14 is every where mass shooting coding azoft battalion

i should make a 30 min video of my tick tocks and flat earth videos like or dislike if you wantcg. if youre

dave telling us about the usd falling. how we got it all

x22 report disinformation team

Havin fun sharing stuff to talk about with your friends after the movie, executive orders signed jan 2021? oh boy. every time you think its ok.... boom!

Mixtape of Tom's. Just jamming at work. when the whole world screaming save me bang bang

Just fucking with joe

body language on bitchute elon musk ted twitter brainsearching stress free speech lean back think filter mark dice bonus at the end i am using girls to get thumbnail clicks... you know what it means when they put their hair up.

lets hear about biden, the masks, the media, waking up, crazy stuff hanging suicides land of the free rights striped real fast virus planned for political advantage trolls looing for someone to type at angry i know a lady named karen shes a nice ass lady go down shooting for the freedom of speech thats two loaded into one raw thoughts kamala cruz boomer shumar aoc scott weiner missing kids maxwell bernie sold out after primary pence wife a religious freak clinton truth trump bush animal rights drain the swamp what does anyone know whos right about anything facts matter all we have is a keyboard and a mic freedom aint free vadican understanding rappers by perspective transgender white and not gay toxic masculinity heal not heel squad VACCIENE status anderson cooper

google matrix algorythems dont agree with everything you hear. you should already know if your neighbors are lefties ... cant talk to the lefties boys. on either side. most republicans in my area are on the left leaning side.

why is deep state panicking over twitter? the board only owns about $3,000 worth of stock. the motivatin of board has nothing to do with share holders

Over dose these homeless kids to use their butthole how Buck wants

2000 mules. I can't believe that old man went under that rope, he should be arrested. Nothing else to see here

People smoke meth all the time, a little chlorine dioxide could not be too bad

The song off with their head is pretty good, the visuals with the video are pretty good too.

News from 4 13

I love when they try to fight and make a song that tries to demigrate my man. I'll wrap that s*** all day

Times 2 speed banned from tick tock

Why did smokers not die by the thousands? Nicotine preventing covid deaths. Snake bite in the covid. CNN reported it was probably not genetically mixed with a bat, but it was genetically mixed with snake venom they are going to turn us into lizard people, satanism reptilian

Tank top bands every video, every account has been abolished

dude has a stroke in front of two brown vaginas, and the whole world. well, there was a few people watching. salty brings us the news we missed. thanks to salty army for being in every comment section in every video! make the lefties reee!!!

trump gives out some endorsements has a great speech. lots of people . trump almost acts like he is going to run 2024...

they made joe say he was baraks vice president.

youre not dealing with cornpop joe. obama slap the taste out of your mouth

wheres bitslide?

watch biden get asked questions and not answer. how does that feel mr president? it feels great. if this dont freak you out, watching me get this shot and runnning away.. beg for money take a shot and walk out


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should be a good show, once i figure out ree stream