BREAKING: ⚠️SECRET RECORDING⚠️British Army bullying and shutting down free speech in its ranks. Major Farley passing on message from Head of Army

This is to appease Islam😲PC destroying our Armed forces

Listen to him #WTF Share EVERYWHERE

#IAmSoldierX #StandWithOurLads #TommyR

BREAKING: The Professionals with Bodie and Doyle, who remembers it ? Late 70s, early 80's, I loved it growing up,

👉Here's a modern version, Starring Tommy, Shaz, Kevin and Soldier X 😃😃

#IamSoldierX #StandWithOurLads #NoSurender

BREAKING: Super League Grand Final 2018 - Wigan vs Warrington, TONIGHT at Old Trafford.

73,000 fans attended this game. All chanting

"🎶Oh Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Robinson🎶"

Listen to the crowd 😲😲😲 #Goosebumps

Here's Tommy Robinson facing antifa last night whilst out with Kevin.

👉"This is the shittiest firm I've ever meet, look, LOOK!. Shitmob, look!"

"You've all turned up with balaclavas on, come on, hit me. W**KERS"

#TommyRobinson #AntifaPussies

#IAmSoldierX #StandWithOurLads

BREAKING: Here's Tommy Robinson with news about the Army cadets petition. Now at 125,000 signatures ! Great effort by everyone.

👉This recruit is being made a scapegoat to appease the Asians, and I don't mean Yu Stin Ki Pu from Bangkok.

#IAmSoldierX #Taqiyya #TommyRobinson

NEWSNIGHT: Is Tommy Robinson a man raising concerns that others ignore, or a far-right figure exploiting the victims of sexual abuse for his own ends? We look into the roots of his appeal - and where his movement is headed next.

My views -

👉 Tommy has done more to expose 'Asian' child rapists than any MSM, any MP, or any public body in the whole of the UK ...... EVER !

You should all be fucking ashamed of yourselves.

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BREAKING: Here's Tommy Robinson with the latest update on the Army Cadet scandal.

👉The lad that got discharged allegedly had a long history of disciplinary difficulties. Everybody that knows the lad state that this is a LIE.

The whole thing stinks

#StandWithOurLads #CoverUp

BREAKING: Here's Tommy Robinson in the cafe now, continuing his outrage at the state of our Police, Armed Forces, Islam and PC.

👉"They are trying to force transgender police officers, LGBT soldiers. Gov want to make me a pariah"

#TommyRobinson #StandWithOurLads

BREAKING: Tommy Robinson continues his justified expose of the political Correctness that will destroy our Armed Forces. One of the lads has already been DISCHARGED over the photo, his career destroyed.

#Taqiyya will destroy the Armed Forces

#TommyRobinson #StandWithOurLads

Sign the petition -

BREAKING: Here's Katie Hopkins, she needs our help. You have an islamic advisor to the British Army, yes really, sticking the knife in. Those b*stards in MSM lapping it up. All because of a photo

Traitors to the British people the lot of them.

#StandWithOurLads #TommyRobinson

BREAKING: We can not like the British Army bow down to Political Correctness madness and Islam.

The British Army send these young men off to fight yet expect to treat them like shit back home. It's a disgrace, just for having their photo taken with Tommy Robinson at a motorway services; a chance meeting.

MSM are printing quoting from Muslin Council of Britain, who have stuck their nose in even though it's none of their business.

The Army want to hang these young men out to dry. Sign the petition in the below link -

BREAKING: Let's keep it relevant, we must never lapse. Two weeks to go until Tommy Robinson's retrial on trumped up charges.

There will be no surrender. #TheBattleForBritain continues

#JusticeForTommy #FreeTommy #ThreeBoys #CSE
#GroomingGangs #The1400 #TeamTommy

BREAKING: Tommy Robinson update and about 23 October, from Danny Tommo.

Tommy's legal team are convinced Tommy will be going back to prison.

#JusticeForTommy #GroomingGangs #CSE #ThreeBoys #ThreeGirls #Rotherham #Telford #Rochdale

BREAKING: Here is Shazia Hobbs speech from the first For Britain Party conference in Liverpool 2018.

👉Listen to what Shaz has to say. She's always on point and tell's it like it is. #RealNews

Well done Shaz 😊😊

BREAKING: Tommy Robinson lays bare the manipulation carried out by Sky News after his interview. Sky are editing the interview in such a way that it looks like Tommy is saying words that he never said!

Disgraceful and utterly despicable behaviour from the media


Outside the Old Bailey yesterday. This left-wing 'Stand up to Racism' piece of shit says "I hope Tommy dies" frothing at the mouth. He picks on the youngest one there. That's UKIP Youth Reece Coombes in the suit.

Late he adds "I don't give a stuff about child grooming" Which just about sums up Police, Gov and Councils. We'll ignore the widespread abuse of white schoolgirls, just don't call us racists.


BREAKING: Here is the Sky News interview with Tommy Robinson. Let's see how Sky spin it later and make Tommy look as bad as possible.

The FULL episode is here.

#FreeTommy #JusticeForTommy
#GroomingGangs #CSE

BREAKING: Here's Rod Liddle of The Sun on BBC Question Time last night, talking about a 2nd #EUREF after Labour said no 2nd Ref.

👉"Weasily manoeuvring by Corbyn this week as he knows there's a lot of Remainer votes to be had."

#NeverLabour #Liebour

BREAKING: #BBCQT last night. If you only listen to one video today then listen to what Rod Liddle, from The Sun, says about Corbyn, Labour and the Left.

👉He absolutely butchers them. Love this guy

The Government and Judiciary schemed together today to delay Tommy Robinson's retrial again

I just means the public get more angry and more people see the Government for what they really are. Deceitful, spineless apologists.

My support video for 23 October

#FreeTommy #JusticeForTommy #MarksVideos

Tommy and Kevin greeting supporters in The Strand.

Tommy tells a journalist "The British public are not buying the lies. This should be a wake up call for the Government. Three others journalists breached the same order and none of them faced arrest." 👏👏


Here's Tommy Robinson this morning. You've seen my video of crowd cheering him when he appeared at 3rd floor window. Here's the video INSIDE that room.

👉Tommy "That is such a good feeling, I'm so grateful to every single person that travelled here today."


BREAKING: Tommy Robinson talks about his case after the adjournment of his retrial today at the Old Bailey.

#FreeTommy #JusticeForTommy

Keep focused people, the reason why. #CSE #GroomingGangs #ThreeGirls #ThreeBoys #Rotherham #Telford #Rochdale #Pedos #GovApologists #CoverUps

BREAKING: Live at The Strand this morning. Tommy Robinson comes to the third window of the Old Bailey and says hello to his fans 😃😃😃😃

🎶🎵Oh Tommy Tommy. Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Robinson 🎶🎵

#FreeTommy #JusticeForTommy


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