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This is an interesting exchange between "anonymous" 9/11 researcher Killtown and Jeff Hill. Killtown defends Simon Shack (Hytten), where it has been demonstrated that he was promoting disinformation in his September Clues film. It has also been proven that Killtown put-out disinformation about the Michael Hezarkhani video, similar to Simon Shack (Hytten) and others including Ace Baker. Jeff Hill archived a lot of phone calls to eyewtnesses and videographers he made on his 'pump-it-out' website. Strangely Jeff changed his position around 2010-11 on his hologram theory, which I would say explains the evidence far better regarding eyewitnesses observing an airplane in the sky then crashing into the WTC buildings, as does video fakery or CGI.

Short segment interview with Chris & Janet Morris about military secret holographic technology

I wanted to bring attention to a good video made by Jame Corbett regarding the "war games" taking place before, during and after 9/11. I don't agree with a couple of assumptions made by James though regarding the "phantom" Flight 11. However he does an excellent job overall highlighting the training drill exercises taking place before, during and after 9/11. Also the "official" lies that were told to the 9/11 Commission.

Little did we know at the time, 9/11 was not a normal day of blue sky aviation. On the contrary, it was one of the busiest days in the history of American aviation, a dense forest of live fly exercises, drills, simulations, fake radar injects and utter confusion. And that was before the attacks even began. This is the story of 9/11 that you didn't watch unfold on your TV that fateful day in 2001. This is the story of the 9/11 War Games.

Zapruder Film Hoax Proven By John Costella PHD - "A Scientists Verdict" (FULL VIDEO) - Recorded May 2003

This segment from the Skygate film discusses the Flight 77 - Departure Gate data issues, indicating it was not at the gate we have been led to believe it was. The "official" data evidence contradicts what we have been told by the official narrative.

A segment from the presentation by 'Pilots For 9/11 Truth' covering flight-data issues with Flight 77.

Markus Allen VS Simon Shack (Round 2)

In this brief video analysis I point out how two people have been removed from the BBC version of the 'Vape Lounge' shop CCTV. There was no reason for the two people to be removed from this CCTV footage, as they were not shown from the chest upwards to be identified. Was they removed to conceal that two people had in fact seen the perpetrator or spoke to him. I see no reason for them to be removed from the video evidence record, unless there was significance to do so from them being present in the video footage. They could have easily blurred them out instead, but to remove them completely is very unusual.

I am archiving news footage (before it is removed from the mainstream media) of the locals reacting to the Jo Cox shooting This video mainly features "alleged" eyewitness Sam Watson. This is quite a rare video of Sam Watson describing the murder.

Jo Cox: Death of an MP - Is a propaganda documentry made by the BBC into the Murder of Jo Cox. This documentary has been seriously discredited for its presentation of the evidence of the murder and "alleged" murderer Thomas Mair. I have posted this to document this disinformation which the BBC colluded in circulating.

This is a revealing exchange between Markus Allen and Simon (Shack) Hytten, the maker of the "disinformation" film September Clues. Shack admits to having done work for the European Space Agency? And was also did paid work for NASA? This also coupled with the fact his father worked for the UN, and Simon's brother was sponsored by the brother of Osama Bin Laden.

I believe this exchange to be staged, for the purpose to allow this information into Shack's background to implanted into the public consciousness, and also more importantly the opportunity for both Markus Allen and Simon Shack to promote a "false" position that all the videos of 9/11 are complete "video fakery" thus casting serious doubt in the public's mind about the video evidence record of 9/11. This is simply a psychological operation to conceal what was really captured in the videos of Flight 175 and what destroyed the WTC towers.

From my analysis and research Flight 11 appears to be still in the air after it "allegedly" crashed into the North Tower. It appears from FAA and NORAD communications that Flight 11's last coordinates were located 5.77 miles away from the North Tower after the crash. Some debunkers have tried to distort this fact by saying it was mixed-up with Flight 77. This isn't correct, as the tail number N334AA reported in the communications shows it was Flight 11 and NOT Flight 77 as suggested. Flight 11 was heading towards JFK Airport which is off-course and its route towards the North Tower. Flight 11's last coordinates were (4038N 07403W) which locates Flight 11 heading in the direction towards the Washington area, very similar as I found with Flight 93. This short video I made using FAA and NORAD communication recordings includes the relevant communication segments which I edited together. I shall be explaining more evidence to do with this information at my blog, with more detailed analysis soon. Again this has raised serious questions for me as to why 'Pilots For 9/11 Truth' have NOT covered this evidence? I am beginning to see a pattern in their research and presentation of evidence in relation to the planes...

