The aftermath of some windy weather and a near disaster in my early beekeeping life, June 2022.

Excuse the subtitle mismatches, my subtitler and I don't often agree.

Got zipped into my bee suit on the first really warm day of the year and drove up the meadow to my new bee hives. Given the recently windy and damp weather, I was half expecting to find empty hives.

However, I was in for a bit of a surprise.

Gate yard vlog 14th June

Hugelkultur link:

The state of my yard. Plans for the future and the odd hang up.

This is a morning after video.

About 9pm 28th November 2020, Angie and I had settled down for the evening to watch 'Patch Adams' on Netflix. We heard a loud 'thump' from outside which to me sounded like a big truck had bounced to a sudden halt. Going out we found half our gateway and a sizeable chunk of our front wall demolished. Across the road a wrecked blue VW hatchback was nose deep in the ditch next to a telegraph pole.

So we called the Garda and went to see if we could help the cars occupants. What else can you do?

No one hurt, but someone, somewhere, owes our landlord a new wall and gateway.

An unboxing video where it (Kind of) went very, very wrong. And then quite a bit right.

Done with tongue very firmly in cheek

This is a 'I liked the character so much I wrote a backstory piece' video about the character of Detective Sergeant Dafydd Llewellyn-Evans. Apologies in advance for my terrible Welsh pronunciation. Appears in the November / December copy of 'The Cat Tree and other stories' by Martyn K Jones.

Contains (very) mild profanity. So if you don't like swearing, don't bloody watch it.

Just a short about who I am and what I do. Also a quick comment about challenges that face writers in the age of social media.

A science fiction short story of the not too distant future, where urban humans live in a perfectly protected world, their cosseted lifestyles enabled by automated retinal recognition technology applied to every device. But what happens when the artificially intelligent systems loses a citizens record?

This is the first part of a much longer story, but this short version stands up on it's own.

For details of other stories by Martyn K Jones, visit

Have a truly bitchin day...

My reading of Moonlit Shadow, a Christmas themed short story published in the Leg Iron Books anthology "Christmas lights and darks" December 2018. Like, don't like, but if you do, tell me why.

Leg Iron Books:
On Amazon;

This is a supernatural short story I wrote a long time( Over 30 years!) ago and could never find anywhere I wanted to submit it to. So I've decided to do a small reading and video presentation for anyone who might be interested. Like it or hate it, but let me know exactly why in the comments.

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