In this episode The House and Supreme Court to take on media censorship. ADL wants Tucker gone! Great Reset and NWO push harder for vaccines. The future British Royal Family will be Jewish. Christianity being wiped out. Aborted fetuses big money and the future of longevity, though; it's not that good of a technique.

In this episode Ukraine declared war on Russia, will we make it WWIII? Hypersonic missiles will end life as we know it. Covid-19 and PCR Fraud being taken to the International Court. Biden won't quit Afghanistan. Georgia may save us. Will Vax Pass Apps or FEMA camps be the new norm? Tragedy strikes again in Tanzania.

In this episode I explore attempts to destroy the 2nd Amendment and save it. I talk about causes of of gun violence and the need to stay armed. The DHS Advisory Council gets a makeover. The border crisis is escalating out of control. I talk about the testing fraud and the new viruses planned to justify more depopulating vaccines. I talk about the latest election fraud news and Biden throwing 3 Trillion dollars at the global warming scam.

Dr. Michael Yeadon interview:

Dr Sherry Tenpenny's advice for those that have gotten one of the covid-19 shots:
1. Zinc: 25-50mg/day

2. Quercetin: 500mg/day. This is a plant-based antioxidant that helps with many types of ailments.

3. Vitamin D3: get your level tested (25-OH Vitamin D). The level should be at least 80-100 ng/mL - most people take 5000IU/day (125mcg) in the summer and 10,000IU (250mcg) in the winter. The Vitamin D Council (online) has very good tables for dosing Vitamin D by age groups for general health.

4. Vitamin C ascorbates: 3000 to 5000mg per day to bowel tolerance. Powdered form is best and most easily taken and readily absorbed. The powdered form can be dosed to all ages.

other treatments: Vitamin A, turmeric, colloidal silver, homeopathy, maitake mushrooms and more.

At first sign of illness:

1. Zinc: Take 100 mg/day x 7 days. Take with or without food

2. Vitamin D3: Take 50,000IU twice daily for three days with food. Then continue to take 10,000 IU per day until feeling better. At that point, have your vitamin D level retested for continued dose. Take with food.

3. Quercetin 500mg: Take 2-3 daily until feeling better

4. Powdered Vitamin C ascorbates: Take 2000 mg every 2 hours until "bowel tolerance."

Mask advice: Studies have shown viruses, bacteria and fungi can be cultured from the face-side of the mask. Surgical masks were meant for one-time use; reusing them is not advised. Cloth masks do nothing but serve to make you sick. Wear a mask as seldom and as short a time period as possible. If you MUST wear a mask for work or for school, change the mask every 3 hrs. Buy many and wash them daily.

In this episode I begin with a review of the prerequisite background info necessary to mount a defense against the tyranny and genocide descending upon us all. Then, I cover the latest info on invading aliens both at our southern border and the UFOs from above. I talk about our own advanced technology in space travel which we have learned from our guests from other worlds. I talk about gold: it's rarity and it's use in space travel. I talk about our possible future or lack thereof.
Here is a list recommended videos and contributors in BitChute for further research on vaccine dangers: 'The Stand: the truth about covid-19 vaccine,’ anything by Carrie Madej, Sherry Tenpenny, Judy Mikovits, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Steven Hotze, Michael Yeadon, Vernon Coleman, Sucharit Bhakdi, Geert Vanden Bossche, Sam Bailey, Scott Jenson, Thomas Cowan and Dolores Cahill.

In this episode I decipher Biden's speech and cover the vaccine genocide. I talk about the vilification of the Proud Boys and OathKeepers, Russian military and space age superiority. Schools are changing grading rules for minorities. Syria is stopping oil theft by bombing themselves! I talk about Greta Thunberg's suicidal hubris and aliens among us; both domestic and beyond!

In this episode I talk about how they have perfected their plan to depopulate the planet using vaccines. Will Trump and the cavalry come to rescue the survivors? If not; we will face repeated lockdowns, masks and forced vaccinations unless we awaken from their hypnosis and fight back!

In this episode I talk about the Impeachment Trial and trash the Time Magazine article. I cover the latest Plan news and the history of the Plandemic. Will Trump come back to save us or are we on our own? We must be ready for what lies ahead.

