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Banjo-Tooie - For the idea of there being a Reboot Kazooie for rebooting the idea behind Banjo Kazooie and otherwise having little identity of its own. They had previously released Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, and Donkey Kong 64 on the console. Twelve Tales: Conker 64 would be their fourth and final collectathon for the Nintendo 64, though it had been in production alongside the original Banjo-Kazooie. In response to the criticism, Rare did something unheard of: Mid-development they overhauled their cute kid's game into a very adult title. All them ideas take and interest as is the possibility of two similar games existing at the same time and i'm talking about Banjo-Tooie and Donkey Kong 64 more closely on those matters.

And here marks my way toward the final confrontation against Gruntilda the witch. Magical mask aside, this is pretty much gonna go very straightforward so yeah i say this is one of the most fun and enjoyable romhacks of the B-K that can be found and played.

This is the first time I intend to do this hack. My racing skills in this game have improve somewhat but i am still not there and for a moment i will settle for relearning all courses the game has.

I finally came in for some breakthrough after finding more ways to fully complete this adventure. Tooty, Banjo's sister is still within Gruntilda's Lair as Banjo and Kazooie marches toward her many dangerous areas. [***Warning***] This video could contain some earbleeding sounds and noises so giving a heads up i will inform you when certain parts of the video could het louder by timestamp:

3:46 - I accidently amped-up the volume towards Grunty's Furnace Fun so as a result the music could be heard louder than usual

4:49 - The screams from the bottom of Gruntilda's military base are very high.

5:31 - Banjo's decides to make the get away from Gruntilda's front base and panics. The sounds here a very loud, so here's a heads up.

5:38 - 5:43 - The horror sounds get louder while Banjo makes a hasty retreat to Grunty's Furnace Fun.

7:16 - The gunshots from the firing squad that is hiding in the crowd of off-screen audiences could be very loud so keep it a little on the low here.

This time around i decided to fully explore what areas could be found within the Click Clock Wood bur this time with the biggest and burliest of characters, Conga the ape. All around it goes well till the fps start to leave the video much later one. The one area that never truly changes is Whipcrack Lodge. So expect the first jiggie by many to be of this.

Well about time to show how ro play in a team battle and have certain advantages towards characters in the very beginning of a successful series that has gone forward with many sequels and romhacks to boot.

Ported this hack through an email to Koolboyman years ago so i could remain unchanged while the rest of the races could change into bosses of the game.

A series of choices where everyone is a magic carpet. Cue in the magic to actually be able to do most if not a majority of stuff.

While browsing around Conker's sound coding i found some more unused sounds and stumbled to this unused sound. It was probably the intended sound for the final boss.

At some point during my travels in Clock Town, Mumbo decides to bring up the idea of transforming my character into a dinosaur. This is a very rare occasion and for once i would have liked if this was possible in the first game. Still overall i shall find the path to putting Gruntilda into the ground again.

It's amazing how you could look at this. One) either this could be A.I Intelligence or A.l Stupidity. Either way it could also be that my character is being surveyed upon. I like the songs in this level though.

Here be Conker dining once again in the pub.

Well the Bazooka is aimed towards repelling me from falling out of bounds but then i die.

The hiccups are added for maximum effect.

There is no active way to proceed further without talking to Gregg unless you have all chapters unlock or you use a glitch to escape the boundaries of the area. That said, this video will show you one way Gregg's dialogue could be skipped before talking to him so i could have the rifle.

Well at least for me it seems that way.. I am literally revisiting other areas in case if there's items that i missed.

Indeed, at this point i never knew about daytime and nighttime to this place so as i gotten deeper into collecting the mayority of jiggies*, i decided to finally visit the village at night and stumbled my self to many surprises.

*Not saying along the lines that i could have missed one or two jiggies on the way, after all, most of kurko's romhacks are very big and stretched out.

Based on Chunky Kong's fight in Fungi Forest, which is a rematch with Dogadon. Chunky Kong gains a variety of bizarre abilities from drinking Cranky Kong's various potions, buying weapon and musical instrument from Funky and Candy Kong, respectively and ultimately showing what would chunky's original fighting style would have been in the game. I personally love the aspect of being able to punch enemies as if they were some sort of punching bag. Wish that could have been included in the game, other than that in many cases that is all.

A while back, while playing this mod, i discovered something unique and while it never occurred to me while speedrunnning this, i eventually gave it a try and see what happens when you kill Klungo in the Goldeneye segment of Mark Kurko's Romhack.

Another video testing while also testing abilities like mega jump, levitation and swimming. The only thing that changes in the settings is Spiral Mountain being blocked by some invisible wall and most of the Mad Monster Mansion debris and enemies showing up.

Gotta keep running if i want to live.

This is described to be one of Bowser's favorite part of the entire board games of at least the first three Mario Party games. This form of punishment rivals that of his Bowser's Balloon Burst and Bowser's Tug o' War in the first game.

At nighttime, players that come by a dancing floor are asked by a few Boos and Mr. I's if they want to dance with them for 20 coin. It is a very exciting event but only if you want to see daylight. For daylight to be turned into nightime go see Mystery Mansion where a Magikoopa can light it's darkness lamp for 10 coins.

The boos in the castle gardens have red coins. I also make an upkeep start to see how i fare against Big Mr. I being fought only once.

This isn't so bad, i could think to say the new progress is keeping me. Though i kinda got lost here on more occasions and am looking for things out of the ordinary


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