BREAKING: The best speech in parliament tonight by a country mile. I can literally feel the rage. Bill Cash speaks for every single one of 17.4 million people.

We will not forget this @BillCashMP Thank you 👏👏👏


BREAKING: Peter Bottomley MP in Parliament just now, abusing Tommy Robinson, abusing UKIP, blaming Gerard Batten MEP

"If you're fed up with Tories, don't go to Ukip, he (Tommy) is dangerous and the people he associates with are dangerous.

WTF 😲😲😲

#Shocking #Bastards

BREAKING: Viscount Trenchard debating #CooperBill in the Lords "I consider it an unfortunate event that the Lords are likely to pass this Bill."

"The restrictions on prerogative powers should be temporary ... for a rushed and controversial piece of legislation."


BREAKING: Lord Forsyth debating #CooperBill in the Lords "I've spent most of the weekend trying to work out what the point of this Bill was in the first place."

"It's a very bad Bill"

NB: From 0:33 you can see Yvette Cooper on the right side, listening in.


BREAKING: Baroness Noakes debating #CooperBill in the Lords "This Bill does not stop us leaving on Friday, I'm not frightened of that. There has been a lot of scaremongering going on."

This really is an unfortunate piece of legislation."


MB NEWS: Lord Faulks debating #CooperBill in the Lords "To make a constitutional change of this sort needs prolonged and serious thought."

"I suggest the House should think long and hard before making such an important change."

Well said, delay until Friday👏👏


BREAKING: Lord Howard (Tory) debating #CooperBill in the Lords states "This appalling piece of legislation is ill-conceived." to cries of 'hear hear'

"This ludicrous Bill is wholly misconceived and should never reach the state books."



BREAKING: Fantastic speech by Baroness Deech (Crossbench) debating #CooperBill in the Lords "The Bill is toothless and pointless."

"You draft in haste and repent at leisure. This Bill doesn't achieve what it set out to do, which is stop No Deal."


MB NEWS: Lord Watts debating the #CooperBill in the House of Lords "Can I suggest you take my advice and go for a Referendum to confirm any deal?""

Lord Callanan "I always value the advice of the Lord but in this case we won't be taking the advice."



MB NEWS: Baroness Evans (Tory) debating #CooperBill in the Lords "The Government's position has unchanged, we OPPOSE this Bill with the view that it is unnecessary."

"We are concerned about the way in which both Houses have had to consider it."

BOOM 🔥🔥🔥


MB NEWS: Lord Watt debating #CooperBill in House of Lords "If we leave EU this coming Friday it would be neither catastrophic nor chaotic"

Lord Callanan "We have been making extensive preparations for no deal, we could manage."

He lays the blame solely on May


MB NEWS: Someone on Twitter tweeted a modern muslim dance video featuring Chas & Dave.

👉Which reminded me of mine that I launched last year.

Here it is 😎

#MarksVideos #MinistryOfBradford

MB NEWS: Lord Lilly debating the #CooperBill in the House of Lords "A far greater disaster is to set aside the will of the people, with a promise repeated by all the leaders of all the Parties."

"Whatever the decision they said they would implement it."


BREAKING: Lord Hunt during the #CooperBill debate in the Lords "I do object to this idea of another referendum. Let's respect the result of the Referendum but make sure we do so by passing good legislation."



BREAKING: Viscount Ridley in the Lords, #CooperBill debating "Ramming the Bill through the House in one day and to do so on a flimsy one vote majority."

👉".... to take this Bill through, to defy everything the people asked us to do, a slippery slope to tyranny"


BREAKING: Baroness Noakes "We are being asked to tear up the rules in which we normally consider legislation."

👉" I don't think the Commons can be proud of the length of time they took, we will create precedence that we live to regret."

Well said Baroness 👏👏


BREAKING: Viscount Trenchard in Lords during #CooperBill debate. "The Commons has broken it's conventions, even on a matter of huge importance."

👉"This Bill has passed improperly in Commons, which has usurped powers reserved for the Executive. It's quite unforgivable."


MB NEWS: Lord Howard speaking during #CooperBill debate in House of Lords "MP's didn't get the answer they wanted. Far too many have sought to thwart, obstruct or reverse the decision of the people."

👉"We have to honor the result and the time has come to do so"


BREAKING: Nigel Farage "May's deal is anything but, it's a TREATY."

👉"May is the most duplicitous PM. We get lie after lie from our MPs and mainstream media. It's not May's deal, it was written by the Euro Commission with help from the German Government"


BREAKING: Not only is Theresa May going for ANOTHER extension but she is also jumping into bed with CORBYN and still will try and force here deal through.

More votes
More Amendments
More bullshit

To say I'm apoplectic with rage is an understatement.

#BrexitBetrayal #TRAITOR

MB NEWS: Anne Widdecombe lets rip on #Newsnight

"The worst prime minister since Anthony Eden"

“The worst Labour leader in HISTORY"

“The worst Parliament since Oliver Cromwell”


#BrexitBetrayal #NoDeal #WTO

BREAKING: This traitorous Government betrayed us, we should have be free of the EU's clutches two days ago. We fight on every day until we are free, independent and sovereign.

👉The battle has only just begun 👊🇬🇧👊

#BrexitBetrayal #Brexit #DrainTheSwamp

MB NEWS: Mark Francois MP, vice Chairman of the ERG. "We defeated the rancid Withdrawal Agreement."

👉"God speed, two weeks today we will be living in a free country."

#BrexitBetrayal #NoDeal #WTO

MB NEWS: No matter what people say about him, if it wasn't for this one man, #Brexit process would not have started at all

@Nigel_Farage continues to fight those monsters in EU, he is a formidable opponent.

Thank you Mr Brexit.

Nigel as he leaves #BrexitBetrayal yestersday👊🇬🇧


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