A short documentary of extreme madness.

A short film about one extremely crazy day in the Australian wilderness.

Clearing up some common misconceptions that tourists often have about Australian wildlife.

Aussie guy almost gets ravaged by a group of sasquatch whilst hunting.

Traumatized Aussie guy almost gets ravaged by a group of sasquatch whilst hunting.

The real "entirely satirical" reasons (that YouTube wrongfully deemed as "hate speech" and removed my video - because of their ridiculous snowflake fee fees) for the cause of climate change that nobody has the balls to talk about. LMFAO ūüėā

This video proves without a doubt that obesity is the leading cause of climate change.

Miranda Kerr - the best of - best commercials - compilation.

Truly the happiest story ever told in history. Ever.

A story of bipedal hominoid love deep in the forest between an unsuspecting lost hiker and Bigfoot

Top 3 survival tips for feminists in the post apocalyptic collapse / SHTF
#SHTF #FeminismIsCancer #SayNoToSoy

A true story about nipples, alien abduction, violence & spontaneous combustion.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing before contracting the deadly mad cow disease aka democratic socialism.

The truth about how feminism enslaved women and destroyed society.

This video shows some of the people that were a little disappointed that Trump was elected as president lol. Make America great again Trump 2020...

Crazy is in the eyes....

In this video we take a look at the truly dark and evil nature of feminism and make a massive joke out of it, you know, so we don't all get cancer....

People often tell me that the recipes I use are interesting so here is one of them. Enjoy.

This is the story of the Cuck, the Simp, the Thot & the crazy woman....

Crowd cheers as guy drowns in blood from his own anus.... What has this world come to..?

The Bushman shows y'all his delicious, healthy yet simplistic recipe for cooking alien meat.

This video exposes the fake life coach Elias Melas from the "A Grip On Life" YouTube channel for the extremely nasty individual that he really is. Life Coach? Unbelievable.

Just watch the video lol.

Here is a video of the most hated Cuck on YouTube all butt hurt and and angry at me. Why? Apparently because I'm allowed to have a penis...?


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Hello, welcome to my channel. This channel is a mixed bag of all kinds of madness... A collage of mayhem if you will. You never know what you're gonna get. Also, although I was abducted by aliens, I was never probed. Those were just rumours....