I didn’t need the confirmation but it’s always nice.

I’ts all an assumption that it will move back to L2. But I can FEEL It going . Im turning back the hands of Chronos. I’m in my 20s drinking booze. After years of other ignorant, but efficacious black mirror solutions, it will do for now. Now I am also beginning to experience insomnia periodically. I am rendering, slowly, the insomniac state of the entirety of my early teen years. The years before the male coming of age are everything in my humble estimation.
My daughter is already fighting the sleep, as I did. Her aversion to napping is a problem for her mother but at 9 months I’m so very pleased.

God gave us all the tools. God is mans best friend. The Dog is the goodness reflected back in the black mirror.
The turpentine might be powerful, but the most victory is the blood warming capsaicin. Especially for those us that went balls deep into the sugary/yeasty poisons on offer. I’m an idiot. I only know the meaning of the word PESTILENCE.

Interesting verse in here for those following the unveiling of the fake history.

I don’t have any clue. But I would kill everyone that knowingly, with malice released this RSV weapon on my my family. If I was given the opportunity. All the rest of the zombies should not be punished. The mind control is strong.

When you oxygenate your tissues by exorcise, lactic acid is produced. Or so we are told.

When I say I only care because of my family, I am speaking about the weapons and the worldwide military operation. The truth about hueman origins is the next truth.
The prefixes and suffixes that I look at are all straight out of the pharmakeia. (chemistry). We speak English. Anatomy roughly means “without atom”. Positive and negative, father and mother, are estranged. This is the separation of the waters, the firmament.
Thanks to all those who shared some videos and asked the questions.

“Predictive programming” is there to put the images and ideas in your head so YOU create its fake bullshit. The Revelation of St. John the Divine comes to mind.
There is no they, there is only IT.
I highly suggest, that if you do not know what IT I’m referring to, that you search the terms in the the playlist titles from this channel.

Mind Unveiled Excerpt
Widely sourced Jesus + Nature Study =. Truth.
Can it be as ruthless in the home of the Gentle Ones, if the slaughter was real? What else could gentile mean? We need to use that aspect of our power.
The Know a Hide laws in the zombie apocalypse is just too much. Where’s the wizard with the energetic key to understand these emanations coming from my body. I voice my complete and total bafflement and idiocy. Fortunately it’s pretty funny.

If you haven't seen it and are following this type of aggregator. Posting a shit ton of collapse videos. I'd love to meet the real huemans who are aggregating these videos. Why? At this point the black mirror paranoia machine has to be considered in the context of our pre-sent present, our possible projection of death and destruction, rather than just a vector to electronically activate some murder tech in the jab. IE:. How much of this stuff is AI created garbage? Totally computer generated? I hate tech, so I have no idea if AI exists at all, distinct from a program. Sodom should be destroyed, so who does the destruction? Our God, or their devil? We will probably all arrive at a present where we must cast the tech down. When you get to the crossroads, choose to suffer. Meaning now, in this realm. It will not be too bad if many reject it.
My feeling is they want less souls and destruction for energetick and economic management purposes. They need to take out their people. Maybe it's not a fairy tale that the true God does the destruction. I think it is a fairy tale and the revelation loving Christians who are eagerly awaiting "Rapture" are really trapped.

I know enough to move. The nose knows, and I’ve been smelling bullshit my whole life, I just could never put my finger on it until now. My children will have the guidance I lacked, and the boys will undergo a difficult ordeal of their choice to enter manhood. May the true God be more you.

HarvardX. Sounds extreme. It’s all very interesting anyway. Since I started reading Iridology, I can’t look at peoples irises on a computer.
Google really wants you to scry.

The problem is that just like we can’t see our soul, we cannot see our greater body. But who knows for sure? Not me. Another great Carlwood interview. He really brings the best out of many of his guests.

This flu shot that got us all sick still concerns me because I don’t know what kind of weapon it was. My gut feeling says that they might be using a version of this wild horse sterilant that supposedly spreads through close contact. If these blood worms are real and they spread from the vaxxed…Lori says her magnetism was a result of “shedding” (whatever that is) and is abating. Some good news…
Love you all.

I can only come to the conclusion that we are pure creation, they are pure darkness and they do the destruction. If we do it at all, it’s going to be the souls trapped in the Well that power the cataclysmic cycle. But John is right, they are Kin in some way.

Sounds promising. Glad I couldn’t sleep. Seems easily attainable.

Make fast thy body. Gluttony is my biggest sin. I have a lot of work to do.

Merge with all the plant spirits. ENEMAS. FAST.
Hopefully the other one goes up. Love you all.
Gravity lessens and you begin to rise. Be careful.

I love the truth about the creator.
I love you all.

Where is the False I Form “ligament”? So bloody obvious what’s happening materially…..

GGAC’ commentary is a little disjointed and weird, as mine can be. I’m a little wary of MMS because I don’t know where the chlorine is going, but it for sure rocks them on your liver.
Diatoms are formerly living, microscopic sea creatures that have died en masse and become mineralized and part of the earth. Fairly obvious how this happened electrically during the clash of the titans. No info on use.
I’m sorry your existence is so parasitical and ugly in this beautiful Wonder. It must suck to be you.

This demon in her didn’t like the baptizer coming here. She lost it.
I’m done parsing theiir black magic, I’m not getting any help with their material plan so this is all I got left. All this stuff was here before my awareness. I didn’t do it. But now that I’m here and wakened I’m going to do my utmost to destroy the darkness in my life and restore the white light of the true Creator.

A whirled of experts where no one knows anything. Thanks due to the few.


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