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5:50 Opposes Open Borders
19:15 Opposes Cultural Marxism
38:24 Supports Free Speech
49:26 Condemned By Elite
58:20 Pro-White / Pro-Western
1:02:28 Names You-Know-Who
1:07:00 Overall Grade

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9:21 Open Borders
24:05 Cultural Marxism
35:48 Free Speech
45:55 Condemned By Elite
53:28 Pro-White / Pro-Western
59:08 You-Know-Who
1:03:34 Overall Grade

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3:15 Opposition to Open Borders
11:28 Opposition to Cultural Marxism
18:31 Support for Free Speech
26:00 Condemned by Elite
35:26 Pro-White / Pro-Western
41:31 Naming You-Know-Who
43:12 Overall Grade


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Fifty years ago, British MP John Enoch Powell (1912-1998) delivered a speech at the West Midlands Area Conservative Political Centre, later dubbed the "Rivers of Blood" speech, which forever divided Great Britain into two factions: those who reject the anti-British immigration policy which is destroying Britain to this day--and those who embrace it. Parts of the twenty-four minute speech have been omitted for the purposes of this video.

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(Illustrated) Is Genocide Imminent in South Africa?

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Rocking Mr. E rebuts several common objections to the idea of white genocide by means of replacement migration into Western, majority-white countries.

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