Just threw together this quick video checking in, yes I'm alive ! Let me know how the weather is where you live comment and give details. This is what I awoke too so I just made a quick video.

I live in Kelowna BC. Canada. Surprisingly no, this is not typical for us at least not in this part of Canada. Despite this expecting high of 6c / 42f tomorrow!

To my amazement a few weeks ago I found a boxed gaming console someone disposed of in our Electronics Recycling Bin! It was even one I didn't have! Watch to see everything included and hear whether or not it works.

YES technically not my first video of 2019 as I say in the video BUT my first "REAL" video as far as I am concerned ūüėúJust a look at my NES loose cart collection, some memories rambling all off the cuff. PLEASE enjoy and comment on any titles YOU particularly enjoyed or despised or have a interesting history of. Also as always feel free to correct any info, these are fading memories for me and I only go by what I recall off the top of my head. Either way I hope you enjoy looking and remembering some classic Nintendo 8-bit fun along with me.


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