As Tommy Robinsons retrial date draws nearer and the Establishment conspire, just remember three things - It's about every decent human being, it's about every parent, it's about what is right.

Here's a reminder ............

#MarksVideos #SomethingInside #JusticeForTommy

BREAKING: Great footage coming out of Portsmouth this afternoon. The Red Arrows, in a phenomenal acrobatic display, spell out a message to the world.

👉It's a great shame Donald Trump wasn't there to see it 😉

#MarksVideos #TrumpIsWelcomeKhanIsnt #DDay75

BREAKING: A lone piper, Major Trevor Macey-Lillie, plays a lament to mark the very moment British boots landed on the beaches of Normandy.

#LestWeForget #DDay75

BREAKING: Brexiteer approaches a group of Remainers/anti-Trump protesters in London "This is the great Anti-Trump protest, there's about seventeen of the wankers."

👉"Look at the camera weirdo, another weirdo. You people are scumbags."

#Remainers #Loons

BREAKING: June 6 1944, Operation Overlord, Allied forces stormed the beaches at Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword. 4,500 allied troops got slaughtered right on the beach

To 12,000 brave soles who lost their lives freeing Europe from the Nazi's, this is for you👇❤️😢 #dday75th

BREAKING: Trump not welcome, MSM said. 'He creates hatred' Corbyn said, Khan called Trump a 'racist'.

I've got news for all of you, Trump is more popular in the UK than you filth will ever be. Up yours.


MB NEWS: Trump supporter is viciously attacked and doused in milkshake. Look at the hatred whilst they scream obscenities.

👉This is after Jeremy Corbyn delivered a speech about 'creating a sense of hate'

The irony is lost of these utter vermin.

BREAKING: Police have sealed off the High Street in Leeds this afternoon after a group of unwashed lunatics escaped from their secure facility, to protest against Trumps

Have a word

#StateVisit #TrumpIsWelcome

BREAKING: Nigel Farage gets summoned to Winfield House, to meet his good friend Donald Trump 😎

What a great turn of events.

1) Donald & The Queen get on great
2) Trump Blimp flattened
3) Trump calls out fake news
4) Farage meeting Trump

The left must be in meltdown

BREAKING: Parliament Square - London - BasedAmy

With cries of "I'm going in" she approaches the trump blimp and stabs it !!

"It's going down, look look"

Love you Amy 😍

BREAKING: Piers Morgan accuses Donald Trump protesters of having 'warped values'

"On D-Day anniversary week it is disrespectful, when we needed the Americans in WW2 they were there for us"

PS. I've put a paper bag over Reid's head, I can't stand her

BREAKING: Trump UK visit - Remainer Sadiq Khan SAVAGED on BBC Newsnight - 'rude and DIVISIVE'.

Republican commentator Elizabeth Harrington soon put bias BBC gobshite Emily Maitlis in her place.

BREAKING: On this day two years ago, three muslim terrorists went on a vehicle ramming and stabbing mission, starting on London Bridge. The ensuing carnage resulted in 8 deaths and 48 injuries.

👉Since then the Government have learnt NOTHING.

#NeverForget ❤️ #LondonBridge

MB NEWS: Brexit George Galloway slams MPs' 'loss of credibility'.

👉"Their credibility has been seeping into the Thames ever since the Iraq War. The Government lied to the British people."

BREAKING: Esther McVey FIRES back at BBC host Naga Munchetty for 'CONSTANTLY going on'.

👉“I made one mistake, it was by actually coming to the House to apologise because people like you constantly go on about that."

Well said Esther, you slapped those bias filth.

BREAKING: ‘You should be DISGUSTED!’ #bbcqt audience member SAVAGES politicians over #Brexit

Yet, @Conservatives have learnt NOTHING; they still lie, stating today that 95% businesses don't want No Deal. Done a survey have they ? #Bullshitters


BREAKING: Brexit Party MEP Alex Phillips explains KEY fact MPs missed as she SHUTS DOWN pro-EU BBC QT panel.

👉"The key fact that has been completely missed by both Labour and the Tory Parties, to LEAVE the EU and all it's institutions."

BREAKING: Secret undercover footage reveals that Barnier, Verhofstasdt & Co MANUFACTURED the Irish Border 'problem' all along.

👉Barnier "For me there is strategic and tactical reasons for using Ireland in future negotiations."

Are you aware of this @GOVUK @10DowningStreet ?


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