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Speaker Matt Landman talks on chemtrails in Glasgow, May 25th 2024

Sunday may 12th on UNN , UK


Matt Landman an expert in Chemtrails and creator of the documentary Frankenskies, Allyson Allard a Self-Sabotage coach and Ian Ball an Engineer in Montreal who really gets what is going on in the world we live in joins me for an incredible podcast episode where we discuss the very important topic of Chemtrails that affects all of humanity.

We break down the whole topic of Chemtrails and Matt shares his expertise with all of us as well as Allyson and Ian sharing their insights and expert opinions.

It is not every day where 4 individuals on the same wavelength as to what is going on in the world get to join each other for a conversation such as this.

Matt just spoke at an event in Scotland so he chimes in on that, the recent events in Dubai and much more.

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Frequency and Vibrations dictate many unseen factors in this world.
Knowledge = Power.

March 16th 2024 , Edinburgh, Scotland.
Eternally thankful that people are rallying to bring awareness to the ongoing aerosol deployments in our skies (chemtrails & geoengineering & weather modification). As Activists we have got to Know that our actions are impactful and meaningful and with the right intention we very well can raise consciousness surrounding this issue. I pray that more people around the world will be inspired by the Actual Activists of Scotland and follow in their footsteps. Until next time!

March 16th, 2024 , Edinburgh, Scotland
Guest speaker : Matt Landman of

The ongoing normalization of Chemtrail aerosol geoengineering has reached a new level. 4/4/2024

This is an important interview to me because it is reaching many people who have never heard of this concept before. Letting the Truth out of it's cage...

Removed from youtube interview with Professor Christopher Exley

A deep dive into the lie that is Climate Action

This is what I've been sayin!!
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The CIA has controlled Rap music for decades. Crack in the ghettos and control of music and celebrities was the best way the CIA knew how to keep down the black America.


HAARP is not only used to manipulate our weather but it’s also a weapon that’s being used against us. This is a very old documentary, so you can imagine how much more advance this weapon is today.

Rosa Koire gives a riveting presentation at the Freedom on Fire Event 2012
(RIP Rosa)

9/11 Inside Job. But have you heard of building #6??

This is insanity..

What is happening to Gen Alpha?! These kids' exposure to gadgets and social media is harming them more than you know!

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