Tony Gosling had me as a guest on his Not The BCFM Politics show to talk about conspiracy in music, my core topic, and how this has direct connections into the world situation we all find ourselves in in 2020.

A handful of music-makers have spoken out about the tyranny, and the public reaction speaks volumes. As the draconianism gets worse by the week, we should ask ourselves what else it’s covering up, and how linked it really is to the upcoming US election. If there’s one subject that would unite the masses to rise up against the ‘elites’, it’s paedophilia and child sex trafficking. The minute the sheer scale of this on an institutionalised level breaks the mainstream surface, it’s game over.

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I'm posting this as it will go down as a historical moment that defines these times. Powerful and inspirational words from David Icke at the London protest of 29th August. There are two more events coming up on 19th and 26th September. Let's make these even bigger and louder and send a very clear and direct message as to where the tragic weaklings Johnson and Wancock (and their owners) can shove their 'rule of six.'

I’m back in action following some energetic healing, and feeling positive about how our experienced reality is going to all play out.

The Covid narrative gets more absurd by the day, suggesting desperation and panic from a regime that knows it’s failing. The point of no return has been passed. Now we have to make sure that what lies ahead is shaped in our image, rather than our enemy’s.

Things may yet get worse before they get better, and we still all have work to do, but it’s clear to me now. The control system CAN’T win.

Thoughts on last weekend’s London protest event, the disappointing fall-out from it, and a reminder that Evil does not have the monopoly on our shared experiences.

Details of the COVID-19 UK Truth Tour here:

My talk from the anti-Covid lockdown protest at Castle Park, Bristol.

The 2020 COVID-19 “pandemic” is very far from a random event that just happened to evolve the way it did. On the contrary, there is a huge wealth of evidence to show that the most monumental scam ever played on humanity by the governments of the world, was known to be coming long in advance. What the people of the world are being put through in 2020 is all about control and providing justification for introducing ever more tyranny into our daily lives. It was never about any “deadly virus.”

In this live presentation recorded in Birmingham, UK on 4th August 2020, Mark Devlin lays out some of the many references in both popular culture vehicles, and from actual documentation and real-life events, to prove to even the most hardened sceptic that COVID-19 was the ultimate psychological Plannedemic.

Now that we can know we’re being lied to and manipulated, the resistance and pushback needs to begin - on a Biblical scale.

Huge thanks to Dave Marks for editing this video and mastering the sound recording.

As more and more in Britain (though still nowhere near enough) prepare for further protests, some thoughts on how worryingly easy it was for the social-engineers to apply their absurd Covid rules and regulations owing to a distinct lack of common sense and critical thinking among grown adults.

Also, the satanically-inverted society in which we live, where the virtue-signallers who think obeying government dictates is a moral act, are actually helping to strip away the rights of everyone else, and those demonised as 'anti-maskers,' far from being irresponsible, are actually fighting to restore personal freedoms!

It could only be life in 2020.

Gloria Moss, organiser of the Questioning History residential conference set for 18th-20th December 2020 in Hertfordshire, UK, interviews Mark Devlin, who will be prsenting three talks at the event. Current events are discussed, before the conversation moves on to what will be covered at the event.

All event info and tickets at:

Two hugely inspirational speeches for our times showing how the women are really stepping up to speak truth and freedom to power duting the madness. The first is 21-year-old Laura Jayne at a rally in Liverpool, followed by Hannah at the recent protest event in Birmingham.

This is history in the making, and this is what the embodiment of the feminine Principle of Care really looks like.

In the second part of this live presentation recorded in Birmingham, UK on 4th August 2020, Mark Devlin considers some of the happenings around the world which have gone largely unreported in the mainstream, or noticed by the general public, as the majority to continue to buy the lie of “the coronavirus pandemic” and succumb to confusion and fear.

Might some better advice be to turn away from the mainstream’s obsessive COVID stories, and look in some different directions instead? The world seems to be changing in many more ways. Might not all of it be bad in the long run?

Huge thanks to Dave Marks for editing this video and mastering the sound recording.

Here's Freeman's own description of my return appearance to the show:

Why would a toy company put a secret button on a doll's private parts that makes it ooh, squeal, and gasp? Will pedophilia become a sexual orientation? Another letter to add to LGBTQ? Quickly, celebrity backgrounds are coming forward to show a life of ritual abuse with family members in hooded robes performing sexual perversions and invoking entities from another realm. What's it all for?

Are we witnessing a Q takedown of pedophile rings? Are the multiple fires around the world the destruction of Deep Underground Military Bases used for human trafficking? How deep into The Deep State do you have to go? Is COVID-19 a cover for this takedown? Symbolism will be their downfall. What do we see written in popular culture?


This is Hour 1 of a two-hour show. The second hour is available exclusively to subscribers at

With many effective protest events now joining the legal challenges launched against the UK government - and with the increasing absurdity of the “regulations” deleting not just our natural-born rights and freedoms, but standing as an affront to common sense and basic intelligence - it’s inevitable that more and more are going to come over to the side of truth and justice.

And we need those numbers. Regardless of whether there’s validity to what is said to be happening internationally under cover of Covid, we ourselves are the only ones we can rely on to put down the tyranny and restore our freedoms.

We CAN do this. And we WILL.

(Apologies for the video stalling in the midst of the demo footage, and a couple of points where I forgot to do an edit. I work alone and these videos take hours to produce, so sometimes these mistakes happen.)


