FPH Maxweltons Egerton (Marley) 's first show and the rider's first show. For the first time out to a show for the 6 year old. He was very well behaved and performed well.

Jack gets worked twice a week. The training sessions are short 15-20 minutes from warm-up to cool down. This week he worked on patterns. walk trot and canter. He has progressed now to waiting patiently until the driver has removed the lines before he makes a step, This was accomplished with short sessions and slow quiet work. The music well that what was playing at the time. The old classics.

Maxwelton's Sirius Endeavour is by Maxwelton out of Sambesi II. This is a video of his training to date. He has been bathed but at -15 it was a little cool for that demonstration. We don't do this everyday as he is a still a baby his training sessions are very short. We alternate from long lining to just turnout and grooming sessions. typically twice a week. Starting from weaning with grooming and walking, learning to tie then to cross ties etc to where we are today. He is Sex-balanced to Furioso II with an added dose of Ramiro Z not to mention the great Northern Dancer. We are looking forward to the right person to develop him to his full athletic potential indicative of his stellar pedigree. Prospective Disciplines: Eventer - Jumper- Hunter

When opportunities present themselves we just have to run with it. This was not a planned video or we would have been all dolled up. We were dressed for the weather extremes we have in Nova Scotia. A snow storm Saturday/Sunday and lots of cleanup. Bob had a walk through the trail before we did the video, We couldn't resist making fresh tracks in the arena . A couple of trots around to make a path then we did the video. Mother Nature didn't disappoint. Bob was round and forward showing his potential . Enjoy. It was a fun day.

Future broodmare starting her training. Mating planned with My Man Charley for spring 2022

Bob going well through the gymnastic . This week we added a few more fences to give the feel of a small course and Christmas music to go with the theme. We also added more stuff to the course to get them used to new things. Lead changes are improving. The odd flying change happens. Something to work on with flat work. He is a game horse and always tries. We also had lots of walk breaks in between the jumping.

Having fun with the Christmas Music. Jack had a long lining lesson. We did some circle work as well. Today was his first introduction to jumping a cross rail fence. He took to it quite well. He is a c hunter in the making or could very possibly be a combined driving horse. Three nice gaits. He was a good sport. "Sometimes great things come in small package"

This video of Ben is a build from 2 weeks ago. We added more things to look at in the arena. the wooden deer garnered a few looks and snorts. Ben has become more consistent through the gymnastic and the rider as well. The rider is new to jumping but not horsemanship. His prior riding career was in Bronc riding, barrel and pole racing and is now quite enjoying the progress in jumping. While watching please bare in mind the rider is six foot 5 inches. We understand what Mark Todd went through with his foot occasionally hitting the rails on his Olympic mount. In the first few clips there are some nice spots and a few strides added and left out. The horse always tried and didn't refuse or duck out. He is understanding his job. Quietly halts when asked and for the most part picks up the correct leads. The last video he has put it all together. Oxers and verticals will be added to the gymnastic next week.

Ben is a powerful guy in a smaller package. At 15.3hh he is quick and careful with his feet. He took to the gymnastic with enthusiasm . First with ground poles with a halt at the end then we added a cross rail one at a time as he became comfortable with the prior addition. When he completed the three cross rails in one direction we reversed it and he went quietly in the other direction. The lesson ended on a good note. Happy horse and Happy rider. If the weather co-operates the sleigh will be out next week. Snow is good for this sport. Tis the season !

Today we set up the grid for Bob to do some jumping on his own . He is to stop at the end of the grid. Then proceed and do again. Here are 3 clips . Although not shown for Bob , He started with the poles n the ground then the first x and a canter trot to the end and a stop the a second X-Rail canter and stop the the 3rd as shown in the video and a cool out. He is very responsive and so far hasn't shown us a stop at a fence. He has a big heart and a super nice disposition.

So we are going along with Jack short lessons each day. This week we did long-lining lessons with him and this morning with a strong cold northeast wind blowing he drug the poles with the sleigh bells wrapped around his belly for his morning schooling session..

By Maxwelton out of Sambesi II

Jack coming the driveway at the jog. Things you can do with a two year old!

NOv 5 2021 , Friday afternoon hack relaxing ride with a Tim's coffee to warm the rider.

Flat Work Friday Nov 5 2021 Ben being put through his paces. This was his training session to end the week . Prior to filiming he went for a half hour hack at the walk. came into the ring went through his paces. He did what was asked and we put him away. It was a good finish to the week.

Flat Work Friday: Maxwelton's Travelling Jack, long-lined to the poles hitched and driven, He is enjoying his work.

Oct 26 2021, Bob's second day over fences, Stayed tuned for next week's movie :) .

October 26 2021 in and around the trees. Demonstrating his turning ability. He responds well to Gee and Haw.

Here is a short video of where we are to date with Jack. The fall colours were vibrant. So if you are wondering "why would I look at purchasing a 2 year old." Well there
is lots he can be taught long before the weight of a rider is added. It's like walking your dog but different. Your mind is in the moment .You won't be thinking of all the things you have or haven;t done. You will be i the moment. And getting some excercise as well.
So here is Jack on a short training session long lining in and around the trees.

Bob's 3rd ride with a young 10 year old rider. Walk Trot and Canter on a loose rein. Very green as the schooling begins. A quiet gentleman who loves the attention. Bob is forsale for further information please contact: [email protected]

Ben has been in training since December 2020. His training sessions alternate between longlining and under saddle work in the arena and out on the trails .This video he does walk trot and canter on a loose rein with a young rider up. This is his 3rd ride with her. He is a smart gentleman who enjoys his work. He is for sale should you like more information please email: [email protected]

Ben's third ride with a small person . The young lady mounting the horse from the mounting block.

FPH Maxwelton's Robertson taking a break while setting up Trot/Canter Poles March 18 2021

March 18 2021 Training Session Quick Canter clip. We are a couple weeks away from going over fences ....... Stay tuned

Training session over poles . March 18 2021


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