Let's play SMM2 - Versus! I hope you enjoy this video!

Let's play Luigi Mansions 3 and finish floor 11! I hope you enjoy this video.

Let's play Luigi Mansions 3! I hope you enjoy this video.

Join us, as we explore a SMW glitch called *The Orb Glitch.* This glitch causes Yoshi to eat a Charging Chuck which normally isn't possible, but can be done if you use this guide.
Go to Yoshi's Island 1 and grab Yoshi. Then go to Yoshi's Island 2 and get a Fire Flower. Head to the end of Yoshi's Island 2, and stand on the edge of the pipe. Once the Rex (the dinosaur looking enemy) passes the big coin (The Dragon Coin) press A, X , Down and Right AT THE SAME TIME and the Rex will become a coin. If performed correctly, Mario should collect the coin while Yoshi is eating it and the game swaps a new sprite (charging chuck) to replace the coin. Then Yoshi will eat the Charging Chuck then it will go into the item box.

This is important because now, you can go to any level you wish to beat, and then press the select button on your controller and collect (The Orb) which automatically makes you beat the level with ease!

Today, I'll be teaching you how to play as Luigi for however long you want without Mario. Hope you enjoy! If you want to see more tricks or mods of come over to my other channel: Mario.Luigi+

Here is a way to get 8 fast 1-ups! in SMW Vanilla Secret 2. Enjoy

*I said “5 one-ups,” in the beginning of this video but I meant to say 8.*

Here are 3 cool ways to do the koopa 1-up trick in In SMW 1-2

Let’s play Mario Maker 2 - Online Versus. Hope You enjoy!

Let's Play CB4, A Real Grind - Part 2! I hope you enjoy this video!

Let’s play Wario Land: Shake it!

Join me as I explore Floor 11, hope you enjoy!

Happy Easter, everyone! Join me as I explore an Egyptian pyramid and get trapped in all sorts of puzzle rooms! Hope you enjoy! *** All music used in this video, "Hot Butter - Popcorn Song," "Spirit in the Sky," by Norman Greenbaum, and "Underground Theme," Mario Land, is owned by their owners and/or license owners.

Lets play more Mario Maker 2! Also, I have a hard course/challenge and the first Person to beat it gets a shoutout in the next video! Hope you enjoy! [Course IP: RBD-DLX-C4G]

Let's finally get back to Luigi Mansion 3! We find ourselves in the Boilworks or B2 for basement 2. Hope you enjoy! Sorry for the slight echo.

BlueBerryBeagle meets her love! (All music is owned by rightful owners)

I found a tree Frog at night! I hope you enjoy this video!

Join me! as I play the new Crash game! Hope you enjoy!

Lets check out three awesome glitches! *** All music used in this video, "I Need a Hero," by Bonnie Tyler, "Surfing Safari," by the Beach Boys, and "Learning to Fly," by Tom Petty, is owned by their owners and/or license owners.

Join me as I play SMM2 online co-op! I lost my recording mid record, but hope you still enjoy!

Join us as we finally come back to Rayman Raving Rabbids Party Collection!

Join me as I unbox another Koopaling!

Happy Mar10 Day, Everyone! I planned a Mario-themed video today, honoring Mar10 but a mysterious creature entered my yard! I hope you enjoy this video! *** All music used in this video, "She's a Beauty," by The Tubes, is owned by their owners and/or license owners.

Join us as we unbox a BitChute Mug! - Shoutouts to BitChute! Also, it has been a while since I've uploaded, but, MORE FILMS COMING SOON!

Let’s do an out-of-bounds clip in super Mario Odyssey!

Join me as I play some more of SMM2!


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