I since discovered that the lady giving the speech is named Hannah Charlotte. You can watch the speech in full here:

Further details of UK protest events will be posted at

Insiders from the UK’s medical establishment coming forward to call foul on the “coronavirus” have been few and far between, but at the forefront for the past few months has been veteran surgeon Dr. Mohammad Adil. Dr. Adil has played a heavy personal price for expressing his personal views on the “pandemic,” having been struck off the General Medical Council’s list to practive medicine for 12 months.

In this interview, I put to Dr. Adil various questions sent in by enquiring listeners. He gives his take on the true nature of a “virus,” Germ Theory Vs. Terrain Theory, the pointlessness of masks and “social distancing,” the vaccine agenda, how doctors may be violating their hypocratic oath to ‘Do No Harm’ by staying silent about the medical tyranny and flawed science that’s being promoted, what the Government’s true motive may be behind creating fear and panic and imposing lockdowns, and how the truth about the scam can only be suppressed for so long.

Dr. Adil will be a featured speaker at the big protest event assembling in Trafalgar Square, London, on Saturday 29th August from midday. All are welcome to attend to help boost numbers and send a very clear message back to the government that We Do Not Consent.

Emily Moyer invited me on to her Strange Mosaic show to chat about current events, and what the Electronic Dance Music scene's response to the "coronavirus" situation tells us about that movement and its long-standing role in social-engineering agendas.

We also get into some of the topics explored in my new allegorical novel 'The Cause & The Cure.' (For signed copies of the book, please e-mail [email protected])

I’m all for leaving viewers with optimism in my videos, but damn, I’m struggling this week. All I’m seeing is further impositions on our rights and freedoms, and further teasing and goading of the public at the hands of the psychopaths. It’s clear that ONLY a MAJOR pushback from we, the people, in the form of exposing the lies that have been told for all to see, and refusing to comply with our enslavement, is going to hold back the tide. WE are all we’ve got. Are there yet enough of us to get the job done?


Details of my talk at Truth Juice in Birmingham, UK, on 4th August 2020:

Details of further protest/ demo events in the UK:

Magical Mystery Talk, Episode 3:

VP #163 - Isaac Weishaupt - Adrenochrome Symbolism

Mark Devlin guests on the Friday Farcast with Robert Phoenix, 24/7/20

Huge thanks to Felipe Alexander for working hard on this video version of the previous audio-only Volume 161 of the Good Vibrations podcast. The original show was almost three hours; this version isolates Charlie Freak's take on the timeline of events undertaken by POTUS Donald Trump, and how it ties into what Charlie maintains is an ongoing Q Plan, and adds useful visuals throughout.

The psychological torture of the masses continues with contradictions and counter-claims everywhere. But it seems for every reason to despair, there's another to be hopeful.

Charlie Freak & Colleen: Right Here, Right Now: The Takedown of the Cabal's Evil Plan:

RFK Jr. appears to signal that JFK Jr. is still alive:

Mark Devlin: The Sound Of Then 90s House/ Dance Mix, 120-125bpm:

As the inconsistencies and contradictions of the COVID saga continue on, it remains rewarding to look instead at what’s going on under the cover of it. While many more covert events have been taking place, this week, two broke the surface into the mainstream with the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein mistress Ghislaine Maxwell, and - incredibly - coverage of the unbelievably sick Adrenochrome industry on mainstream TV in Europe. The pace is really picking up now.


Turkish National Television - Adrenochrome - English Translation

ADRENOCHROME on National Mainstream Television in Bulgaria

“No one has died from the coronavirus”
Important revelations shared by Dr Stoian Alexov, President of the Bulgarian Pathology Association

Adrenochrome; The Ultimate Movie Reference Compilation:

‘The Media Is The Virus’ T-shirts available from Emma Roulstone Designs:

For resource leaflets or ‘I Do Not Consent’ T-shirts, e-mail me at [email protected]

I guested alongside Simone and Robin on the Event 202 live video stream on 24th June 2020, where I gave some thoughts and reflections on current events.

Charlie Freak and Colleen return for another mammoth three-hour episode, outlining further revelations about what they say has REALLY been going on under the cover of the 'coronavirus.'

Charlie presents a chronological timeline of Donald Trump's major achievements since 2017, most of which has gone unreported in the mainstream, and ties this in with current activities as part of the Q Plan, and the major happenings and revelations yet to come.

While the world has been fitting face masks and obsessively washing their hands with sanitiser, he says, epoch-defining things have been going on in the background, and only a few have noticed.

No, not a clickbait title. We truly are now living in the most momentous times in human history, and as the plot thickens every day, it becomes clear that it’s very much a battle between Good and Evil of Biblical proportions, and we have to get our hearts, minds and souls ready.

The cabal is now in its death throes and getting desperate to retain its power against overwhelming odds. The manufactured George Floyd event was an act of absolute panic in the wake of the wheels continuing to fall off of the “coronavirus” scam. New evidence is coming forward by the day to show that both events were put-up jobs, and sooner or later, the public is going to have to be FORCED to accept the truth about them, and those that perpetrated them. It'll be like Roddy Piper and Keith David beating the shit out of each-other in the alley in 'They Live.'

Every regime in the human timeline that has been built upon evil and injustice has, sooner or later, crumbled and died. It’s time for this one to go the same way. But we cannot get complacent and let up the fight. We must all continue to make our contributions towards the outcome that we wish to see - and it CAN happen.

God helps those who help themselves.


Advance knowledge of the George Floyd event from the Obama Foundation?

A POWERFUL open letter to Donald Trump from Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop of Ulpiana

German Official Leaks Report Denouncing Corona as ‘A Global False Alarm’

Italian Congress Woman, Sara Cunial, exposes Bill Gates Vaccine Scam

‘Prince Charles’ Sky News interview actually features an impersonator. This is not Charles! Where has he gone?


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