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3:15 Opposition to Open Borders
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Fifty years ago, British MP John Enoch Powell (1912-1998) delivered a speech at the West Midlands Area Conservative Political Centre, later dubbed the "Rivers of Blood" speech, which forever divided Great Britain into two factions: those who reject the anti-British immigration policy which is destroying Britain to this day--and those who embrace it. Parts of the twenty-four minute speech have been omitted for the purposes of this video.

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(Illustrated) Is Genocide Imminent in South Africa?

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Rocking Mr. E rebuts several common objections to the idea of white genocide by means of replacement migration into Western, majority-white countries.

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41% of the country's packaged food is Kosher, yet only 2% of the population is Jewish:

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Jewish Influence, Part III: Immigration Policy | Mike Enoch
-------- --------

Jewish Influence, Part I: The Mainstream Media | Brother Nathanael & Laura Loomer --

Jewish Influence, Part II: The Porn Industry | Mark Collett --

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Jewish Influence, Part I: The Mainstream Media | Brother Nathanael & Laura Loomer --
Jewish Influence, Part II: The Porn Industry | Mark Collett --

Notes & Corrections:
- Peggy McIntosh, a goy, first wrote about white privilege in an essay called 'Unpacking the Knapsack' in 1988.
- Technically, Israel Zangwill was referring to America as a melting pot of Europeans.

SPLC admits to planned white replacement:
Mike Enoch & Tree of Logic discuss the JQ:

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The enemies of the West want nothing more than to drive a wedge between men and women--or worse still, convince us that gender is fluid. Radio host Jesse Lee Peterson drops some sage wisdom on bridging the ever-widening schism between the sexes.

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Jewish Influence, Part I: The Mainstream Media (Restricted)


Pornstar James Deen on the right to not wear a condom:

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