Ela Wise - Vocals
Krype Malisque - Guitar/ Keys
Edwin Paanakker - Bass
Luca Bonardi - Drums

A spoopy treat from a bygone era.
Ela Wise: Vocals
Krype Malisque: Guitar, Bass, Keys, Programming

Yet another throwback video, a bass playthrough of Rush "Tom Sawyer". I was happy to find the isolated drum & guitar tracks so I could play Geddy. My favorite band! <3

Another oldie, as evidenced by the defunct myspace link (heh, myspace).
Me = Bass
The always awesome Gorst on guitar
Chrissy singing into a plastic computer mic (works tho'!)

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Krype Malisque, bass, keys, rhythm guitar
Featuring Ela Wise, vocals
Bill Berends, lead guitar
Dennis Leeflang, drums
© 1995/2013 Krype Malisque

My twin & I jamming on guitar & bass. I'm migrating my old videos over from youtoob. Will have some new stuff to share one of these days. ONE of these days.

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Ela Wise - vocals
Krype Malisque - guitar, bass
Edwin Paanakker - bowing Quintar
André Maquera - lead guitar
Dennis Leeflang - drums
Mastered at West Street Digital
© 1995/2013 Krype Malisque

An old video for the new year.

The infamous Caprice no.24 on a Fender Telecoustic, of all things.

Looking forward to seeing the new Queen movie! Playing a Jackson Roswell guitar here.

Wolfetone P90 pickups, 50W Marshall Vintage Modern, Palmer PDI-03 speaker sim. Krype Malisque - Guitar & backing track.

A musical statement on polarizing propaganda in tv media.

Ela Wise, Vocals | Gorst, lead guitar | Dennis Leeflang, Drums | Krype Malisque, Guitar/Bass
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