When The Sh*t Hits The fan - which may not be so far off now - finding new ways of organising all aspects of our lives is going to become of the utmost priority. Many small groups and hubs are thankfully springing up, but the key is going to be in linking these together into formidable powerhouses through strength in numbers … and learning to put aside ego and ulterior motives!

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The Author and Researcher Charlie Freak - his own pen name drawn from a tune by Steely Dan - is back to summarise what will be the parting message of my upcoming ‘Musical Truth Volume 3’ - the eternal and empowering spiritual teachings that, he maintains, young rock musicians of decades past covertly encoded into many of their famous songs.

Charlie has written 150 mini-books on what he considers the most important albums ever written, and many contain these key songs. Their writers understood the ultimate lesson in life, he maintains - the importance of re-establishing our innate connectedness back to Source, and the techniques which can be employed by any of us to achieve this alchemical process.

We discuss a few celebrity sell-out traitors along the way, and some of the measures adopted by the corporate industry machine to try and prevent this information from becoming empowering public knowledge.

The Mainstream Media is the last line of defence that the sick ones have. It’s a psychological firewall, and is the only thing that stands between them and a tsunami of Truth. They can use it to ramp up and down the fear factor and puppeteer the mood of society at will.

But things can work the other way. The same way that they try to control OUR perceptions, so they keep a close eye on our moods, reactions and activism, which seems to shape THEIR perception of what’s happening among the masses. And this, in my view, will be the reason why they’ve done a U-Turn on the V passports in England.

Please attend the freedom rally in Newcastle Upon Tyne on 25th September if you can, to bring solidarity to the protestors there and power in numbers. Keep an eye on Telegram for fuller details of the event nearer the time.

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Big respect to Martin Liedtke for putting on an awesome alldayer in Birmingham on Friday. Some mindblowing information, great company, and a bit of a party at the end. We need more of these!

David Clews of Unity News Network and No More Lockdowns returns to assess where we in Britain are currently at in terms of the roll-out of totalitarianism, and any effective pushback against it.

Our discussion addresses V passports, future criminal trials of governmental traitors, the mixed messages concerning the proposed V-ing of schoolchildren, the out-of-control displays of tyranny in Australia, the treachery of the mainstream media and the NHS, and effective grass roots activism from the people.

On that note, David addresses many of the initiatives he and his team have been behind, and shares how the most recent has been their most hard-hitting and confrontational yet.

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A last call for the mass meditation for Truth and Light for this Saturday to over-write all the dark energy of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and news of some further upcoming shows.

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As the title of Neil Sanders’ recent book on Charles Manson puts it, ‘Now Is The Only Thing That’s Real.’ Sages and gurus the world over have related the wisdom of letting go of attachment to the past and the future, and living in the Now moment. It sounds obvious, but the Now is all we have, and learning to be content within in and to harness its maximum potential, is key to navigating these challenging times.

Thoughts also on the recent strange illnesses of so many Truthers, the apparent overturning of the agenda to spear 12-year-olds at school, the shocking violence unleashed by thuggish police savages at the recent protest event in Newcastle, and a few announcements.

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To complain to Northumbria Police (“Proud To Protect”!!) about the shocking violence unleashed by their officers at the Freedom protest in Newcastle on 28th August 2021:

Here are some examples of what went on:

It might have felt like our worse nightmare, but Co(n)vid has brought some valuable life lessons for us all if we can learn to recognise them. A mass purging has taken place, where many long-term wounds have been brought to the surface ready to be honestly confronted.

(Explicit language warning.)


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No-one else was ever going to do this, so here goes. The pathetic and treacherous “celebrities” who have helped push the g*[email protected] agenda have earned their place in the queue for a traitor’s fate alongside all the politicians, doctors, “scientific advisors” and the rest. Here’s the Call of Shame of those who have been most complicit in Cr!*e$ @[email protected]!n$t huma*!ty - particularly the sell-out musicians.

On the flipside, there have been a few honourable exceptions who HAVE stood up to be counted, and they get their rightful props here.

(Explicit language warning.)


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C0(n)v!d was always the warm-up for the p$yc*[email protected]$’ even more audacious plan - that of “Gl0b*l [email protected]!ng.” They won’t get there, though, as they’re not out of the woods with the [email protected]!c. The truth is continuing to come out, and it WILL be their undoing. It’s just a question of how long it will take and how much more we all have to endure until it does.

And when it does - where will that leave all who have been complicit in helping push the lies and the g*n0c!de? All the treasonous doctors, politicians, mainstream media whores-for-hire, and pathetic “celebrities”? How will THEY be judged?

A few event announcements and some extracts from the mailbag in this video also.

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Personal sovereignty and standing in our God-given power as free, living men and women is back on the agenda this episode. These are eternal Truths that the demonic, demented control system have done everything they can to conceal from the masses, and have dressed up in all manner of snidey diversions and clever wordplay, because they understand how powerful they really are in the hands of the many.

Peter Stone, originator of the new Sovereign Project initiative, gives listeners an overview of these dynamics, touching on such factors as Common Law, Equity Law, contracts, mandates, the difference between “legal” and “lawful” and much more.

