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The conclusion to this section of the Book Club. Thanks for following along with us as we tore apart the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and hopefully we didn't say anything too stupid.

The mysteries are unfolding themselves, but they just open up even more questions.

What's your name again?

Finally getting back to it. Find out what happened to the Whale and the bowl of Petunias.

Welcome to Magrathea! We're gate-crashing into myths and legends with the reunion of the only two known humans still alive... who just happen to know each other at the odds about 6x10^6 to 1.

Thanks for joining us again. Trust me, you need to keep up with this book club like you need a fish in your ear... which is more than you think.

Welcome back to the book club. Today we start digging into our first actual book. I hope you've done your homework because we're about to lose normality!

This is the pilot episode of a book club I'll be hosting here on YouTube with some friends. Now, the first episode isn't actually a book, but the short story by Shirley Jackson, "The Lottery". We felt that to get our feet wet it'd be best to do something that was good for a one-off. After this episode we'll be starting the actual first book that we'll dissect a chapter at a time, weekly.


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Hey, I'm Mal. Welcome to Τερζυχ Ἑκαδήμεια, where we are all students in this open forum and the teachers are more like guides to steer us through subjects of interest. Thanks for attending and I hope you enjoy your stay.