Coming to a cinema near you this #Christmas . From the makers of four elections and a referendum.

It's about a man, about a woman, it's about desire ..............


MB NEWS: We, the people, do not support the grim reaper that is globalism. Our voices will be heard. You will listen as the movement grows stronger and stronger.

#YellowVests #GiletsJaunes #YellowVestsProtests

MB NEWS: The video that French President Macaroni is trying to get shut down. Deleted many times on Facebook and Youtube.

👉The true face of Macron's thugs, against the Yellow Vest protestors

Faces split open, six onto one beatings.
#GiletsJaunes #YellowVestProtests #Shocking

This video sums up the MASSIVE movement that is the Yellow Vests. This is France Yesterday. Look at the crowd !!

👉This is spreading all over the world.

#GiletsJaunes #YellowVestsUK #YellowVestsCanada
#YellowVestsDublin #YellowVestsLondon

MB NEWS: A French farmer drives a muck spreader into Elysee today, during  the French yellow vest protests, and fires MANURE at government buildings. 😃😃😃 

#YellowVests #GiletsJaunes #YellowVestProtests

#UKYellowVests blockaging Waterloo Bridge. Jerusalem playing in the background 😊😊

#Brexit #NoSurrender #NoDeal #WTO

BREAKING: #UKYellowVests blockaging Waterloo Bridge. Just in time for rush hour traffic. 👊🇬🇧👊

#Brexit #NoDeal #MayMustGo

The #UKYellowVests head to Downing Street to educate Therestard May and the Common Purpose idiots guarding her.

Tracy Blackwell "Can she let me in so I can have a cup of tea with her"

#Brexit #ThreeBoys

The UK's very own #YellowVest protestors blocking Westminster Bridge not an hour ago, bringing Westminster to a standstill. Demands of 'We want #Brexit' Fill the air 🤣🤣🤣

Come on Lads 👊🇬🇧👊

MB NEWS: More footage of the blockade on Westminster Bridge by the UK Yellow Vests. Nice touch with Rule Britannia at the end 😊😊

Thanks to James, Tracy, Tim, Zach and everyone else who made it happen. 👊🇬🇧👊 #UKYellowVests #Brexit

December is here. It's time for another of my support videos. EIGHT DAYS to go until the #GreatBetrayalMarch

Get behind this #Brexiteers, your time has come! We will not be forced into a diabolical deal by the EU quislings in Government.

Rally the troop #MarksVideos

BREAKING: The Great Brexit Betrayal March UPDATE.

Start point is - Dorchester Hotel, 53 Park Lane, Mayfair, W1K 1QA

Meet Time - 11:45am, March Time - 12:30

40 minute march to Whitehall.


#GreatBrexitBetrayalMarch #Brexit #ThePeople

BREAKING: Get your diaries out, make a note. The one important date to keep clear is December 9th, 11:45am, Whitehall, London SW1A 2ET

👉The Great Brexit Betrayal March. The establishment need to hear us loud and clear.

Here's my support video. #MarksVideos #BrexitBetrayalMarch

BREAKING: "We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches ................. we shall never surrender."

How times have changed.


#ArmisticeDay100 #RemembranceDay2018 #LestWeForget

BREAKING: Major incident in Bourke St, Melbourne, Australia. Knife-wielding man attacks police, car bursts into flames.

?Several people stabbed. Attacker shot by police.

#MelbourneAttack #BourkeSt

BREAKING: Tommy Robinson hands in 200,000 signature I Am Soldier X petition to Downing Street today to ask that the Government and top brass to STOP the political persecution of our armed forces!

Well done Tommy

#IAmSoldierX #TommyRobinson #ArmedForces

There will be interviews and secret recordings with past Tommy employees, including Caolin Robertson.

Lord Pearson talks to Ezra Levant about Tommy Robinson, Islam and Grooming gangs.

?If only 1% muslim males are molesting girls, what the hell are the other 99% doing about it!."

#GroomingGangs #CSE #JusticeForTommy

BREAKING: MPs called for "loathsome" Tommy Robinson to be banned from Parliament after it's revealed he enjoyed a slap-up meal in the Lords.

?Listen to what SNP's Stewart McDonald and Speaker John Bercow say. Out-of-touch, lying filth.

#HouseofPaedos #JusticeForTommy #CSE

BREAKING: Avi Yemeni and Andrew Lawtons Speeches yesterday at the Old Bailey, in Support of Tommy Robinson.

?Avi "MSM are absolute filth. Why rock up to work when you can talk shit at home." ???

Andrew exposes lies told by MSM in court.
#JusticeForTommy #FreeSpeech

BREAKING: Another speech from Tommy Robinson as he leaves the Old Bailey yesterday. Some of the crowd asked their opinions.

?"A look of men could do with taking a leaf out of Tommy's book."

#JusticeForTommy #GroomingGangs #CSE #The1400

BREAKING: Mo Fyaz speech yesterday at the Old Bailey, in support of Tommy Robinson.

👉Turning to the Stand Up To Racism crowd Mo lets rips

"Why are you not standing up for the racist rape of white children .......... "

The crowd go wild 👏👏👏👏👏
#JusticeForTommy #OldBailey

BREAKING: Lisa from Middle East Forum gives her speech and tanks at the Tommy Robinson rally at the Old Bailey yesterday.

?Speaking to chants of "USA USA USA TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP" ???

These Americans have been a MASSIVE support for Tommy. ????



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