Making Of the Glitch

Remember the video: Banjo-Dreamie - Captain Blubber/W Eyes Escapes Sparkling Springs.This video picks up to the fact that Blubber is no longer in his place which Loggo had originally put him there.

The song Capullito de Alelí was written by Rafael Hernández and was first recorded and released by Los Jardineros in 1930.Both "capullito de alhelí" and "pícara" are old-fashioned expressions, you can find in literature. Capullito de alhelí is a affectionate expression to address someone you like. It's also used to refer to someone that is fragile or cute. Capullito is the diminutive for "capullo", which means a flower about to open, I mean, a "baby flower". And "alhelí" is a kind of flower, a delicate one. Anyway getting back to this song. It's great and proud to give the lyrics for it.

🎶 Lindo capullo de aleli
Si tú supieras mi dolor
Correspondieras a mi amor
Y calmaras mi sufrir
Porque tú sabes que sin tí
La vida es nada para mí
Tú bien lo sabes
Capullito de aleli

No hay en el mundo para mí
Otro capullo de alelí
Que yo le brinde mi pasión
Y que le dé mi corazón
Porque tú eres la mujer
A quien he dado mi querer
Y te juré lindo alelí
Fidelidad hasta morir

Por eso yo te canto a tí
Mi capullito de alelí
Dame tu aroma seductor
Y un poquito de tu amor
Porque tú sabes que sin tí
La vida es nada para mí
Tú bien lo sabes
Capullito de alelí 🎶

Various stuff happening at the moment, just me exploring and having fun with several objects and NPC'S. For more stuff one must think on how to make Rare Witch Project look better or Rareware Central at points. Figure Koolboyman and Subdrag are out there still looking out for the former websites. Time for more Gameshark codes while exploring Gobi's Valley. Play Banjo-Kazooie, explore for the first time Gobi's Valley and tell me how much fun you're having out there...The following xcodesx will be on this list below:

Play as Tumblar:
812986BA 02F1
812986BE 02F1

Play as Palm Tree:

812986BA 03A9
812986BE 03A9

Bottle's Molehill is Stone Jinjo:

81367E24 0545

Concert Banjo and Kazooie:

812986BA 0355
812986BE 0355

Treasure Trove Cove Play as Gold chest:

812986BA 042C
812986BE 042C

Play as a Honey Comb Lifesaver(Please do not get confused when collecting objects during Play Time):

812986BA 0361
812986BE 0361

Play as Bikini Girl/Melon Lady:

812986BA 0479
812986BE 0479

Play as Gruntilda with Broomstick:

812986BA 0457
812986BE 0457

Gruntilda Sounds 2018 Update:

8129FF0E 0162
812A251A 0131
812A29B2 0142
812A29FE 0164
812A478A 012A
812A4816 0131
812A4846 0132
812A49B2 012A
802A66B7 00ED
812A8826 018D
812A883E 018E
802A945F 00EE
812B1E3E 0163
812B1E9A 0130
812B4682 0131
812B46AA 0131
812B6B2E 0133
81364564 012A
81364566 0131
81364568 0132
8136456A 0133
8136456C 012A
8136456E 0131
81364570 0132
81364572 0133
80364575 00EC
80364577 00ED
80364579 00EE

Fly Anywhere(Highly Recommended but the A Button Always Initiates Flight)

8037C1D1 0002

When activating this code Press A Button. Do not use it with the "Do Shock Spring Jump From Anywhere" code or it will freeze the game!

I'm still stuck in Witchyworld while trying to speed-run this. So I helped myself in the decision of speaking to Boggy's wife and helping her in the rounding up of the Boggy Children. She is a very head-strong person and is not afraid to speak her mind. Where was she in Banjo-Kazooie however as she claims to have lived in Freezeezy Peak with her husband and kids. So to sum up she is a character that was brought up later in the game. Mrs.Boggy's teleportation abilities seem to work considering after you round up her third and last child she immediately appears in Hailfire Peaks (Icy Side). Her children and herself have that ability similar to Bottles or Mumbo, not to mention Humba Wumba or Jamjars.

None, just a failed attempt at doing the glitch out of bounds wrong.

Awareness might bring you closer as Berri, still in her cage is dancing alongside Rockmen and Rockwomen. The Rockman bouncer Acknowledges Greg the reaper as the being who comes serving to sever the last ties between the soul and the body. Respectful of death like everyone else, Greg the grim reaper becomes power and is at the top, only to the Maestro and the Programmer!

Video was originally published in August 1, 2018 on YouTube.

