Nazi elements inside the ukranian army : Swastikas, Satan and Hitler tattoos of the Azov battalion in Mariupol

When theories inspire realities

This young palestinian kid rapper who murdered Eminem's beat to comment on the efforts of war in his country -> Decimation of the economy -> Burned to the ground -> Burned for 17 hours -> The explosion -> Under investigation -> Fires is arson's%20“2020%20Combustible,combustible%20dust%20fires%20and%20explosionssions. -> Are not that common -> Current supply chain -> FBI Cyber Division -> The Western Standard ->Timeframe -> Video 1 -> Idaho -> Walmart -> Arizona Family -> Rio's fresh onion warehouse -> Taylor Farms


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Since humanity has many issues and many challanges, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that The People know and understand the truth about the issue and only after that we, together, find a good(morale/ethical) solution