From demon hunter
Way worse than this. We know toxo changes human behaviour. Proven a long time ago. Risk taking/seeking behaviour etc. Cordyceps is to me, like chaga, just more aggressive. Like chaga it is used in herbal medicine and likely only feeds itself or another similar fungus so it leaves you alone. Chaga is high in polysaccharides and I’d expect to see the same in cordyceps.
Just like electricity and magnetism are the same in this materialist realm, body and soul are the same. So then it follows that if we are in a spiritual poverty and I would say entirely looking through the parasights lens, (materialistic) then the only way back is to cleanse the body and morality and connection will follow. The mother of my children shows me that this is absolutely the case. And for a great percentage of the population curing the ailments of their material vessels is the ONLY WAY to lead them back. For the rest of us, in various stages of awakening, DEFINE YOUR WORDS! Talk of a simulation is profoundly unhelpful if it is not defined properly. I love you all but in this particular instance we must look more to Lash than Icke. We are all with these messengers of error and I look forward to the corrections as they arrive.

From youtube
Look like Skiba was right on Noah and his pestilential boat trip.

I have reason to believe this is possible for anyone. I will talk about that in a later video.
The beast materializes and weighs down everything, especially the mind of the host. Love to The Mom, as her mind and body clears so too our environment is clearing commensurately. She has real power if she takes CHARGE and turns her will toward good…watch out devils.

Great to see John on the mend!
It’s radiation poisoning. The beast/flesh corruption then can move into your lungs. Hydrogen peroxide nebulizer, boiling water with turpentine then breathe the vapours. Many more treatments available! KNOW YOUR RADIATION ENVIRONMENT! AVOID THE HOSPITALS BY AVOIDING THEIR RADIATIVE WAVES!

It’s probably in the name like everything else. Virtual means not real right?
I will keep looking for the data Coffey sited. I’m not paying for it though.

Everything is this corruption and possession.

The script seems to be about to enter the third act. The truth of the possession of mankind will be revealed.
What are we? I just know that the fungi are NOT us.

The protests are real, but what else can we possibly take at face value when looking at the scrying mirrors?

Nonna was right. I turned my back on my ancestors, on my genetic memory and let the devil run amok. The reversal is beautiful.
Looking at a lot of -dent words. The creature(s) might have changed us more than I could ever imagine. Dental is HUGE with these anomalous creations. Just how huge remains to be seen.

Clint Richardson and Patrick Jordan
Worth listening to ALL of the shows they did. Love you guys.

Phonetics or phonics? I learned to read phonetically before I get to toddler holding camp so I believe it changed at some point, but there’s that parasight hanging on the end and again, with its “beautiful destruction”. The power of words indeed.
In my mind I see the most beautiful, joyful, safe, laughter and hug filled place of learning in the future of my children. Every day I make them laugh.

False I form ligaments. So insanely in our face.

Say the words. Ask the questions.
Or you can trust the science:

It’s a vlog. You can see the possession
The mother is getting in touch with her heart. This evil blockade lifts.
Voice and the word works.

Jesus, it has been said could control the weather. Maybe we are all apart geographically for a reason?
There is so much poison for the mind. Purification awaits.

Watch out where they are leading the mind. Deep fake fauci?

From On Disease by Lewis Thomas from 1970s. Any of this disease sound familiar?
Science used to be science.

Geologist? Who cares if he can use the kit?
Antibody dependent enhancement? Get the fuck out of here. Those spells used to work on me.
Back to work on Monday. Few weeks will have the root of a pig mesentery to look at.

From Atlantean Gardens. Light of the Black Sun
It’s all misapprehension, misdirection and error with lots of truth. I believe we will define the timeline enough to get an idea of the damage.

For your consideration.
In my opinion it’s all biology and the microorganisms and probably mitochondria resonate/emanate in the human form because they exist in human form.
Paraclete….half words again….
Candida is the cancer demon and has done well to move out the familiar spirits that eat the death so that it can eat us alive. It will burn up in our light.

Recognize the reality, turn your mind to it. You will not be able to help fighting TOTAL war.

Do it with the smoke too. Push it down deep into your lungs.

Manifestation? What do we all truly want, even the fast asleep? Find out and move those around you with your imagination.

Sad that he still isn’t anti-poison, but the awareness rises. Was going to play whole thing but after two tries Facebook or whatever won’t let the letter in the video.

It’s up to us Europa. Only we can do it. I shouldn’t say autonomous, it wants to drive. Fuck what it wants.


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