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I get all sorts of no view videos that are actually interesting in various ways. The present is pre-sent in the matrix.

Ganesha the Menace. Listen to the whole thing.

Can’t remember which channel.
Good song despite a poor definition of death.
You gotta love how he messes up the guitar in the archon 21st century.

Melanin and its uneven distribution will be key in defining what a human is.

This is the milder part of her rage. Still smashing shit around the house, though not shown here because there was too much downtime in the recording.
The pain is when she lets it loose and makes the children cry when it’s mad at me. It has said to me the words that Marzinsky heard. “You have no right to interfere with our way of life.” I got that almost verbatim once. Fuck what the mind controlling fungus wants.

Take some pliers, pull out the mole, the spy within, burrowing beneath, and look at the white nonsense connected there, that has, apparently, made a home in the bloodstreams of the jabbed.

If the women wake up to the nature of the disgusting rot creature growing inside us….watch out.

Thanks to all for the lovely words that have helped me so much. Thanks to the wise and courageous purveyors of the proper perspective on the nonsense.
I love you all.

The enemy can be defined as blood suckers first. The electrical mind of God flows in your blood Iron Man.

“From the waste up…”.
I’m rather enjoying just how ridiculous this retarded cousin is. This alien body snatcher. Never do I want downplay the danger this entity poses. The dumb power players of the world, in their politicks, mirror the layered agendas of this rot. Geoengineering, diversity and acceptance, (it is they/them) poisoning us to take more of the energy, normalizing filth and hiding in plain sight evidence of its extent and power. It worked hard to beautify the Jews and now we are all HeBrews thanks to the abandonment of sexual restraint. Constant genocide. On and on it goes. IT IS JUST A SLIME MOULD with some internal pharmaceuticals for us. It’s right there to see. Easy fix.

Plasma Channel.
We all got scammed, on everything.
Mercury electrodes? I wish I had some resources to experiment. Should be pretty easy to up the “amperage”, just don’t try to sell it!

The cosmic microwave background, so called, is nonsense like everything else and in actuality appears to be re-emission from the salt water oceans on Earth. The salt water that likely came from above the vapour canopy, the home of the sea-mites. We are all Semitick.

I’m a sucker for the phonetick breakdown. All the Latin languages are obviously semitick. Just listen to reconstructions of Old English and the similarities between Spanish and Arabic for instance. God is still the Word. A babbling alien attached to your spine talking all our telekinesis makes sense.

Check out that falciform ligament on the liver. The deliverance train is gone for this poor soul. I think the alien loves the Formalin. Who knows, but a pleomorphic internal chemist creature makes sense in the rules based in-time matrix.

Thornhill always said cosmology must address human origins. That’s a great place to start. I hope he didn’t take the jab.

Who knows for sure? Lots of military type people it seems.

We all seem to be children of the Atlantean Demi-gods. Just some are more resistant to infection.
I think the “lost tribes” might have turned their back on Ialdabaoth way before Jesus did. But who knows? Certainly not me.
It all seems to be b a one to one correspondence. If your material whirled fights back, you might be doing great.
There is righteous, ‘good’ war. I was doing it wrong. The March to War begins soon. I’m going to war in the black mirror under the sun. Mirroring back its attempted fear poison of the Best Sea Son.

To the Arctick, or to the Antiarctick? So confusing.
The Arctick Sun and the March to war is part 1. Not pub’d.

“…anything we can imagine we can create…” - many people.
I’m so proud of my baby girl. She will be two in April and the magic boob has dried up amid another pregnancy. Mom is physically sensitive and short with her. She is taking it extremely well.


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The arctic sun and the March to war is the part 1. Not pub’d yet