The fanbase Is mad sleeping on morel

In this video i talk about why genthru is underrated & the fanbase dont give him credit

#Genthru #HunterxHunter #HowStrongIs

Hunter x hunter Discussion. I talk about how strong is netero's most powerful ability Zero hand

#hunterxhunter2011 #hunterxhunter2011episode134

hunter x hunter 1999, hunter x hunter dark continent

in todays video i talk about how strong Iaian & devil long hair is........
ya'll make sure to check my boy out for the beat: (Rifti Beats)

#OnePunchMan #HowStrongIs #SaitamaVSBoros

Taking about you guys that are always negative with certain anime like black clover, my hero & dragon ball super.....

#DragonBallSuper, #BlackClover #MyHeroAcademia #HunterXHunter

Why Shonen anime isn't the problem.

This will be a series where i expose the real problems in the anime community. If you have a weak will then i suggest you not watch this video series

I review the anime gen lock since it made its debut on toonami. I give my reaction on gen lock debut #genLOCK #Anime #Toonami



i talk about kastro which a lot of hunter x hunter fans don't even talk about this guy.

in this video i talk about the potential of hisoka's strength.

#HunterxHunter #Anime

i talk about how op picture ma\gic is and review these ep. a lot of characters has improve

i talk about the strongest monsters in the monster's association. remember this is my opinion if you have a different opinion list it in the comment section.

in this video i talk about gouketsu and EC squaring off. to be honest this fight can go either way. #Anime

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