Making Of the Glitch

Having a swell time with this mini-game, plus the code extender that gives this and all the other mini-games more seconds to fulfill.

Playing shortly as this bird!

The video speaks for itself!

Another shot and view from afar when looking at Grunty Face Statue.

Time to be a star slayer!

Today i got a little high and decided to upload these three videos to remind myself as to my thoughts at the moment of doing so. Stay Well great audience and awesome people!

Looking on how to reach that land far isolated and out of reach through normal gameplay!

One day it occurred to me to see the very graphical parts of dk64 inside the treehouse and outside of it. I hope to make people see more of what there truly is. These four minutes were fun to see and i hope you have a good day!

It's time to go destructive with the power the Tank provides and use it on the Rock Solid Party-Goers. Enjoy!

Curiously the water coming from the pipes still falls down!

A hack that pulls bigbutt like crazy and render my quest in saving tooty while getting bruttaly killed by the only invincible enemy in the game, a Bigbutt.

Although despite her roller-coaster relationship with Conker, she does love him deep down. Conker is not a hero,as stated but just a pragmatic protagonist who gets caught up in a bunch of random escapades that are often out of his control. He doesn't even have a clue that there's any overarching plot going on due to the Panther King. Conker here really does comes up to her thighs. Berri must be very Giantess to be moving and walking around with ease. On a more fact her size is an inconsistency. in this scene she is three times bigger than conker but in the weasel cut-scene later and in the Heist Chapter(another video) coming on she is slightly taller than conker, just slightly.

This unusual glitch that sometime happens in the Hangar in Highlight Heights.Don't know why it happened. Anyway Loggo I think you done a good game. Keep making another one and can you bring back some similarities to the past Beta Worlds from the Original Banjo-Kazooie. Like the Beta Temple, Prickly Pear Island or Hammer head beach.

Yeah a scenario where both banjo and Gruntilda are neutral and in the beach scene...Video was originally published in Jul 12, 2018 on YouTube.

Beautiful, truly. Can't imagine a better sign-off, and so, good-day to many others.

Here's a mod on how to change the Bull often found in levels like Mumbo's Mountain,Gruntilda's Lair, and inside Click Clock Woods. On another fact of the matter the Bull called BigButt is a fairly tough enemy and cannot be killed; however, he can be stunned. The easiest way to stun him is by firing Blue Eggs at him or using the Beak Buster or the Rat-a-tat Rap ability on him twice, which will knock him out. While stunned, he will sit on the ground for a limited few seconds unconscious, but will get up shortly thereafter. There is no chance to defeat him and get honeycomb while he is knocked out and he and another enemy called Grimlet are the only enemies in the playable game that are immortal and cannot be killed during normal gameplay!

Witches don't get much witchier than Gruntilda Winkybunion (or Grunty, for short), the main antagonist in the Banjo Kazooie series. She zips around on a broomstick, she has a wide array of spells, she has a green face.

Going a little ahead for this one is one of my favorite places to go and collect coins!

It's the details that really matter when doing a presentation to make a good designer of games or Rom Hacks!

The Breegull Bash is a humorous attack learned from Heggy in Banjo-Tooie by bringing her the Pink Mystery Egg. Knowing the move alone is easy but the tricky part is on how to use the move. Since most games done by RareWare when they work on Nintendo have some glitches albeit fun glitches. Today I show you how to use the Breegull Bash to open elevator doors in Grunty Industries.

Beaver Bother is one of the most annoying and hardest Mini-games in Donkey Kong 64. If you don't know what you're doing it may take hours to complete this frustrating mini-game!

Game Overs that were developed 20 years ago enjoyed a much different freedom.When a player decides to quit playing or loses all of it's lives, the Game ends. While Grunty is still alive, it will be transitioned to the cutscene where Klungo uses the machine to turn Tooty into an unpleasent monster and for Gruntilda to become beautiful making Mumbo to fall in love with her.

The game status will be saved as well so that Banjo will be able to continue with the number of notes and jiggys it has. If the player enables an in-game cheat to unlock access to everything and the player does these things as said above, the game will be erased after a Game Over occurs.But it's the people who decide as to whether it's a good faith in will to view this ending as the doom of the protagonist bear and bird or a more lovely or enjoyable experience, a way to give hope for a more tomorrow game play!

This was a factor in the game's commercial failure. Rare was reportedly worried that it would be mistaken for a kids' game because it looked so cute and "cartoonish". So they limited advertisement for it to nighttime TV and made the M-rating on the box extra large. This backfired, and the game sold badly due to Invisible Advertising.Sunny Days is one of the most frustrating parts of the game due to some serious Difficulty in locating and tracking the tickling bees in order to make the sunflower bloom her breast. Very nice but very time consuming especially for speed-runners so here are two big breasted sunflowers.

Yeah, while traveling on Glowing Gardens with one Honeycomb left I tried to replenish my health and as i got closer to the beehive I was killed by simply touching it, then Loggo appeared and said the exact words Gruntilda would say!

Video was originally published in Jul 26, 2018 on YouTube.


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