Know thy enemy.

The case of the missing flu season.

Every household should have this wonderful medical tool useful for treating and healing lung infections, asthma, colds, viruses and flu. From a simple saline solution, to iodine, colloidal silver, hydrogen peroxide (see article below!) and more, a nebulizer is an absolute necessity and useful for all ages!

READ the article below for more information. Nebulizing HP at lower concentrations is recommended so start slow and be well!

Kissing Cousins

Beware of the Profiteers of Poison.

Fragrance or Toxicant?

Do we eat food or do we eat chemicals?

Differing results from swellings to peeling. Be well!

Safely target rogue moles and pre-cancerous lesions at home with Hydrogen Peroxide

Fr. Richard Wilhelm studied the miraculous water of Lourdes, France and discovered that it contains high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide!

Enjoy the power of a healing bath or foot soak. Be well!

Dilute 35%Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to make a 3% solution. Be well!

The benefits of nebulizing with baking soda to quell inflammation. Be well!

How I've managed my asthma nebulizing with hydrogen peroxide. Be sure to check out my Inflammation and Dis-ease video on nebulizing with baking soda as well!

The article below discusses nebulizing HP at much lower concentrations and with saline and iodine. I believe this is the way to go. Be well!

Yikes! Final results and what to expect. See Parts 1 & 2 for more fascinating information. Be well!

Marie answers the question, "Why do this?" Check out Parts1 & 3 for more fascinating information. Be well!

Why spend money on expensive toxic dematologic chemical peels when hydrogen peroxide is all you need. Look for Parts 2 & 3 for more fascinating information. Be well!


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