Let's take a look on how dull the NPC is by judging how it's lack of telling a frying pan over a katana that we will use when Conker uses it to hit the oblivious Gargoyle. Now I know it's game mechanics and that the player was not meant to get any other object to pass that but the frying pan but it is with this video that is possible. Someone out in the comment section requested I give the code for conker frying pan being replace by a Katana Sword and I know I've been delaying so here it is 8009CF20 003A .

Banjo the bear sensing honey nearby, decided to get to the Beehive and to do that he needed to get to that slippery slope.The power and will when someone wants to attain something similar to Winnie the Pooh always goes for honey. Kazooie only makes a brief appearance in the video, showing most of the determination coming from Banjo himself.

I had to cut and merge some scenes at a certain point as my neighbor was having an argument next door with her daughter. This is my play-through of multiplayer in the Deathmatch scene, there's an invicibility that literally makes conker invisible (In other words not seen). (There were some funny parts during this video and I do admit to laughing at one point) 😋😋😋

"More" first caught U.S. attention as a pop instrumental hit by jazz trombone player Kai Winding that was arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman, released as a single on Verve 10295. Popular in the summer and autumn of 1963, the record peaked at #2 on the Easy Listening chart and at #8 and lasted 15 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100,. Rather than employing a traditional jazz instrument, the recording's melody was instead performed on the electronic Ondioline by Jean-Jacques Perrey. Verve retitled the parent album Soul Surfin' containing "More" and other songs performed by Winding's big band !!!!More!!! (Theme from Mondo Cane) to capitalise on the single's popularity. While Winding's brassy performances feature top jazz players, notably Kenny Burrell on guitar, the arrangements are in so-called "surf music" style.

After Winding's recording became popular, United Artists added to the soundtrack cover a starburst stating "INCLUDED IN THIS ALBUM THE HIT SONG "MORE".

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is a popular Christmas song written in triple time in 1963 by Edward Pola and George Wyle. It was recorded and released that year by pop singer Andy Williams for his first Christmas album, The Andy Williams Christmas Album. However, the song was not released as a promotional single by Williams' record label (Columbia Records) that year, as they instead opted to promote his cover of "White Christmas" as the official promo single from the album.

Rare Vintage Christmas Songs & Carols 1963. Christmas Road.

Remember that in Mumbo's Mountain an effect comes into question when you reach the area where Mumbo's Hut is... Well while the theme from Mumbo's Mountain sounds same there are slight notes in the music as you go different locations in the level looking for Musical Notes,Jiggies and Jinjo's. A location for Mumbo's Skull is to have a village of sort where individuals similar to him live in this Mumbo-esque Culture. Video was originally published in Jun 28, 2018 on YouTube.

Me(Playing as Conker) having some hilarious scenes while trying to stab a Tediz.

In banjo Kazooie, remember how in the ending we see the main characters, plus yellow jinjo,Blubber and finally the Bikini Girl. While we do have a clues where these characters can be found, the beach girl on the other isn't encountered in any of the locations of the game. So while the main heroes Banjo and Kazooie make it to the final battle the beach girl makes it to the beach of vacation in the final scene!

Let's take another look at the game-play with Gruntilda and notice how well she controls exploring this castle and most enemies not acknowledging the presence. Both Gruntilda the witch and Loggo are on the attack against Banjo and Kazooie. No glitch or cheats, the enemies literally won't go against grunty.

My strange path to the wackiness that is conker strange and unused level worlds.

Similar to Gruntilda successful ending, I have no words to say about this video than it is a homage to Conker's Chapter the Uga Buga (Chapter)...Video was originally published in Jul 12, 2018 on YouTube.

There am i closer to the nightmarish creature as it fails to notice me this close to it!

"Winter World of Love" is a song recorded by Engelbert Humperdinck, which was released on his eponymous album and as a single in 1969.

The song was an international hit and spent 13 weeks on the UK Singles Chart, peaking at No. 7,while reaching No. 3 on the Irish Singles Chart, and No. 4 in Flanders. In Canada, the song reached No. 8 on the "RPM 100"and No. 1 on RPM's adult contemporary chart.In the United States, the song spent 12 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at No. 16, while reaching No. 3 on Billboard's Easy Listening chart.The song was a hit in other nations as well.

A video showing how both the magic of Romhacking and Gamesharking work. So Voila!

Let's get ready to rumble

Sorry to several folks who possibly came looking for an episode in early Christmas but I found this copy somewhere online that came with the song and well I enjoyed it and thought some others might get a chance on the bounce of joy! Don't discriminate me, I still respect the classics!

The video is nostalgic due to being one i made long before YouTube existed. Enjoy!


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