MB NEWS: As Eid al-Adha rolls around, imbecilic MPs fall over each other to virtue-signal and praise it, totally ignoring the associated barbaric, ritualistic, slaughtering of animals that mark it.

Will the traitorous witch Theresa May be kowtowing in the local mosque again?

BREAKING: Yellow Vests in France on the march for the 39 week of protests.

Come on, wake up @BBCNews @SkyNews @Channel4News @itvnews breaking news right here.

#GiletsJaunes #Act39 #ActXXXIX #YellowVests

BREAKING: An emotional young Sara opens her heart about people being mean about Jeremy Corbyn. "he is the voice of my generation, leave him alone."

"You can't judge someone by the company they keep, if you do, you're a party pooper."

Yes, Really 🤣🤣🤣🤣


BREAKING: Now that a lot of you think that Diane Abbott has resigned has Shadow Home Vegetable, because of my earlier tweet😉 let's take a look back some of her best moments .....................

#MarksVideos #OhDiane

BREAKING: Labour's Diane Abbott RESIGNS as Shadow Home Secretary with immediate effect.

More to follow .....................

BREAKING: Mister Metokur absolutely destroys a certain video that's allegedly in response to Shazia Hobbs TR News deplatforming ....... that doesn't even address it. It's as if they didn't want to go into detail 🤔

"30 minutes of meandering bullshit. This was really badly done"

MUST WATCH, this destruction of the video was hilarious, I was laughing my head off, so funny 😂 😂 😂

This video was uploaded overnight to the Tommy Robinson Youtube Channel.

Comments were quickly disabled when many were supporting Shaz and Mark, the video received many thumbs down. Yet again, champion free speech unless you don't like what's being said.

This hatchet job is typical of MSM and the left. Who's pulling strings whilst Tommy is away? Hope Not Hate?

BREAKING: Here's Sheena, talking about the low level of support and donations being received for the 1400 campaign.

Whilst many Paypal parasites who pretend to care are too busy lining their own pockets to donate anything to the poor victims of grooming gangs.

Utter disgrace.

MB NEWS: If anyone missed Boris Johnson's maiden speech in the Commons earlier then here it is. Labour get eviscerated, amongst other things.

The EU will watch this and think "SHIT!"

Our Brexit war cabinet has convened, head for the bunker Remainers 🤣🤣🤣


BREAKING: Jacob Rees-Mogg makes his first appearance today as Leader of the Commons and what an entrance he makes.

👉Mocking the opposition and laying down the law on Brexit and democracy.

Here are the best bits. First class Jacob 👏👏

MB NEWS: Boris wielded the axe today to carve out a new Cabinet; it was long overdue. Theresa May's merry band of remain zombies were getting nowhere.

👉Here is a quick round up of who is in and who has been chopped.


MB NEWS: Jacob Rees-Mogg talks about his promotion to Leader of the House of Commons.


MB NEWS: Andrew Pierce and Kevin Maguire go toe to toe on Sky News tonight over Boris cabinet positions.

👉How did Maguire get anywhere near the media. Absolutely vile disgusting creature.



"All the attention is because this is a woman of colour."

Trisha Goddard and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown think remain campaigner Gina Miller gets more abuse because of her background - but Iain Dale disagrees.

No, Yasmin is a race-baiting piece of trash that needs deporting. Gina Miller is a jumped up rich tart, backed by Soros, trying to overturn democracy. Trisha is just gullible.


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