Dont 4get to thumb up!
Peter Schiff on Trump Charges

Newt - Trump Charges are Political

Elderly Woman Gets Period, Dies after Covid Shot ?

This is the typical reaction I get when asking the delusional people still wearing masks why they are doing it. They are insane!

Here We Go Again - MSM Launches New Covid Psyop

Covid Shot killed Mom 👩 💉💀 Banned on Youtube

Injections killed her friends 💉💉☠️

He Really Doesn't Like Guns

Shortest Gun Debate Ever

Talking to Canadian Anti Gunners

Ouch!! - Rep Eli Crane Destroys Biden and FBI!!

Her 6th Injection is ready. She's prepared to take a 7th?

"5 shots is enough" she says. Ha I agree.
Brainwashed Lib Doesn't like Trudeau? 😐

My tiktok is back , Damar Hamlin Can't say why he died , young peeps dying!!

GOLD- Chart looks great and fundamentals have never been better!

Title 42 just Ended and The reason why "No Surge" is Bizarre!!

I think he's on to something 🤔. We must abolish the state. This thing is a monkey on our back.
He's Richard Vobes -

Full Orwell Part 2

The Maximum Liberty Show , May 7 - Full Orwell!!! Part 1

How to Deal w/ "Road Closed" Sign

Wow she really said it didnt she. She is risking her life by doing this. This is a brave woman.

Lisa shaw , vaccine death ,
Sad Vaccine death - Dr John Campbell (

He Regrets taking them 💉💉

He believes this is ENDTIMES!! 🌩🌋🔥☄️


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