she teachers how should can dress to make them look really good int here own bodies and has lots of tips. if u think shes hot go check her out


I had to make a video for class and did one for here. the one for my class was about 6min long u guys about 9 cus time resistance. I haven't made a video in about a year and sorry if adeo was bad my phone is shit with recording. this is why I prefer voice over.
Morriss A 2008, August 15 Anarcho-Capitalism from

Whiston T 2002, Dec 25 Medieval Iceland and the Absence of Government from,%20and%20Other%20Essays_2.pdf

I made this video mouths age but i lost it. i was looking though old files and i found it. i was still need to film so sorry if its not the greatest.

I was the actor and the Co-screenwriter/Co-Director

Homer thows out his back and gose to the doc. The Chiropractor didnt help and homer made somethings that fixed his back and helpes others. the Chiropractor's dont like this and homer says the AMA tried driving you out of busness and now u are trying to do it to me. the Irony. later they distroy his trash can and stop him forever.

orgianal video:


while i was looking for videos i saw these and i wanted to make adlest a top 5. it wasnt easy there are many good ones but I like the oder. what you think. did i pic wisely or no and if yes is it right order.

not my songs orginal
Family Guy - Road to Rhode Island song

Family Guy - Bag of Weed [Original Video]

Family Guy - My Drunken Irish Dad

Family Guy - Christmas time is killing us

Family Guy - The Freaking FCC

While me and my partner filmed no one knew what side we were on and we covered our shirt to have there honest opinion.

Bitcoin is 8,113.22 US Dollar

16 oz copper $10-1 oz 60 cent
16 oz nickel $20-1 oz $1.25
1 oz silver $3
1 oz gold $5

$250×12 mouths×10years=$30,000
250÷5= 50oz- 3.1 pounds

30,000÷5=6,000oz- 375 pounds

1 oz or 28.3 grams of gold is 5$
2.5 grams of 24k gold is $15
1 pound or 16 oz of copper is about $10
1 oz or 28.3 grams of silver is $3
1 pound or 16 oz of nickel is $20


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