Diane Peters, the next door neighbour to Thomas Mair, describes Mair's character, which is completely conflicted to the mainstream media and the police official character description.

Analysis CCTV Footage From The Vape Lounge Shop CCTV - Perp's Walk & Limp (Looped)

This is the Vape Shop's CCTV footage captured at 12:09PM of "allegedly" Thomas Mair, although it shows another man with a distinct limp when he is walking. During part of my analysis of this CCTV footage I noticed two people crossing the road towards the perpetrator which has been completely removed in other versions of this CCTV footage, which I was unaware of until I was able to get hold of an original version of footage the footage.

I managed to track down this extended version of Darren Playford's 999 Phone Call in relation to the Jo Cox murder. This was part of my research I was conducting into the case. I also passed this onto Richard D. Hall so he could use it for his research and investigation.

This is part of my research I did collecting all known cctv footage of the "alledge" killer of Jo Cox, Thomas Mair on 16th June 2016. I also put all the cctv footage into order and produced exact locations of all the roads and locations of the cctv cameras, so I could analyse the timelime correctly. This was also carried out to help Richard D. Hall's investigation into the Jo Cox Assassination for his film.

UAL175 & UAL1523 Radar & UAL 175 ACARS Messages Locations

ABC News:

Original News Footage Source: (Go to 14:29mins)

Lisa Stark-aviation correspondent:
"United are also saying that a further flight that apparently is still missing..flight 175 is a boeing 767 was scheduled from boston to los angeles....that flight is still unaccounted for according to officials from united we believe there is at least 1 more plane that may still be flying around in US airspace"

Peter Jennings:
"How is united flight 175 thought to be missing and unaccounted for?"

Lisa Stark:
"All united are saying is that they are quote "concerned" about that flight...what i believe is that probably that flight was hijacked aswell...where it is right now...i am sure the FAA, the FBI and those folks know where it is ...we are not being told.....but there may still be another plane flying out there that has not yet crashed or landed or whatever will happen to it....but that flight is apparently unaccounted for at this time as far as the public beli......I am sure someone knows where that flight is..."

9/11 Flights: Their Numbers Were Not Even on the Arrivals Board at LAX

9/11 - 'Flight 11' Ground and Ramp Crew Short Interview. This is evidence Flight 11 existed on 9/11. As I documented at my blog, the cancelled flight BTS logs were also happening before 9/11 in several other months, and was also present with other unrelated flights, and has been explained as a "cross-over" discrepancy from the inbound flight of the plane and time-zone differences, which doesn't update the information. It seems likely that this plane was part an exercise however the passengers who made the cell phone calls were not on-board the plane and made the cell phones calls from the ground. Read more at my blog

Wolfgang Staehle interview about his famous 9/11 webcam footage of the 1st Plane on 9/11. This video was edited together from segments from the '9/10 Hours Before' documentary.

Short excerpt of the 9 "alleged" 9/11 Hijackers Who Are Still Alive Reported By Mainstream Media

George Bush reopened Reagan National Airport after it was closed down for 23 Day on 9/11. No other airport in the US was closed for this amount of time after the events of 9/11. Reagan was also evacuated on 9/11 before closure on that day. The reason I highlight this point about the long closure of this airport is, there is supportive evidence which indicates that United Airlines 'Flight 93', American Airlines 'Flight 11' and American Airlines 'Flight 77' could've possibly landed at this airport, which beggs the question, why was this airport closed for so long after 9/11?

CIT believe the plane flew over the Pentagon.


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Since 2013 I have been investigating the anomalies surrounding the airplanes and video evidence of 9/11. Five years on since beginning my investigation I have come to learn and understand of a "Psychological Operation" which appears to involve certain 9/11 researchers who's aim is cast doubt about the authenticity of the 9/11 video evidence. This type of "Pereception Management" is especially present in relation to the videos of "Flight 175" crashing into the South Tower, in particular the Michael Hezarkhani video. My blog articles attempt to expose the falsehoods which have been circulated across the internet by various so-called 9/11 researchers "past and present", highlighting the disinformation which they have been promulgating. It is my quest to unravel the "Psy-Op" and expose those 9/11 researchers who are disseminating the disinformation. I am also trying to remove the "layers of deception" and get to the bottom of what really happened to all four airplanes and their passengers on 9/11. My other research and analysis into the crime scenes of all four crash sites was featured in the 9/11 Alchemy "Facing Reality" film by Chris Hampton.