R.A.G.E is a web series about an FBI agent who is introduced to a dark underworld of the undead .

Directed by Malik Stalbert
Director Of Photography / Editor : Marcos Soriano
Written By Sawa Kurotani and Malik Stalbert
Malik Stalbert … Elias
Guy Collins … Vox
Kent Ward … Henchmen
Staver Edward … Thin Man
Adam Elder … Computer Guy

Story & Directed by
Malik Stalbert

Director Photography & Edited by
Marcos Soriano

Screenplay by
Sawa Kurotani
Malik Stalbert

Line Producer
Thuy Pham

Make Up Artist - Gore Effects & Set Dressing
Joe Castro

VFX- Set Design & Props Master
Malik Stalbert

First Assistant Director Unit B
Sawa Kurotani

First Assistant Director UNIT A & Script Supervisor
James Buttler

First Assistant Camera
Jose Luis

Awayzo Pictures
Shuchi Sharma
Awayzo Pictures

Special Thanks to :
Patrick J. Mchugh
Scott Merrell
Monica Merrell
Shuchi Sharma

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An Awayzo Pictures llc Web Series:
What if...Harry Potter and his friends go to college in South Park!? Three freshmen "gods" muddle through trappings of campus life in God U, where the faculty is divinely insane, upper-classmen are mightily sketchy, and the supernatural is just a fact of life.
"God U is that special place where young lesser gods from around the universe learn to become truly great Gods. Situated on a sprawling six-dimensional campus, God U welcomes all who are eager to learn...whatever! At the helm of this great institution is PRESIDENT GENIUS, whose immense importance is attested by none but himself. Distinguished faculty awaits the opportunity, as the clueless freshman advisor DR. SCHMOOZ puts it, 'to guide the young and stupid minds into the world of unnecessary skills and useless knowledge.' Campus life is packed with exciting activities, starting with the informative and fun-filled Freshman Orientation (cancelled)!" [Excerpt from God U Campus Guide]
KRIS, JANX and ZEUS are high-school friends and the only incoming freshmen at God U this year. Kris is the leader of this motley threesome, who is an aspiring rock star and a bit of a ham. Janx, a spacey skater type, is always hungry; but he is also endowed with the power to listen to and speak for those who can't speak for themselves. That includes enigmatic Zeus, who communicates more eloquently with his thunderbolts than words.
Arriving late to find out their orientation was cancelled due to an incident involving the receptionist MEDUSA, Kris, Janx and Zeus are finding their first day on campus confusing. As would any seriously not serious new student, they get lost on campus, are late for all their classes, and have an "accident" in the dining hall. But they learn to get by with the help from friendly upper-classmen: BABA, who philosophically fades in and out of thin air in the most unfortunate moments, and WINSTON WELLINGTHORPE, III, a fledgling "entrepreneur" with a pack of zombies on his toe. As they become more accustomed to the pace of campus life, they begin to find their professors practically incomprehensible and their coursework challenging - so challenging that they can't help falling asleep in the back of the classroom every frickin' time....
Featuring such familiar trappings of teenage student life as navigating through confusing campus, sitting through boring classes, dealing with peer pressure, and somehow along the way, finding one's true self, God U pokes fun at familiar social institutions (academe, law enforcement, capitalism) and satirizes cultural ideals (intelligence, independence, respect to authority). All characters are the figments of disturbed imagination of the show's creators, even if they may appear to be molded after mythical figures and their attributes (e.g., Zeus with his thunderbolts) or pop-culture icons (e.g., Banjo Blues in Episode 2 inspired by Robert Johnson).


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