Feb 20, 2017 / 60

Crisis Brewing in Europe as World Focuses on President Trump.

In this report I cover the financial markets including precious metals, stocks and currencies. I also talk about the European government bond markets and how there are signals pointing to a possible..



Feb 17, 2017 / 67

Gold Trades Above £1000 As UK Retail Sales Plunge.

In this report I cover the most recent economic data from the UK, retail sales, which shows that the economy has been slowing down since December 2016. I also look at the sterling price of gold and ..



Feb 16, 2017 / 66

UK Government Implementing Cashless Society by Stealth.

In this report I cover a headline story in the Daily Mail about UK business rates and how many small businesses will probably disappear after the implementation of a rates "shake up" later on this y..



Feb 15, 2017 / 40

Fed Chair Yellen Is All Bark and No Bite.

In this report I cover the precious metals market and bitcoin and then I talk about the Federal Reserve, its monetary policy and economic recessions.

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Feb 10, 2017 / 133

Central Banking: The Mother of All Fake Systems!

In this report I look at the nature of our present monetary system and its fraudulent nature. I look at how the powers that be have used the excuse of emergencies like war to get the public to accep..



Feb 09, 2017 / 53

Ten Percent Drop in Bitcoin Price Should Provide Good Buying Opportunity.

In this report I cover the $100-plus move lower in the bitcoin price on February 9th, 2017. I also cover the precious metals, stocks, currencies and bond markets.

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Feb 07, 2017 / 49

Encouraging Gold Price Action Despite Stronger Dollar.

In this report I cover the precious metals and currency markets. I look at the price action in gold on February 6th and 7th, 2017.

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Feb 04, 2017 / 62

A Look at The Markets and the Specter of Hyperinflation.

In this report I look at the precious metals, bitcoin, the dollar, sterling and the stock market. I also ponder whether we are set to witness a hyper inflationary currency collapse in the West.




Feb 02, 2017 / 97

A Summary of the February 2017 Web Bot Report.

In this report I summarize Clif High's ALTA Report for February 2017.

The Web Bot or ALTA Report can be purchased at

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Feb 01, 2017 / 186

Trump Administration Escalates Currency Wars. Says Euro is "Grossly Undervalued."

In this report I talk about the Trump administration's latest comments on the euro currency and Germany.

Euro article:

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