Here are my predictions for how I think the NFL Playoffs will shape up. All the way up to who I think the Super Bowl 54 Champ and MVP will be!

Make sure you leave your predictions in the comments. Go Pack Go!

The Browns Steelers game ended with one of the craziest fights in NFL history. Myles Garrett, Mason Rudolph, and his helmet are the stars, but who started it, and who's to blame?

I ask that you please watch the whole video before trying to criticize my point of view. You don't have to agree with me, but I ask that you understand my thinking and why I thought that way!

No one asked for this, but here it is! Old Town Road Halloween Parody "Haddonfield Home" Michael Myers has never been so hot...and he was on fire at the end of the 2018 movie.

Wouldn't have come up with this idea if it wasn't for me loving the videos done by The Merkins!
Watch them! So much better than me!

Yea...I make normie memes too...sorry. I saw this Kylie Jenner Rise and Shine meme and immediately had to make this Disney's for my own sanity.

One can only imagine what Antonio Brown's Agent was doing over the last 8 months. From the Steelers, the Raiders, to the Patriots, Antonio Brown and his Agent certainly went on one of the craziest NFL adventures ever! Here's what I think went down!

And yes I do know AB's agent is Drew Rosenhaus, this is just a little sketch, so I called it Antonio Brown's agent, plus i'm sure a lot of people don't know the name of Antonio Brown's agent. So there...

I used this CBS Sports Article to get an Accurate AB Events Timeline.

The 2019 NFL Season is FINALLY here! Here are my predictions for the 2019 regular and post season. These will age terribly probably so feel free to cyber bully me in the comments. This is a longer vid, so this will probably bore you to death! Enjoy!

In this video I go division by division predicting every team's record and where they fall in their division. I also give my seeds for the playoffs and predict each playoff matchup and eventual Super Bowl champion!

The Antonio Brown relationship with the Raiders has more than exceeded the hype of how much drama there would be, how does Spongebob properly represent this relationship?

Andrew Luck announcing his retirement came as a shock to many including the Indianapolis Colts. Here's how it happened

Colin Cowherd SHOCKINGLY Has A Problem With Baker Mayfield Chugging A Beer. The young Browns QB had a little fun at an Indians game, and Clownherd criticized Baker for the 18,000th time. Here are my thoughts.

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Raiders Wide Receiver Antonio Brown has decided he will not play football unless he gets to play in the helmet he wants. Here is an exclusive behind the scenes look at him trying to find a helmet that suits his needs.

Today I saw the video of Brooke Houts abusing her dog, and immediately wanted to talk about it and try to get something done. Pets being abused is one of the things that gets me the angriest. She needs to have that dog and any other pets taken away from her, and needs to get anger management. Her bahavior was totally unacceptable. Especially from someone who owns a pet.

The NBA off season has seen the new era of Duos in the League. Ranking Duos like LeBron and AD, Kawhi and PG, Steph and Klay, The Knicks and Cap Space is a lot harder than it looks!

Kawhi Leonard is a Clipper...and so is Paul's the team Lakers fans always dreamed about...I'm a clown.

Kawhi Leonard is a free agent, and I need to convince him to sign with the Lakers. I will not stop or take no for an answer. There is no way he can say no to me ;)

When the Lakers aquired Anthony David via trade, I had mixed feelings. Lakers gave up a lot and Pelicans got a lot! Listen to me say words.

Huge Thanks to Skibo for letting me use his "The Office Theme Song Hip Hop Remix" Check out the full song here!

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Dear one is safe. Please don't share this. Cuz if OJ sees it, I'm done for.

The Warriors Lost...let's celebrate with a Spongebob meme

Getting a head start on the next election, and putting my name on the ballot, so I made this campaign political ad to spread the good word about how incredible I am.

Fred Vanvleet had a pretty harsh injury and collision that resulted in one of his teeth getting knocked out, but being the very nice person that I am, I decided to help turn the bad situation into a positive one!

In Part 2, I talk about more Colin Cowherd worst moments and predictions he's said on his FS1 show, The Herd. His Baker Mayfield hate, his thoughts on Esports, and more!

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