Let's Play 11 Mario Maker 2 Versus games!

This is a short, silly plush film that I helped my sister with a while ago. Mario is the bad guy and Buttercup and Bowser are married. lol. I hope you enjoy! *** Music used in this video (Powerpuffs) is owned by their owners and/or license owners.

Join the Glitchy Fun! We explore two glitches in Mario Odyssey!

Let's Play seven Online Versus games! I hope you enjoy this video!

Let's play Mario Maker 2, course world!

Join me as I go back to a classic, Super Mario Bros and complete world 1. In this video, I finally try out my Elgato. There may be some echoes, (I forgot to mute the sound when I recorded it), but I'm learning. I hope you enjoy!

We finish World 2 in Newer SMBWii. Levels included are Barreland Wilds 2-5, Fossil Tunnels 2-A, Urchin Seasands 2-6, Windown Dunes 2-7, Searing Sands 2-8, Pillar Pass 2-9, and finally, the Pyramid Castle with Roy. I hope you enjoy!

We make it to a secret exit in Barrelbands Wilds! Come join the fun!

We battle through the Pipeline Tower and Battle a strange boss! I hope you enjoy!

Mario.Luigi plays a bit of MK8. Enjoy!

Hi all, I re-uploaded this video since it didn't seem to play. In this video, Rayman makes it through the 6th day! Hope you enjoy!

We continue the madness and make it to Day 5. Come join the fun!

We finally got back to RRR, Party Collection, Day 4. It took many hours of torture, but I edited so you all wouldn't have to endure it! Check out Day 1, 2, & 3 in my playlists. I hope you enjoy!

Watch me as I unbox a WonderBall candy box to see what's inside! *** Music used in this video (Wind Waker, Forsaken Fortress) is owned by their owners and/or license owners. Hope you enjoy!

Luigi explores the first part of floor 6 and he meets a new ghost!

We rescue toad and make another ghost very angry!

Luigi explores the Great Stage on floor 4 and battles Amedeus Wolfgeist!

Luigi explores floor 4 and gets 2 gems!

Let's take a break and explore some online play with Luigi & Gooigi!

Lots of Ghost Battles and a few Boss Ghost Battles! Extra-long play!

Happy New Year!! Extra Long-play! Luigi & Gooigi explore the 3rd floor! Join the fun!

Gooigi helps us get to secret places!


Oh no! A ghostly maid steals Egad's briefcase and Luigi must get it back! Come join the spooky adventure!

Longer gameplay, more spiders, and secret rooms. Join the fun!


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