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People are starting to leave California in droves and the big question is, where to go?

In this video i'll discuss where I'm considering moving and why.

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Many young people these days struggle with smoking weed and although it seems mundane and harmless, over time it can take a significantly tole on your life and keep you from being your best self.

Here's why I quit smoking weed and why you should quit too.

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The biggest thing holding you back is your beliefs.

What I learned at Walmart is that most people work at Walmart because they want to work at Walmart. People end up where they believe they should be.

Spend sometime re-assessing your beliefs and make sure you aren't limiting yourself.

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Most people in real life only discuss symptoms, not the cause.

When you get that halo effect over a girl and you refuse to take note of the redflags and make big changes then you are headed for big trouble and hurt.

When you put your girl up on a pedestal you are doing that so you don't have to figure out your future and you can just think about the past and the awesome girl you have 'is enough' validation.

You get stuck in your head and that’s when your life stagnates and your relationship falls apart.

Women are not there to 'fix us'

You need to have a mission in life, whatever it is.

You need to always be focused on your life and what you are doing and where you are going.

Here’s exactly what a day in the life is like for a Commercial Real Estate Broker - Enjoy!

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