Here's why i'm fairly certain that Bitcoin is finished and so are NFts , invisible sculptures ect.. Hint - It has something to do with something called GOLD maybe youve heard of it its a rare metal

mandatory vaccinations, vaccine holdouts,

He understands completly wow

Why notify so many people in such alarming fashion?

I definitely could have handled this better im not convinced im feeling entirely well lately after 12 months of "stay at home".

Well if youre pissed off it appears you aint alone i can hardly talk to people at all anymore it seems without getting pissed i WONT SHOW THE FOOTAGE WHERE I NAMECALL I DONT BELIEVE IN IT but omg anyone else find this shit hard to take??

Rand vs fauci , paul v fauci , prison, lying to congress,

bizarre , strange , something weird , hunger games , future , 1984 , hunger games future ,

That was back when the big issues were Obama gun control legislation , Trump Candidacy , Refugee crisis .
Gun Debate, amateur newscast , man on street videos, commentary, alex jones, donald trump,

hunger games , abc news , propoganda , race theory , vaxxine , debate , cnn , alex jones , donald trump , twitter , facebook , mask debate ,

Just watch..

Thank God.

What a great movie June 28th is a special day by the way ..

You may want to skip to the 2:00 its just me talking till that point.
So this kid is probably like 10 years old or younger preparing to get an mrna vax . This is something im seeing alot of is children getting the vaxx when i dont think covid is really even a threat to people under 70 for heavens sakes. Crazy. Anyway finally someone whos fully vaxxed thats wearing a mask is willing to talk to us and provide us some insight into her reasons for doing so. Pretty funny i say what is mrna anyway? Yuh she says " i used to feel the same way as you". Ha And then you watched cnn and they made you feel safe? Enjoy!

Correction at the 4 50 mark i say NOT you guys. It sounds like im calling my viewers morons cause the "not " is somewhat hard to hear. thx. ML
Peters juneteenth Video Here -

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Allow me to explain and pls lemme know if i am incorect thx.
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Cathie Woods ARK is Splintering Into Pieces - May Bring Stock Market With it ! : )

Buy Physical Silver MAYDAY !!

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