Mario.Luigi plays the shortest level ever in MM2, online versus.

Mario.Luigi plays more MM2 course play!

Mario.Luigi plays Course World Game play.

In this short video, I find 2 big bugs and 2 mating frogs at night.

Mario.Luigi plays more Mario Maker 2 Course World. Come join the fun!

Mario.Luigi completes Creekcrack Castle in NEWER.

Mario.Luigi finds a yellow switch and heads back to Rainshed Pond to find a secret exit! This is the 10th video in this series.

Mario.Luigi plays Switch Shift Grove 1-8 and finds a SECRET EXIT! This is the 9th video in this series.

Newer is Back!! Mario.Luigi continues in Yoshi's Island with Tangle Temple. This is the 8th video in this series.

In this short video, we will air-shield surf off of a bokoblin.

Mairo.Luigi finds a mysterious tree on the Great Plateau near Hopper's Pond.

Mario.Luigi tries Mario Maker 2 Co-op. Come join the fun!

Mario.Luigi tries Mario Maker 2 MultiVerse.

Mario.Luigi takes on Boom Boom in Giant Skewer Tower. This is the 29th video in this series.

Mario.Luigi play Mario Maker 2!

Mario.Luigi makes it to Refresher Beach, the second level in Sparkling Waters. This is the 28th video in this series.

Mario.Luigi plays the last of Mario Maker. New Mario Maker 2 videos will be coming out soon!

Come join the fun as Mario.Luigi treks through the Temple Ruins in The Wumpa Islands. This is the 13th video in this series.

Mario.Luigi continues to a new area:Sparkling Waters. Waterspout Beach is the first level and the 27th video in this series.

Come join the glitchy-fun as Mario.Luigi explores another large Glitch in the Trial of the Sword, Middle Trials.

Lets play New Super Mario Bros. U, Frosted Glacier and defeat Wendy's Shifting Castle. This is the #26th video in this series

Mario.Luigi is back with more BotW GLITCHY-FUN! This one deals with a weird guardian glitch.

Mario.Luigi continues the Breath of the Wild Glitchy-fun series on the Great Plateau!

Join Mario.Luigi for more glitchy-fun in Breath of the Wild. This time, we go outside the trial of the sword in Underground Level 4. (Actual Glitch starts around min 9).

Mario.Luigi plays NSMBU Frosted Glacier, Fliprus Pond. This is a secret exit! This is video #25.


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Hi Everyone,
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