Eileen needed to learn the cheese strats

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Was watching some dude chase a tornado in the game, but I felt there needed to be some music.

So here we are.

Original Video:


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Different Time. Different Planet. And ya still need Falco's help.

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The shadow is no longer cast!

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate December 2018 2019 Bayonetta Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya Capcom Scalebound Shinji Mikami Mario Luigi Link Samus Donkey Kong Melee Brawl Wii U 3DS Solid Snake Metal Gear Solid Metroid Prim Echos Corruption 4 Hunters Witch Time Climax The Shadow Remains Cast The Witch Hunts Are Over Game Over Continue Yes No Clover Studios God Hand Viewtiful Joe No More Heroes Suda 51

Samus! What's going on? Respond! Adam hasn't given you permission to die!

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Metroid Super Fusion Zero Mission Returns Echoes Corruption Pinball Hunters Prime Mario Luigi Captain Falcon Samus Picachu Pokemon Fox McCloud Kyrstal Kirby Ness Snake Cloud Final Fantasy December 2018 2019 DLC Newcomer clone echo fighter Masahiro Sakurai Shigeru Miyamoto Phazon beam Varia Suit ice Beam Kraid Ridley mushroom kingdom Peach Daisy Waluigi

Sorry G. I thought Snake was dead.

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The cheese is real.

Buy some cheesy cheese for just $0.99:

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Steve Harvey. That's all that needs to be said.

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My pedantic take on that guy who left some advice on how to kill Necromorphs in Dead Space 2.
I find it funny how Isaac found that advice so helpful, he kept the log to show all the red-shirts he was stuck with in Dead Space 3.

Lots of interesting words in this game that have been scarcely used in recent times. Thought I'd shed some light on them.

Traveling through space on his search for an alien to do a Content Cop on, iDubbbz finds himself a copy of my book and visits its Amazon page.

In honor of the reimagining of Resident Evil 2 coming out early next year, I decided to bring some nostalgia.

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Trevor got himself into a zombie apocalypse.

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Mike and Jay watched the new Winnie the Pooh film. Here's their thoughts.

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