Biden signs a record 42 executive actions in his first week. I go over the most important ones. Is Biden a Manchurian Candidate working for the resistance? I address the errors in my last video. I talk about the plans for DC and the New White House. QAnon explored and I explain how Global Warming is a lie, we're in an Ice Age; forecast calls for 90,000 years of winter.

The USA has been a corporation for 150 years. We were all born into debt slavery. Trump will end that. Biden and ALL his co-conspirators are going DOWN! The evidence will finally see the light of day; prosecutions are imminent. In this episode I explain the history and the process to a new freedom for us and the rest of the world.

You don't sign an executive order clearly saying involvement with foreign countries rigging our election is treason and making the military the prosecution arm unless you intend to arrest some mofos. Biden heading to inauguration? So what? That ceremony means nothing, now. I just heard the marines have already raided the CIA! The plan is taking down the elite! A complete shakeup of centuries of tyranny doesn't look like an election. It looks like a sneaky Sun Tsu strategy using evidence of their criminal acts, the constitution and military backup. These arrogant bastards are going DOWN!

Best Trump Rally ever in DC! Spy vs Spy on steroids: I show how Ashli Babbitt and her team could have faked her death as a diversion to allow agents access to confiscate computers from the congress critters. Vatican money and an Italian military satellite were used by Leonardo Computer Systems company to aid in rigging our elections. Treason on parade as our congress critters insist on incriminating themselves in their desperation to get rid of Trump. Here's a pretty good version of the video showing the alleged Ashli shooting I refer to:

ELECTION FRAUD, VACCINE GENOCIDE AND FAKE PANDEMICS HAVE BEEN PLANNED AND REHEARSED FOR DECADES. THE WORLD IS WAKING UP! A GLOBAL REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN! For those of you new to my 'truth bombardment;' I recommend you go back to the beginning of my videos and catch up. I don't repeat very much, so you will need the background info that I provide in this course of reality, if you will. I've made some mistakes along the way, but have always strived to do my best with the information at hand at the time. Welcome to the war!

Sydney Powell has Supreme Court Cases pending. The Electoral College waits for no one. China is the new Russia in the battle for the USA's fears. Will Trump stay on top in the battle for The Presidency? Vaccines struggle for dominance in the market and are still poison. Better and readily available cures revealed.

Overwhelming Evidence of Election Fraud. Frankfurt Raid Update. THERE IS NO PANDEMIC. The Green New Deal is Old Fashioned Tyranny. The Reset is Global Genocide by Vaccine. Medicine and Science are NOT as Advanced as They Want Us to Believe. Gullibility is Death. We Must Resist or We Perish as Slaves.

Overwhelming Evidence of a Global Election Fraud Cartel Tied to Democrat Operatives. International Elite Using Voting Machine Corporations To Bring On Their One World Government and Great Reset. Servers Tied Together In Cyberspace Inserting Tyranny Across The Planet.

Breaking! (FEC) Chairman Trey Trainor has dropped the hammer by declaring that the results are "illegitimate.". Trainor has gone on record with a bombshell announcement, following investigations into the election ballot count in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the country!!!! I called it when I shot this 2 days ago. YEEHAW!!! Now, it'll go to the supreme court for sure!

Episode 9: Election Fraud Revisited: Rampant electronic criminality revealed. The related history of our subjugation under banker rule exposed. Below are links to referenced articles:

Judicial Watch: There are more registered voters than there are eligible to vote.

A longer more detailed explanation of the process of election rigging By Russ Ramsland on Ted Wood’s Information operation.

Russell Ramsland allied security operations interview

Election Fraud. Hundreds of cases of professional and amateur election crimes. Steve Pieczenik's full reveal of water marks on the blank ballots used all over the country. Arrests have already started. We're gonna need more jails!

On this Halloween Special Edition of Conspiracy Theory News: Real Monsters and Demons have always been among us; killing and maiming at will all over the world. (India funded the Gavi Vaccine Alliance accused of 38 million Premature deaths worldwide) Their victims are mostly children in poor countries; Deemed undesirable by their social class and the color of their skin. Watch as I expose the real life horror story of the Eugenics movement's attempts to kill off the poor and colored leaving the upper class to rule a world devoid of the unwashed masses. Generations of the Rockefeller and Gates men have been the leaders and funders of a long and sordid history of crimes against humanity.

