Watch for the man with a picture of water entering the city ~ Jesus.

Anyone can test positive if you do it right PCR test can take more single molecule and make it into something measurable.

The madness will continue until we stop it what we allow will continue. Time to step up boys and girls.

5G is an individually targeting weapons systems capability. Whereas the 4G LTE has an all-encompassing broadcasting and receiving corona with omnipresent full spectrum dominance over the human domain when the two are combined.

Never surrender never give up never compromise. Freedom or death. Anything less is that of a slave.
Biosyn slaughterbots are the future and the future is now ladies and gentlemen;

FEMA is UN military operations. And they are in the process of taking over all medical facilities.

Women both with more balls than most men today Tell us the truth whether we like her, it or them or not.

The inoculated are dangerous the unjabbed are not. The jabbed need to quarantine over the Winter for their own safety according to this expert.

As per their own data shown on the chart.
The more people take the jab. The more people fall ill.

Putting the USA under military martial law shortly after this Sars 2 Covid-19-Divoc-91 meme think viral virus was deployed.

Biden's dark winter is upon us ladles and gentlemen

Forcing an inoculation is to penetrate the body. This ladies and gentlemen is legally defined as rape. One or more persons coercing or forcing another unknown willing soul to be penetrated is gang-rape. This is a forced medical procedures this is forcible penetration AKA rape. These concoctions do not meet the two most common definitions for vaccine stopping the spread in curtailing the chances of the inoculated becoming sick from the targeted pathogen. These concoctions are nonchalantly and matter-of-factly said to do neither. These are not vaccines stop calling them back scenes and this is not a forced medical procedure this is gang-rape

Juristic person; An artificial personality, juridical personality, or juristic personality is the characteristic of a non-living entity.
A juridical person is a non-human legal entity that is not a single natural person but an organization recognized by law as a legal person such as a corporation, government agency, or NGO.

Graphene poisoning expresses itself as an illness no differently than the cough cold and flu AKA SARS bird flu Pig flu swine poo AKA covid-19 is graphene poisoning ;

Physician's assistant with 15 years experience in LA expresses his thoughts and his experiences to a School Board.

Mirrored from global research

When stop consuming poison your mind will be less poisoned and you'll know covid 19 is not Sars 2 and vice versa

Come up out of Babylon come up out of the birth certificate Soul snatching Ponzi scheme. Get you a claim to your life now. Either you will pilot Your Vessel or someone else will board that vessel and will pilot it for themselves.

The 9 days of sacrifice leading up to to 11/9 9/11 of the lunar year 5781 the 9th day of Av chabad-lubavitch

It's not what they say it doesn't work like they say it does and this is War

You will take the shot one way or the other which shot you'll take is the question. Will it be the shot in the arm with a needle or in the back of the head with lead?


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Leaving in an insane asylum masquerading as a society can be taxing when you're sane.
You got to find it before you can trap it you had a trap it before you can study it. You got to study it before you can eradicate it. and that just plain and simply hasn't been done in any way shape or form as per the scientific method of repeated observation;

And this is the latest Intel about our nation and it's station as the world gets impatient;

This is very important that we all come to a comprehension of just what a trademarked Incorporated juristic person is exactly and how it is used in deceptive nefarious ways to deceive on a worldwide industrial-scale.
A message from the universal Postmaster General Russell Jay Gould;
The USA Incorporated went bankrupt and was null and void defunct nonexistent November 2nd 1999 ladies and gentlemen. Since then it has literally been a soap opera filmed in what is now nothing more than a studio set the District of Columbia;
Donald J Trump is a trademarked logos corporate juristic fictional person. The man we know of as Donald J Trump is actually an actor registered with IMDb ,com as a producer and actor. And his Corporate juristic person is Trump entertainment Incorporated. The man who owns the trademarked juristic person logos Donald J Trump would be Sheldon Adelson. Having bailed out the juristic person Trump entertainment Corp. 5 times. Naturally taking possession of the trademarked juristic corporate person fictional entity as payment. An incorporated fictional juristic person is explained by Max Maximus below. Talking about the trickery and deception of a fictional corporate logos juristic person and very effective dis ease eradicating delousing products and protocols.
There is no better gift than the gift of knowledge shared freely and openly from the heart with Love.
1. Has anyone "in a position of authority" bothered to tell We the people of the world the virus sars 2 aka covid-19 does not scientifically exist? The covid-19 virus has never been isolated scientifically as per logical, long-practiced long-held and per the scientific method of repeated observation. The scientifically sound protocols of the Koch's postulates benchmarks. Not one benchmark having been met.
Please listen to the end;
Above and beyond any apparatus contaminated or carrying any pathogen being used to penetrate the blood barrier.
One of the main reasons people are and will continue to get sick is this ladies and gentlemen /
And the above presented reason can be remedied quite quickly ladies and gentlemen.
2. The one man who holds the provenance chain of evidence of the nation of the USA registered in the International Court records at the Hague Netherlands. The chain of evidence internationally recognizing the USA as a Nation by the banner/flag for which it stands. The United States of America. The flag I pledged allegiance to as a child. No differently then many of you having grown up in the US may have pledged allegiance to as well.
Introducing; Universal Postmaster General, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Commander in Chief of these the United States of America ~ Russell Jay Gould. He greatly appreciates and humbly asks for a moment of your time ladies and gentlemen.
But, Firstly a few words from a couple of my fellow Americans.
All we the otherwise peaceful people of the world thank you for your time. Especially those of us fighting for our children's well being. As they will be saved from this madhouse. When we end this madness. Where kabalistic black majick spells cast broadly have now turned this nation into an insane asylum masquerading as a society.
Christopher P Maxwell aka Max Maximus- clan Maxwell of enochville nc usa.
The ₩μ¡t€ ₩¡zaฯd ~ Maximilian Max Maximus Forealious at Canterbury.
I bid ye fare