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Dream ==> Struggle ==> Victory
This is how success flows
Small Dream -> Small Struggle -> Small Victory
Huge Dream ->Huge Struggle -> Huge Victory
How big are your Dreams?

The magic wand for abundance
No Appreciation = No Universe Grace
Reciprocity Works If You Work It

Duplication Monetization
You Only Get Paid for What Duplicates
If No One Buys Products / Services = No Money
If No One Does Income Producing Activities = No Production
No Big Team + No Production = No Money

Turn Off the Negative News
It does not create good vibrations
it does not stimulate more income
Focus instead on anything positive leading to your dreams
Surround yourself with Mixed Media about successful people

Be in the Driver's Seat
Don't accept shotgun or backseat
Don't complain you aren't where you want to be
Control your activities & thoughts to control your results

Quiet Lull Before the Storm
Lots of preparation right now
Activity is quieter and things are in slow motion
But my mind is racing a million miles a second
Its that period before the Tsunami is Approaching

Linear Income Vs Residual Income

Ride the Wave of My Big Blitzes

3 Types of People When There is an Opportunity

Change Your Financial Life Now!
Don't cry about lock downs
Don't complain about not having work
Do something about it starting right now..
Work with me and start making money!

Don'y waste your precious time with the wrong people
When Prospecting, we are not there to chase after tire kickers.
Lookie-Loos are only curious what you are doing.
We are looking for those who are serious about making money.
Once a prospect becomes an affiliate, the same applies.
Hobby Affiliates only want to socialize and take up your time.
Professionals want to build a biz and are too busy recruiting.
Be foolish with your time with the wrong people = small MLM biz
Spend your time wisely and your MLM biz with flourish.
I know you can do this, so just be disciplined about it.

*If you ever wanted to Make Extra $$$
*If You ever wanted to work with me
*If you have a lifestyle you can not currently reach
Life does not always go the way we plan. We are going to have those days when you have great intentions, yet things just get all messed up in the process. It can make you feel sad, mad, frustrated, embarrassed and the most awful part when it happens in your MLM biz is to lose a quality prospect due to this occurring.

It might be a technology glitch where your affiliate link is breaking up and the prospect gets some 404 code or weird looking page. Maybe you have a free tour prospect, like what they offer in my company and when the person attempts to upgrade to become a paid promoter, the internet connection on their side or the server on the company's side glitches and creates a real nightmare signup process for the person.

Possibly the bad day includes you appearing to have marbles in your mouth and no matter what you attempt to say the right way to your prospect, even though you know what you are doing, it all comes out sounding retarded as if you are a new person who does not have a clue what you are doing.Yes, even veterans in network marketing forever like myself have days like this too.

There may be a chance that you had a strong marketer interested in joining with you and / or your company and because the bad day mistake was so severe, they choose to join your company through another rep or just flat out join with another company entirely.

We could beat ourselves up over having such a crappy day, but take my advice to heart. Don't! Love on yourself and take a well deserved time out. Listen to your favorite music. Watch your favorite show. Eat some yummy food you enjoy. Maybe have something to drink that is your favorite. Whatever it is that makes you happy, do it. Then move on to get on the saddle of success and move on from the bad day.
In thermometers, there is a perfect temperature for the body of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the comfort zone for our body. If our body is below that, we are not comfortable, and if we are higher than that, our body produces fever to attempt to get back to that lower level which is its comfort zone.

We too as humans have a comfort zone and average people choose to stay there since it is the path of least resistance. It is also the place where you don't have to challenge any beliefs and habits you have developed.

We tend to take our beliefs of our life experience and use them as the frameworks for what we personally are able to achieve. This belief system translates into our own thermometer for where we feel comfortable. The creates an unfortunate double edge sword as we begin to promote a network marketing business.

In the beginning, as we join a company, we have no downline members and no customers. Our internal dialogue is going to start kicking in.

If we tell ourselves "I dont Think I Can Do This" or "I Failed in the Past" or "What If People Laugh at Me or Reject Me"...and similar type of defeating thought, then we are doomed to really begin promoting at all.

On the other hand, once we start attaining success, if we start achieving more than we believed possible, we start to doubt we deserve the success and may dig in our heels to slow down our own progress.

We might tell ourselves "I'm Getting Too Rich and Don't Know What to Do With All This Money" or "I'm Not Smart Enough to Manage All This Extra Income" or "No One in My Family Ever Had So Much Success Before" or "I Just Don't Want the Pressure of Such a Big Business"or "Why Do I Have to Be in the Spotlight...and similar type of limiting thought, we put a block on the expansion of your business.

The reason is we become uncomfortable earning more money than before and are afraid we might screw things up, so we would rather just be in the comfort zone instead where we know how to handle things.

In both cases, we actually get in our own way and cancel out the possibilities of greatness. It is a form of self sabotage and it is something everyone must confront if they want to push past whatever experiences and conditioned ideas of self worth developed in the past.

Winners know that you must get uncomfortable and stretch yourself. They know that rejection is a normal part of this and failing forward is crucial. They realize it doesn't matter what others think as their opinion of your success does not pay your bills.

Achievers know that personal growth must occur, similar to hermit crabs who leave their small shell and find a bigger one. We as Winners must have the same mindset and be willing to grow our own proverbial shell, thus increasing our internal temperature of success as we keep moving forward.

If we are not willing to do this, our network marketing journey will be painful and produce hobby part time results at best. Once we are honest with ourselves of this truth and work at this self belief as we are working our business, we will thrive and grow into quite an impressive human being, business person and leader in the process.

No competition or jealousy as is experienced in traditional work place. We help each other win as much as possible.
In MLM, it is natural that you will lose some customers and affiliates from your organization. It is not if, but when and how much it happens. There are actions you can take as a Network Marketing Professional to reduce the amount of attrition.

If you are doing the right activities consistently, your business growth will exceed the attrition levels and your income and achievement results will continue to increase. On the contrary, if you sit around and cry about it or even worse blame X,Y & Z, you will not have much of business or residual income as times goes on.

Winners make it happen and pull out all the stops. They find ways to communicate with their downline affiliates and with their customers to keep them engaged and interested in the company and products/services. They continue to add value and add new customers and affiliates no matter how long they have been in the business.

Hope you get value out of today's lesson. If you are looking for additional income or are dissatisfied with your current situation, click on the link below to take a free tour of what I am promoting. I am here to help you reach your dreams.


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Find Your Happy Place
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