Suspense/Thriller Short. Written by Kemuel Butler; Filmed in the Bronx, NY.

Summary: An embittered teenage man (Ethan), deeply angered by the sudden break-up with his estranged girlfriend (Allison), savagely murders her parents and locks her in a basement. In these final moments he appears to allow her five minutes to reflect on what they once shared, before going through with his ultra sadistic plans.


Having fun.


Just had this stuck in my head today.


Mash-up of "Cola" by Lana Del Rey and "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics. I didn't write the lyrics so, please don't shoot the messenger. :-)


Playing around; learned from the original demo.


"I've been too long in the wind, too long in the rain. Taking any comfort that I can. Now I'm looking back and longing for the freedom of my chains… and laying in your loving arms again."


I changed it up a little bit. ;)


Blue jeans... white shirt... walked into the room ya know you made my eyes burn.


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Alive Reprise from 1997 Broadway Musical.

Choreography Created for Wildhorn Productions.

Directed and Choreographed by: Marlo Dell'Antonio
Cinematography and Editing by : Nathaniel Nose
Makeup Artist: Meghan Grinzcel
Costumes by: Retroscope Fashions

Edward Hyde:
Marlo Dell'Antonio

Movement Choir:
Jessica Raven Dunn
Collin Ezra
Alicia Hollowell
Timothy Pare
Kellyn Uhl
Vanessa Mikoy

Produced by: Marlo Dell'Antonio
Filmed on location in Detroit, Michigan.

All Visual Content Copyright: Marlo Dell'Antonio, LLC. © 2008
All Music Content Copyright: WMG © 1997 [Former Atlantic Records and WEA Int. Inc.]

Heaven is a place on Earth with you.


I was really mad at the loud traffic outside.

Please note: I'm practicing. I know the high notes are pitchy. Audio is uncompressed. I'm not using a mic or vocal editing software to enhance my voice because I want to practice as though it were a live performance. (Not a studio session). No cheating. =)


Update on some of the personal discoveries I've been making as I continue to work on Bonebreaking with hyper mobility.


Hallelujah... I wanna take you for all that you've got.

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Marlo Interview Tape.

This is an audition tape where I was asked to give a personal interview "in the style of" a young Madonna Ciccone.

The director didn't like me at all because, quote: "all she did was talk about herself."

Oh, the irony!


Practicing before taking it to the piano.



Actually, it wasn't that cold… it was that huge chunk of ice I didn't see coming.

I Challenge:
Ben Winterman
Puneet Prasad
Heather Bonomo
Davide Anderson
Collin Frazier
Yuvraj Linares-Mohan
Morgan Leigh

Yeah, I know that's more than three. But everyone should have done this by now so… GET THEE TO IT, MATES!

xoxo, Marlo


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