Trump twote "Cases up because we TEST, TEST, TEST. A Fake News Media Conspiracy." Can he be shaking off the strings of the puppet masters? We can only hope. The swamp is filled with vaccines, banksters and mercenaries.

The perpetrators of this scamdemic had lots of rehearsals just like the ones for 9/11. Their catch phrases: New Normal and Great Reset are not new or great. There's nothing new about tyranny and it kinda sucks. Join me as I expose their evil deeds and 'in our faces' preparations they were too stupid to hide.

Hundreds of activists gathered in front of the Texas Capital Building this morning to protest the illegal lockdowns, mandatory masks and impending vaccine horrors. Starting at 9am with a band playing lively music followed by dozens of speakers. The PA system broadcasted for blocks in all directions. Peaceful protest with an armed Freedom force outnumbered the police. A good time had by all while I was there. This video is only of a few that spoke before 2pm when my camera was full.

Great strides this week in the legal battles against the illegal mandatory lockdowns, masks, social distancing and vaccines. Ohio, Pennsylvania and Canada are leading the way. It's about time! What took so long? This has always been a violation of basic human rights based on obvious lies. Where the hell have the lawyers been hiding? I've been working on an expose' of the long history of the lead up to this global takedown of mankind; But these new revelations have taken precedent. Click subscribe for more good stuff!

Canada declares independence and fights back against the scamdemic

The simple math mistake (or was it fraud?) that brought the world to its knees

UCLA/Stanford study

Medicare's HUGE payouts for a Covid diagnosis

Caputo on the CDC

The takedown of mankind by the elite began long before this 'Plandemic' was launched. It shifted into high gear 19 years ago with that gigantic false flag event in New York. The research into 9/11 by alternative media has been extensive. That event was the awakening of many into the lies of the government and the mainstream media. This event must be revisited to remind us all that we have been conned repeatedly in order to shred our Constitution, set up a draconian dictatorship globally in order to depopulate the planet and enslave the survivors. A long series of false flags, staged events and outright lies have been used. Their intent is to destroy the freedoms of the herd; the unwashed masses as they like to call us. They have taken down whole governments and are mass murdering us with their proxy wars, starvation and yes: diseases; real or faked. There are many articles being written and reposted about this subject throughout the alternative media today. I highly recommend you refresh your memory of what they did to us then and compare it to what they are doing now all over the world using this scamdemic as an excuse to bring in their New World Order of tyranny.

Here is an intense article that was printed 3 years ago on this subject. The collaboration includes some of the most valuable investigators in the truth movement.

Over 3,000 architects and engineers have come forward to refute the official story.

The official version of the planes used that day is questioned by aviation professionals.

the firefighters are also asking questions

I began broadcasting the truth on Truth Cat Radio as Marz Madness. Then on American Freedom Radio as Conspiracy Comedy News later changing the name to Conspiracy Theory News. A lot of the videos can still be found on my YouTube channel though they have pulled far too many of them. This show was recorded mid July so some statistics have changed a bit. The general information is still valid. I will be doing many more videos for Bitchute from now on. Many thanks to the doctors and scholars speaking out on this fraud. We all owe them a huge debt of gratitude: Stefan Lanka, Knut Wittkowski, Judy Mikovits, Sherri Tenpenny,, Kendra Becker, David Martin, Andrew Kaufman, Dan Erickson, Jeffrey Barker, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Robert F Kennedy Jr, Joseph Mercola, Russel Blaylock, Vernon Coleman, Eric Nepute, Rashid Buttar, Sara Cunial MP of Rome, Ivette Lozano, Roberto Petrella, Officers Greg Anderson and Michael Sweney, Spiro Skouras, Journalists David Icke, Kevin Barrett, Dell Bigtree, Amazing Polly, Patrick Wood, John Rappoport, James Corbett, Spiro Skouras and Mikki Willis among many others. Keep spreading the truth!


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