Are Incels the natural result of women's choices? Are they inevitable symptoms of our sick society?

Song: The Lawful Good ft. StormCloak by Xurious

After a clash with James Allsup, Sargon retreats into a live chat with one of his sycophants, he then continues on to say some ridiculous shit.

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Outro Music is "Hail Victory" by Xurious

I'm so fucking tired of hearing RC Maxwell and other anti-white people keep saying that the civic state is soooo much more realistic. In reality, only one of these systems is tried and true, and it's the ethno-state.

One of the main objections by people on the left and center alike is that we can't attain ethno-states without violence or human rights violations. This is a simple video that briefly outlines two easy ways to get ethno-states without violence and goes into questioning whether the avoidance of violence is even necessary or desirable.

Destiny fails so completely at "debunking" Mouthy Budda and JF's video, it almost makes you wonder why he would even upload such a terrible attempt.

We did it boys, we are going to make America great again.
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