help you understand the most important part of game design, the Game Design Manual. Just download the template that I’ve uploaded to my server, and just copy and past pages and define what you want to create for your game.

The first page is critical in creating interest in your game when you talk to people in the game development community, because it tells the company you are talking to exactly what your game is all about.

Description -
Resources -
Definition of Conditional Programming -
SwiftPlaygrounds -

Conditional programming can help game developers make their games more difficult, provide missions and quests with reward systems, level up scripting when a character’s experience hits a certain number, and what happens when a character hits another character. It is the backbone of coding a game, so it is essential for aspiring game developers to learn and get really good at conditional coding.

Thanks for making games great again!

Resources -
Drawing Muscles -
Procreate for iPad - ($13.99 cnd but it’s worth it)
If Procreate is too Expensive - Autodesk SketchBook for iPad -
Virtual Human Body for iOS -

In this lesson, I go through how to setup thing up in SketchBook Pro from autodesk, which is absolutely free of charge for iOS users, to allow you to learn how to draw a humanoid figure. I also go through some of the body ratios that you need in order to draw a realistic humanoid character, if you want to draw something from scratch.

Like I said in the last episode, practice makes perfect. Keep on using tutorials, keep on learning, keep on practicing what you learn and you will start to be a good artist.

Thanks for watching the video and making games great again!

Resources -
For Loop definition -
SwiftPlaygrounds -

For Loops are excellent ways to group a bunch of functions that are the exact same together. In video games, these are the NPCs patrolling around, going to point A doing a couple of things and then going to point B in which the do the exact same thing before they go to point C, which then you can reset the to start at the beginning again.

Resources -
Drawing Muscles -

Procreate for iPad - ($13.99 cnd but it’s worth it)

If Procreate is too Expensive - Autodesk SketchBook for iPad -

Virtual Human Body for iOS -

Drawing a humanoid character can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re starting out, using base materials to trace over is okay because that helps you develop the muscle memory to draw things properly. Every journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step.

Tracing over drawings or tutorials is a technique called Rotoscoping. It is especially important for animation, as you can start to use different drawings at different times to create a sense of motion.

The best thing to do is use a tablet or touchscreen computer, save the pictures on the website and start tracing over it in programs like Procreate or Photoshop. I use Procreate for the iPad for this tutorial.

InfoGraphic -
Swift Playgrounds -

Functions allow programmers to group lines of code to be called in later pieces of code, to help reduce the amount of coding you have to do to accomplish a task. You can also use functions within other functions to eliminate as much coding as possible.

As coders, we want to reduce the amount of work we do, and functions allows us to do that very thing.

Thanks for watching and Making Gaming Great Again!

Art intimidates people, and we make the greatest artists into almost mythic heroes, but it doesn’t have to be. It takes time and practice and the right tutorials. You can follow me on Pinterest. I save a huge amount of tutorials on this account to help me learn art, and it should help you learn art as well.

Gaming art doesn’t need to the best in the world. If it’s good enough to tell your story than it will work.

Drawing Hub is a fantastic how-to drawing website, you should check it out. Not only do the people show you step by step how to draw something, they explain it as well. I spend at least an hour every single night at this website.

Coding is the first scary bottleneck for those who want to design video games. Unless you take time to understand the basics, everything can be so intimidating. But if you change your mind on programming, and see it as a honey do list for a computer, than coding becomes far less scary. You just need to learn how computers are instructed and start taking control over it.

For those who have iPads, feel free to download SwiftPlaygrounds and play around with Coding 1.

Swift Playgrounds by Apple

If you have an Android device, or a computer, feel free to comment on possible coding tutorial programs that we can use.

Welcome to my game development channel. It’s time to take games from the politically correct culture that threatens to censor us.

Every Wednesday, I will create a video for coding and another for art.


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