Addressing Sharon Hensley's unrelenting obsession with me ( trying to let her down gently ) LMFAO

I have a confession to make.

Wall smashed hag, doxxer, troll, false accuser and nutcase #MeToo feminist loses the plot when people stand up to her, for falsely accusing innocent men of rape and paedophilia, after they had rejected her skanky advances. And this was her priceless and epic reaction LMFAO!

WARNING! This documentary contains footage that may not be suitable for some viewers.

Bushman talks about his horrifying ordeal and shares photos from the crime scene.

Bushman talks about his horrific experience.

Bushman talks about his most horrific experience.
#MeToo #TrueCrime #Survivor

I have some very heavy news. #BreakingNews

Probably the most controversial and horrific black ops mission in British S.A.S. history was Operation Fur Seal the mission to save prince Harry from his own ass. (No baby fur seals were harmed in the making of this video lol)

Whether you're a hiker, a camper, an outdoors enthusiast, or a hardcore survival expert prepping for the zombie apocalypse. This must have piece of survival gear will save your life by preventing bugs, insects and tapeworms from crawling up your coight when SHTF.

A compilation of big hairy pussies lol.
#ManiacTV #BigAndHairy #LMFAO

Finally, the untold truth about Bigfoot... What I have discovered is truly shocking and horrific.
#Bigfoot #Sasquatch #Yowie

So I prank called my phone provider's customer care service and the girl who answered was just way too damn sweet to get triggered. If only all customer service people were as nice as this girl, then the world would be a much better place.
#Betty #VictimPoints #PrankFail

A compilation of wet pussies...
#ManiacTV #WetPussies #LMFAO

The story of your typical dysfunctional cheating wife and the broken family left in pieces because of it.
#RedPills #Hypergamy #Misandry

Comedy the way it was meant to be: Pure Unrestrained Madness!
#ManiacTV #Mayhem #Madness

Bushman tells the story of how desperate simps enable toxic femininity.

#RedPills #Reality #FactsNotFeelings

This joke was the most offensive & politically incorrect joke that I have ever heard. And it was told to me by a female work colleague. I love it. Enjoy lol.
#FreeSpeech #Comedy #Satire

Dr Bushman gives a complete diagnosis of the cuckiest of cucky cucks - Cuck Eli.
#Cuck #FakeLifeCoach #Cuckopath

I'm Too Sexy (Right Said Fred Parody)

A highly motivational video tutorial on how to achieve bigger & better farts than ever before to impress the one that you love.

The truth about why feminists are such salty man (and good looking woman) haters - explained in just 45 seconds.

#FeminismIsCancer #ToxicFemininity #SayNoToSoy

Maniac accidentally blows up an entire city whilst putting a flame to farts.

A short documentary of extreme madness.

A short film about one extremely crazy day in the Australian wilderness.


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