They used Trump to build us up to smack us down! He doesn't even know he was used! They want a civil war so bad!

too funny and pisses you off

posted march 29 2021 on youtube

charlie ward needs to stop stretching the truth................

Would it really hurt to show confirmation. Its like lieing to someone and saying their ex wants them and they dont!

fences coming down some being replaced and not as many troops

ill show you what my friend is showing me. tell charlie stop stretching truth. people may start waking up to charlie if he would stop stretching truths

charlie ward likes the threaten people like me when he knows hes full of shit! i live in the tates and he cant do nothing! he is being used by the deepstate and dont care because you pay him to lie to you! suck mt ass charlie your full of shit!!!!!! james woods 5"6" and jim carey 6'11" show me comparisopn videos dumb ass! people get ready to fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is why they shitting their pants people!

Stop talking shit. I'm a Trump supporter but you make us look stupid

I'm going to show you the truth about trumps visit to Switzerland they say happend this year.

Spit out truth not assumptions.


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