More teachers are needed in these areas, to help get the word spread as widely as possible. Anyone wishing to get involved is invited to contact [email protected]

As this information is so vital, this show’s audio has been transcribed into written form for easy reference. The document can be downloaded from here -,+VOL.+196+-+PETER+STONE+-+THE+SOVEREIGN+PROJECT.pdf/file

(Note - this task was done by AI, so will not be a perfect rendition, but should still do the job.)


Facebook page: The Sovereign Project

Facebook group: The Sovereign Fraternity

General inquiries: [email protected]

Collaboration: [email protected]

An update on today’s 8/8/8 mass meditation, a word on the last Good Vibrations episode, and one or two other thoughts.

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The live stream of the London Freedom Rally in Trafalgar Square can be watched here. David Icke’s speech begins at approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes in.

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Looking after ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually comes back under the spotlight this episode. Clayton Thomas, founder of Root Wellness in the US, and Sandy Goel, its UK distributor, consider the challenges to our wellbeing that these insane times are bringing, and some ways in which we can fortify our bodies and minds.

There are spiritual implications too, Clayton asserts; decalcification of the pineal gland leads to enhanced states of consciousness and perception.


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As I’ve said before, this Summer is when the resistance and fightback HAS to happen, as we won’t get another chance like it. It’s not unreasonable to assume that some previously unexpected factor might work in our favour, very quickly. It’s happened before in history, and I feel we’re about due another one. The door is open to Divine Intervention any time it comes knocking.

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Beatles experts Matt Sergiou and Desiree Hall join Mark Devlin for the first MMT show of 2021, discussing conspiratorial and esoteric aspects of the group and their associates.

This time we start off on current events, examining the reactions of Paul McCartney, his daughter Stella and Ringo Starr to the Covid Scamdemic, before considering Sean Lennon’s recent criticism of “woke” culture. The re-release of the Plastic Ono Band album prompts a delve into the past, as does the death this year of sometime Beatles and Lennon collaborator, producer Phil Spector.

Prior to 2020, it would have been reasonable to assume that, faced with a tyrannical imposition on our most fundamental rights and freedoms, armies of rock musicians would have risen up in protest and activism - particularly those from genres traditionally associated with being “anti-establishment,” such as Punk, New Wave, Heavy Rock, Heavy Metal, Rave, Drum ’N’ Bass.

And yet, for the most part from these quarters here has been meek, compliant silence, with only a very small few demonstrating the balls and backbone to stand up and be counted.

Two unexpected contenders have been brothers Richard and Fred Fairbrass, better known as 90s pop/ dance act Right Said Fred. Here, they chat about what first motivated them to take a stand, the flak they’ve endured as a result, and just why they think it is that more from their field have not been freely speaking up.

ALL tyrannical regimes crumble eventually, however long it takes. Evil goes against Creation itself, and by its very nature, individual expressions of it cannot survive indefinitely.

Also, a reminder to express gratitude when the odd thing does work out in our favour, a reflection on the 7/7 meditations, and a few announcements.

Further information on the Questioning events here:

The Sound of Freedom full archive is here:

Here’s the full presentation I put together for the Seed 4:Growth virtual conference back in May. This brings together a multitude of my Musical Truth research from over the years.

Some thoughts on the power of Mind ahead of the 7/7 mass meditation, and a reminder to be grateful when events - however small - do manifest in our favour.

Join hundreds of thousands of others on 7th July in pooling our consciousness towards manifesting Truth, Freedom, Justice, Love. We are powerful co-creators of our own experienced reality, and exercises such as this DO make a real difference!

I linked again with Alpa Soni for a candid and heartfelt chat about the arduous journey we've all been on for the past several months.

As well as assessing the status of the general public's attitudes compared with at the start of the [email protected]!c, we also consider some of the spiritual life lessons that C*v!d has had to teach us all.

Disaster APPEARED to strike last week, when Michael O’Bernicia announced that the Private Criminal Prosecutions he is seeking to bring against Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Sir Patrick Vallance and Neil Ferguson for Pandemic Fraud, had been rejected by the presiding judge on the basis that the extensive prima facie evidence presented had amounted to nothing more than “hearsay.”

Despite this, however, Michael says that he is far from dejected, and that this was a contingency that he and his team had fully planned for and knew how to move ahead from.

In this episode he explains why. We also address the recent resignation of Matt Hancock and how this may have connections to the case, and debunk the widely-circulated memo that purports to be from Neil Ferguson detailing permanent lockdowns in the UK.

Updates on the PCP case can be followed at

Reflections on this weekend’s massive London protest, more messages from the mailbag, and some announcements of upcoming happenings, as the daily struggle for the restoration of Rights, Freedom and Justice continues.

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A really great addition on Dom & Chris’ Meet The Flockers series, focusing on the genocidal maniac that is Tony B-Liar:

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Credits for London protest footage to Richard Tice, Gladys Hill and Eido Dojin, (rather than to as mentioned in the video.)


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