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Here is a great opportunity for JC1 & JC2 students to secure the distinction for chemistry. Attend the upcoming experience day event at Making Sense and get the perfect blueprint that will help you to score distinction. Visit the and register.

Making Sense has guided thousands of students and helped to achieve outstanding results in the A’Level and O’level chemistry. Watch the testimonial video of the students where they are sharing their success stories.
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JC students learn the chapter of solubility product and Ksp in just 4 days by dedicating only 90 minutes of the day and following the simple blueprint. Watch the video for more details.

Convenience vs personal touch, which is more important to you? What if you get both? Making Sense students now have the flexibility to do both live-stream and face-to-face lessons. A powerful combination to cater to your needs. How about a power-packed experiential trial lesson with us?

Now with Maths, GP and Physics. What are you waiting for?
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Enroll in best-live stream online learning classes by Making Sense. The interactive features of live-stream lessons include live consultations (After Class), chat function to ask questions, small competition during class & engaging polls to reinforce students learning. Watch the video for details.

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If you are struggling with learning & understanding the concepts of chemistry, then watch the video and explore how Making Sense tuition can help you learn the concepts of H2, JC A level & O level chemistry easily. Visit the for more details.

Most of the students struggle with chemistry is because they have gaps in learning which prevents them from understanding the concepts of the topics completely. Making Sense changes the way students learn Chemistry and through their skills they have transformed the grades of over 6000 students. Visit the for more details.

Have a concept in Chemistry that you hate the most or find it hard to understand? Making Sense can help you deal with it & turn it into greatest strength. Watch the video & tell them your weakest chapter & they will customize the lesson to master that concept.
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Making Sense is an award-winning tuition centre in Singapore that specialises in Chemistry tuition for A’ Level and O’ Level students. For more details, visit their or call at 6802 2603 now!

Making Sense use teaching methodologies specific to Chemistry that are effective in maximising learning. They are the best chemistry tuition in Singapore To know more, visit their or call at 6802 2603 now!


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