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Re-upload from Brian Ruhe's old Youtube channel, now history. I'm an atheist but I think Russell Walker's perspective is interesting.

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The photograph in the thumbnail is of the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania.

'Intelligence Quotient' tests fail to test a myriad of attributes associated with intelligence and/or the human personality.

“Be Jew Aware: Your Life May Depend On It.”—Rae West

Jim How is a pure legend.

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Are there good Jews?

Direct me to original research by Jews condemning the Fed; condemning Jewish mass murders in the USSR; condemning Jews starting both world wars; condemning the ‘Holocaust’ fraud; condemning Jewish anti-white immigration policies; condemning Jewish domination of the African slave trade; condemning Jews doing 9/11; condemning Jewish mass murders in Armenia; condemning Kissinger’s mass murders; condemning Jews and the Opium Wars; condemning Jews and their man-hating feminism; condemning the numerous Jews caught as pedophiles; condemning Jewish ‘hate speech’ laws; condemning Jewish assassinations etc.

If good Jews exist, you’ll have no difficulty finding examples of original research, will you?

A tribute to one of the most clued-up internet activists of all time.


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