The old version of Mole Patrol doesn't work anymore, so I re-uploaded it! hope you enjoy it!!

It's time for some Mario Prism! Hope you enjoy it!! If You want to play - Download: https://www.indiedb.com/games/super-mario-prism/downloads/super-mario-prism

Join me as we dive back into Paper Mario: The Origami King!!

Let's punch threw a wall and play WARIO LAND 4!!!

Let's defeat ALL the SM64 BOWSERS!!

I didn't find any Praying Mantises this year, So I put all the Praying Mantis video's I have together. I hope you enjoy this video.


I'm gonna be making a new Channel!!

Let's do some more Paper Mario the Origami King!

Let'sa play Paper Mario THE ORIGAMI KING!!!

Let's do some more of STAR ROAD!! (No commentary).

Time for some CATERPILLARS!!

Let's dive back into New Super Mario Bros U, Soda Jungle, Bramball Woods.

Let's play BOTW More GLITCHY FUN!

Let's play MORE Mario Maker 2!

Let’s play MM2 Online VERSUS!!

Join me as we 💣bomb through a glitched hole!

Join me as we dive back into Mario Maker 2 Online Co-op!

Join me as I gather stars 4-6 in SM64 Star Road. No commentary due to laptop issues. I hope you enjoy this video!

All the fireworks brought out the frogs and toads today. Here is my porch toad. I hope you enjoy this video.

Happy 4th of July! Join me as we explore part 2 of SM 64- Star Road. (No commentary due to technical difficulty.) I hope you enjoy this video.

It never fails. My Beagle loves to wander all over the yard when I call her. I hope you enjoy this video. *** All music used in this video, "I Think Somebody Better Come Back Home," by Jim Lauderdale & Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys, is owned by their owners and/or license owners.

Today I show you how to get on that race track in the Snow Kingdom as Mario. No commentary today. I hope you enjoy this video!

There's been a new Mario Maker 2 Update and although I may be late on this, I wanted to show you the new section on the Worlds. I hope you enjoy this video!


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