MB NEWS: Europe - France - Bordeaux - Yesterday - Yellow Vests.

Look at the crowd 😲😲Exactly what we need in the UK.

#GiletsJaunes #YellowVests #YellowVestsUK

BREAKING: Met Police acting like fascist thugs in London today. The woman seen being pulled off the floor, hands handcuffed behind her back, is PREGNANT.

People are raging, shouts of scum scum scum towards the police.

Civil war is coming.

#YellowVestsUK #YellowVests #GiletsJaunes.

BREAKING: YELLOW VEST protest in London ends with police brutality - People describing it as absolutely disgusting.

👉Young female had all her front teeth knocked out by the POLICE!. Another protesters face was unrecognisable under the blood.

#YellowVestsUK #GiletsJaunes

MB NEWS: Manchester Today. #YellowVests on the move. Stand Up To Racism think they can set up a stall without getting challenged, I don't think so somehow.

#Manchester #YellowVestsUk #StandUpToSoap #GreatUnwashed

BREAKING: The Yellow Vest UK movement continues right now.

Meeting point - The Moon Under The Water, 68-74 Deansgate, Manchester. M3 2FN. 12 Noon.

Good luck everyone. 🇬🇧👊🇬🇧

#YellowVestsUK #YellowVestProtests #GiletsJaunes

Be good James👇

MB NEWS: Is lunch over yet ? I'll launch the video anyway 😉

From extensive research, I believe this is the moment when Corblimey first met a starstruck lickle Owen. Impressed with his car, lickle Owen jumped right in ...........

#MarksVideos #TheFirstTimeWeMet

As Valentines Day draws to a close and I muse over the days events, I come to the startling conclusion .....

..... even Marxists need someone to love as well, I suppose 🙄

#MarksVideos #AHALabour
#Valentines #ValentinesDay2019

Tommy Robinson in Manchester, talking about the up and coming #Panodrama screening, his mistakes with the group chat fiasco and The Sun, plus death threats involving AK47s

#Panodrama #BBC #Manchester23February

The full 13 minute video is on my Youtube Channel -

BREAKING: Shocking revelations coming out of Westminster this afternoon. Lammy, Abbott, May, Sturgeon and Corbyn all having a party, a bit of rapping, whilst the country and #Brexit turn to crap !!

#MarksVideos #InDaHood

BREAKING: A muslim walks into a UK care home and coerces a BLIND elderly women to convert to Islam in her room.

👉She has no idea what she's doing, the daughter was unaware of this until this morning. The care home have since rung the daughter.


BREAKING: EXCLUSIVE - Tommy Robinson boasts about scoring drugs and uses racist slur in foul mouthed rant. One of Tommy's 'friends' sold their group chat to The Sun😲

👉Oh god, what have you done Tommy!

#KnowYourEnemies #FindHim #TommyRobinson #Panodrama

EXCLUSIVE - Tommy Robinson defends his position after The Sun publishes Tommy's private group chat with 15 of his friends.

👉One of Tommy's 'friends' sold their group chat to The Sun.


MB NEWS: Best climate change take down ever, by Dan Pena. The earths temperature has risen only 2 degrees in 225,000 years.

Woman "What you gonna do when the oceans rise 10 foot, we're changing the gases"

Dan "You're full of shit"


Just look at what these BBC journalists and Execs do with your hard-earned licence fee money! It's an absolute disgrace, not only do they think we are cannibals but they use our licence fee for £220 champagne lunches! People power worked for SoldierX so please sign this petition to end the licence fee and I will personally hand it into Downing street myself. Click here 👉


MB NEWS: The Real Tommy Robinson - Episode 3

👉This powerful insight into the real Tommy Robinson will not only wake you up, but also have you deep in thought.

#TommyRobinson #WeAreAllTommy #Freedom

Full credit to Paul Burgess.


The full video is up on my Youtube Channel

👉This powerful insight into the real Tommy Robinson will not only wake you up, but also have you deep in thought.

#TommyRobinson #WeAreAllTommy #Freedom

The full 41 minute Episode 2 is on my Youtube Channel -

Part 3 teaser of Tommy Robinson's expose of Panorama et al and Tommy's battle with media lies and corruption.

"Heads will roll", "I expect damage limitation will be resignations"

Some great stuff to come in Manchester on 23 February.

#Panodrama #Panorama #BBC #HateNotHope

Captivating, explosive, thought provoking, emotional.

This powerful insight into the real Tommy Robinson will have you deep in thought.

The Real Tommy Robinson - Episode 1

#TommyRobinson #WeAreAllTommy #Freedom

The full one hour video is up on my Youtube channel -

No matter where you are in the world, the message is the same. The people despise blood sucking globalists.

👉Yellow Vests Australia on the march 😎


#YellowVests #YellowVestsAUS
#GiletsJaunes #YellowVestProtests

MB NEWS: Here's the great unwashed brigade Stand Up To Soap, counter protesting Yellow Vests in Manchester Picadilly yesterday.

👉They always look like tree-hugging tramps.

#YellowVestsUk #YellowVests #YellowVestProtests

BREAKING: Here is the next preview of Tommy Robinson's explosive Panorama Files.

This is preview number 2.

#BBC #Panorama #HateNotHope


Please take note, the times have changed for the meet at the BBC studios in Manchester on 23rd February. It is now 14:00 to 17:00


#DFLA announce a road trip to Manchester to support Tommy Robinson​

Together we are stronger

MB NEWS: Exclusive preview from Tommy Robinson. Letting rip at Panorama executives on set.

👉Their silence is deafening when Tommy asks why were the far left Soros funded Hate Not Hope invited. 🤣🤣🤣

#TommyRobinson #BiasMedia #Manipulation #Panorama

MB NEWS: Massive crowds of Yellow Vests push on relentlessly towards the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The police can't stop them, there's too many of them.

👉Revolution is coming. Power to the people.

#GiletsJaunes #YellowVests

MB NEWS: Yellow Vest protester in Paris has his hand almost BLOWN OFF by a police canon. The man can be heard screaming in pain.

WARNING, the hand is a mess

#GiletJaunes #YellowVests #YellowVestProtests


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