the fun is in figuring it out

Figure it out yourself

Man's being when he's lost his spirit.

A warrior seeks forgiveness.

Of Kings and Paupers

Falling droplets become a downpour, become a wave, become a flood.

This is fine...

But did this happen?

On Christ's sacrifice and resurrection, the death of Satan, and Man's redemption.

Finding peace in despair.

How do we express or determine what is in relation to what we see?

see title

Men become soulless when they grovel at the feet of women and queens for power and pleasure.

This is such a silly world.

Change, Stasis, the Changed, and the Beneath

When you seek power through manipulation, abuse, sowing division, and don't speak truth, don't expect to hold onto it long, if you achieve it.

People living lives in plastic houses without a soul.

Reflection on the soul.


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