Television in the 1970s looks like nothing else. Even more so with British television in the 1970s. Carve that down to British sci-fi television in the 1970s and you find a style and tone so unique you can almost taste it. Thankfully the 1970s offered many brands of mouthwash.

What is Star Maidens? Recently I discovered the answer.

Pressing on to season 2 of Cobra Kai.
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Looking at the end of Cobra Kai's season 1.

Other than Fantastic, what do I think about "Different But Same"?

Johnny puts the dojo through its paces in the hopes of seeing enough improvement to make a difference in the upcoming karate championship.
The closer we get to the All Valley the closer we get to more confrontation.

"Molting" is another great episode of Cobra Kai. I'll tell you why I think so.

"All Valley"
Do any of Johnny's students have what it takes to be the best around in time for the 50th annual local karate championship?

"Quiver" was a great surprise because of one character confrontation and the introduction of a new character with a familiar face.

Miguel already stood up for himself. Now he gets a chance to take on an additional cause while representing his dojo.


Johnny and Miguel followed Sinatra's advice to "pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again".

"Cobra Kai Never Dies"
Is it a motto, a warning, or a lesson?

Rewatch and re-review Cobra Kai "Esqueleto". It's the one with the Halloween costume party. And an ass-kicking.

Return to Cobra Kai with "Strike First". Episode 2 of the first season.
More 80s nostalgia for me, but a great continued beginning to the series.

The power of sound stands over pretty pictures. Usually.
Radio is an incredible and wonderful medium and should remain a part of our culture.

A welcome surprise back in 2018. It's still entertaining! This isn't a "In Name Only" production.

"Ace Degenerate"
The premier episode to the first season of Cobra Kai

The return of a personal favorite: Donna Noble.
A ridiculous romp that tees-up a wonderful series of Doctor Who in the new era. For my money, Russel T. Davies went from strength to strength and reached his height with this series.

"Partners in Crime"
The series premiere of David Tennant's third year of Doctor Who.

One of the high-points of Doctor Who during the Russell T. Davies era. It successfully and respectfully borrows the spirit and tone of The Twilight Zone and The X-Files.

From the fourth season of the new era of Doctor Who

This classic Twilight Zone cautionary tale fits nicely with the fears and panic of early/middle part of 2020.

"The Monsters are Due on Maple Street"
An outstanding episode of The Twilight Zone

Some of my favorite subjects.
Remakes, sequels, franchises, series, and reboots. Barsoom / John Carter of Mars, the Universal horror films, James Bond, and The Karate Kid / Cobra Kai.


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