BREAKING: Beware the Twitter impostor and troll of patriots. @BadGuy53409916 is using Mark B's picture as her avi.

#FakePatriot #TrollALERT

I'm definitely over the target. Digging for too much info on Phillip Schofield. Twitter have just taken me out.

The Establishment versus The People.

They will always protect their own, whether it be wrong-uns, sexual deviants or paedophiles.

Schofield's days are numbered on TV that's for sure. People can see right through him.


Here for safekeeping

The real reason Phillip Schofield came out of the closet and admitted he was gay. He had no choice, he was on the brink of being exposed.

#MarksVideos #PhillipS

Ignore the cover photo, I have just sent a tweet to Bitchute to find out how the hell it got there as I uploaded a picture of Peter Bone.

BREAKING: A lone bagpiper plays outside the European Parliament, a British flag waving over his head.

What a wonderful sight and a big UP YOURS to the lunatics inside.


Anne Widdecombe gives a speech outside the European Parliament a short while ago. "This is the day that 17.4 million Britons have been waiting for."

"Today we celebrate the beginning of our independence. We're off!"

Love you Anne ❤️

#BrexitDay #Brexit #Independence


Wow, what a battle. We have fought long and hard for 3 & 1/2 years for politicians to respect the right of the people to leave EU.

👉It's been an emotional rollercoaster every step of the way. I will never forget those that helped us.

#MarksVideos #OneDayToGo #Brexit


BREAKING: Imagine Remainers all chipping in £10,000 to buy a 'We love EU' flag and putting it on top of the cliffs where no one can see 🙄

I've had to call in Bombardier Braithwaite to fly in low and fast in his spitfire, to take it out 😎

#MarksVideos #WeHateEU


Coming to you live from London ......

4 days to go on the Brexit Clock 🕰️

4 days until the UK tell the EU to go copulate with itself. 🇪🇺 🖕

#MarksVideos #BrexitClock #4DaysToGo

Nimes shooting - Police hunt gunman 'roaming streets with a Kalashnikov' after 'heavy gunfire' heard in French city.

It was reported that one or two people with Kalashnikovs were seen with the firearms in Nimes, southern France.




With 5 days to go until we leave the undemocratic, unaccountable, EU dictatorship, my patriotism is rising higher and higher. The love for my country can't be any stronger right now.

All eyes on you Boris, One false move and you are toast.

#MarksVideos #IWantMyCountryBack


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