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James Corbett joins Vinny Eastwood of The Vinny Eastwood Show to discuss solutions for an increasingly technocratic world. From acts of resistance like culture jamming to building alternative currencies and self-sustaining communities in the peer-to-peer economy, don't miss this important discussion of what people can do to take their lives back into their own hands.

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JP Sears does a "serious" podcast. Here's a video he made from one particularly good one, discussing censorship with Brian Rose.

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James Corbett: "This week on the New World Next Week: the biosecurity corporate fascist state marches on; the vaccine debate turns partisan; and a Pennsylvania judge rules the arbitrary lockdown closures are unconstitutional."

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Pamela Popper, MD's latest update on the Ohio lawsuit, and how the plandemic is affecting children, as well as college students being quarantined.

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"Fact-Checking" ... yeah, many of us know all about that these days. It doesn't matter how much research, documentation, and hard data we have, if it goes against the mainstream narrative, the fact-checkers simply call it "false" and move on. Ben Swann vents his frustration a bit in this video.

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This video is from 2 years ago, from Ben Swann: "The head of the NSA says that the United States is engaged in a war of "weaponized information" with China and Russia... but what about the fact that it is legal for the U.S. government to propagandize its own people?"

Yes, this is 2 years old. And it explains a heck of a lot going on right NOW. To all those who think the mainstream media isn't pumping out propaganda right now... think again. It's 100% legal. Common sense, folks. Take a look, take another look, and ask yourself whether what you see on mainstream news passes the "sniff test."

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Yes, yes there is. James Corbett takes a look.

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Discussion on ignoring/overturning upcoming election results under the guise of plandemic misinformation, and a retured army Colonel and JAG officer giving a warning of the dangers he sees.

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From July, 2020: San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond talks with Dr. Kelly Victory about the latest COVID-19 numbers and why it's so important to open our schools back up.

Dr. Victory is an expert in disaster preparedness and the medical management of mass casualties. She has worked closely with officials from Homeland Security, the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and multiple branches of the military.

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Del Bigtree interviews Dr. Jeff Barke, who advocates re-opening schools and sending kids back without masks. Dr. Barke goes so far as to say masking children is child abuse. (Personally we here at Marcus Twain agree with that. Peace, Sam)

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San Diego county supervisor Jim Desmond interviews Dr. Jeff Barke on sending kids back to school during the plandemic.

Dr. David Martin's (Plandemic 2) weekly update: "On the menu this week - revisiting all the chimeric and gain of function research performed on coronaviruses in North Carlolina."

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James Corbett takes a look at the (un)natural progression of the security state from 9/11 to the Covid plandemic:
"9/11, as we were told repeatedly in the days, weeks, and months after the attack, was the day that changed everything. And now a new event has come along to once again throw the world into chaos. But whereas the post-9/11 era introduced America to the concept of homeland security, the COVID-19 era is introducing the world to an altogether more abstract concept: biosecurity. This is the story of the COVID-911 security state."

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Del Bigtree: "Will your college-aged kid be turned in for holding hands this semester? Students across the country are being encouraged to “tell on” their classmates if they break coronavirus safety measures. Will these snitch hotlines be weaponized by students with ill intentions? Jeffrey Jaxen dives into what the new campus environments awaiting our young people will look like this year."

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In an emergency meeting on the COVID Vaccine, during the public comment period, Del Bigtree was chosen in a random drawing to speak first. Here's what he said.

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Dr. Pamela Popper's video clip on Ohio government provisions for FEMA camps, using vacated University and college campuses. Ah, so now we can see an alternative reason for sending college students back home. Dr. Popper also takes a look at mandatory testing checkpoints in Hawaii and families being required to let their loved ones die alone.

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A vaccine study has been halted over “Serious Adverse Side Effects”, PLUS Sweden falls below the U.S. C0VID death rate.
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Ben Swann talks to Dr. David Martin: "Newly unearthed documents from Moderna Pharmaceuticals Covid patent application include a claim of concern about a “deliberate release of SARS coronavirus” 9 months before the official emergence of Covid-19. In addition, it turns out that Moderna may not have the legal right to even release its vaccine in the next few weeks because the company appears to be infringing on an existing patent for the core technology. Is this why Moderna’s executives are selling their stock?"

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Rock on, JP!!! We love him!

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From JP Sears: "What’s it like getting censored on YouTube? As a content creator, you might be wondering if freedom of speech is right for you. You’ll see what it’s like having the constitutional amendment called community guidelines trump the constitutional right called freedom of speech."

Let Free Speech ring out!

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Mirrored from Del Bigtree: "Resigning, being fired, or just stepping down, speculation has begun to swirl around the massive number of US health officials leaving their positions. With the CDC just admitting that only 6% of Covid deaths are without co-morbidities, will more officials be exiting their positions?"

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Ben Swann: “Dr. David Martin discusses the irrefutable paper trail that shows C0R0NAVlRUS was manipulated by DARPA, the NIH and Chinese Labs. Nothing in this report is "theory", it is all documented fact."

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Ben Swann: "We take a look at the millions of protestors marching in Berlin and London over the weekend and we break down the numbers from CDC that appear to show that only 6% of C0VlD deaths are actually not from C0VlD, turns out that is not quite true. I'll explain."

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Eye-opening videos (many banned or censored) that look behind the Covid "masquerade." Grab some popcorn, kick back, and take a look at what the mainstream media does NOT want you to see. Enjoy!

My hope is that as more of us wake up to a fuller understanding of the system we're in, we'll make choices that are better-informed. After all, information is power. Thankfully, we have a growing number of censorship-free forums (like BitChute). As we realize that we're actually the majority, we'll feel empowered to stand together, and collectively say "no" to the Plandemic planners and American tyrants in government ignoring the Constitution.

Peace, Sam