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tinfoilhat fosho i am not getting paid, just like the hats and the music. all the info is pretty good too. wish i had more info to give, just check out the video again for some ways to follow him

its a good time to find out about chris webby. hope you find his channel and watch the rest of the video

here are some memes and some music

such a great movie, share so others have a chance to see what is about to happen. ncswic

i dont know if you know, someone knew and its playing out as the greatest show 2023

great video of who trump took control of the world. just like pinky and the brain narf

space dog missiles , we laughing at you while your being torn apart , bagdaddy running and crying, Russia , Turkey, Syria and Iraq

keep the sex books out of the schools.

Israel let the attack happen so they can go in and kill Christians thats pretty obvious

it was a strange time to be a jew around 30 bc. some of the chosen jews left the jews that were being assholes. they went ooff and started Christianity. kind of a big deal. not to be confused with those sick catholic leaders

it is our duty to bring the news to the public. fake news is the enemy. some people are not going to like the way this movie ends.

we have it all!! secure our elections

i dont know how some people make it through the day. you will be surprised how many people dont know how to follow traffic signs, or understand traffic flow

best truth teller on the net!

whirlpools we heard about as kids suddenly vanish as we learn more about the ball earth.

shout out to kai. he was not on bitchute at the time i made that video. now my dude can be found on bitchute #mattmannwv

i like how they dont give a damn. good times. wv is pretty cool

this is my 3rd trip tp charleston with my camera. i will make a few shorter versions with high lights but here is the raw footage if you are interested. leave comments of what you want to see more of. I like interactions, going for a better microphone soon.

it is gonna be up to locals to protect their property. might seem like a big joke but.....

walkthrough and some info from the idea lab in the downtown Charleston library, missed a little bit of the intro with the guy working, but he was nice the whole time. everyone in the library are really friendly and helpful, great place to visit, take the test to use the 3-d printer before you go
1st time I met Dustin, more to come from him I'm sure

They love to say that the woods are on fire. All they're doing is lighting up the sky with chemicals

its always good to catch some feedback either way, wondering who all sees my videos. if you have been here before hit that like. not just on my page, but all of your favorite creators. support your local meme dealer

past video from alex jones, proving the future once again, shows alex getting pissed off and throwing a chair! #classic joe bama comes out talking like a robot, older video but a great reminder we are watching a movie

andweknow is awesome LT always putting out good stuff. i hope you go find his channel on bitchute

couple of clips from my homie, if ya watch the video and read the comments, hit that thumbs up or down while youre here. if you are subscribed leave a comment


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should be a good show, once i figure out ree stream