Flat Earth is real

Moon landing was fake

Flat Earth Explained

Is This Your Home? Globe Earthers Wake Up

Space is FAKE

Space is FAKE

Detailed info about what globe earther's believe and what flat earther's believe. Very well done.

New information, explanation and warnings about the experimental bvaccines.

New information, explanation and warnings about the experimental Covid Vaccines by Dr Steve Hotze

China buying up ranches - building military base in Bahamas

buying property - setting up military bases

CONFIRMED: COVID-19 Plandemic a Known, Live “Training & Simulation Exercise” under WHO, to sanctuaries in Nature but forced to wear masks in public instead and submit to police tyranny. Meanwhile, small and large businesses have crashed, families have been prevented from seeing their elderly relatives in hospice, many have died alone. Hospitals are cooking up numbers for COVID deaths, MSM plays out strings of new cases and new deaths.


A World at Risk, 2019, Annual Report GPMB:

International Health Regulations (2005)

Some of the links/pages I referenced during this talk:

Washington,DC Rally 12/12/20 Alex Jones Speaking, Stop The Steal, Stop Election Treason

OAN reports on hospitals who lie about causes of death blaming on Covid when in fact most actual causes of death are heart disease. Covid is rarely the actual cause of death among Coronavirus patients.

Dr Roger Hodkinson - President of Alberta Society of Laboratory Physicians, pathology specialist includes virology, trained at Cambridge in UK, ex president of pathology section of Medical Association, chairman of Royal College of Physicians of Canada Exam Committee in Pathology, chairman of a biotech company in North Carolina selling Covid-19 tests - "Bottom Line - Unfounded public hysteria driven by media and politicians - THIS IS THE GREATEST HOAX EVER PERPETRATED ON AN UNSUSPECTING PUBLIC. Absoluetly nothing can be done to contain this virus other than protecting the older people. It should be thought of nothing more than a bad flu season. Its politics playing medicine. MASKS ARE UTTERLY USELESS and SIMPLY VIRTUE SIGNALING. Seeing people walking around like lemmings, obeying without any knowledge base to put the mask on their face. SOCIAL DISTANCING IS ALSO USELESS BECAUSE COVID IS SPREAD BY AEROSOLS WHICH TRAVEL 30 METERS BEFORE LANDING. EVERYWHERE SHOULD BE OPEN TOMORROW. POSITIVE TEST RESULTS DO NOT MEAN A CLINICAL INFECTION. ALL TESTING SHOULD STOP UNLESS YOU'RE PRESENTING TO HOSPITAL A RESPIRATORY PROBLEM. Give all the nursing home vulnerable 3 to 5 thousand units of Vitamin D everyday. The risk of death, using this province own statistics, is 1 in 300,000. THE SCALE OF THE RESPONSE YOU'RE UNDERTAKING, WITH NO EVIDENCE, IS UTTERLY RIDICULOUS. All kinds of suicides, business closures, funerals ... its outrageous. Its just another bad flu and you have to get your minds around that. Let people make their own decisions. Im outraged that this has reached this level. It should all stop tomorrow!" 11/24/2020

This is the hack that proved America's elections can be stolen using a few lines of computer code. The 'Hursti Hack' in this video is an excerpt from the feature length Emmy nominated documentary 'Hacking Democracy'. The hack of the Diebold voting system in Leon County, Florida, is real. It was verified by computer scientists at UC Berkeley. To watch the full movie, visit

Scott McKay - cabal puppet takedown partial 7-20-20

Hammer and Scorecard: ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC live data feed .json analysis for dummies

David Martin PHD, Natl Intelligence Analyst, developer linguistics genomics, history of covid, patents....


Dems Election Fraud - caught in a sting

FRONTLINE DOCTORS AT SUPREME COURT ON COVID-19 - speaking out, the truth about covid-19, masks, lockdowns

TRUMP COMBATS HUMAN TRAFFICKING - executive orders and grants, ending child sex trafficking

Dr Ben Tapper speaks to govt officials in Omaha, NB 11/29/20 on Covid Medical Tyranny


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