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MDofPC is your Doctor of Computers located in Coraopolis 15108 providing onsite, at our shop or remote small business computer repair services within a 20 mile radius of our Pittsburgh location just a few miles from the Pittsburgh airport. Striving to provide same or next day pc service for small businesses clients.
Our trained IT computer consultants have over 20 years of computer related repair experience with multiple Microsoft and Comptia A+ certifications.
Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm call ahead or by appointment. Please contact us at 412-680-1134 or visit our website at


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We are a kitchen & bathroom remodeling small business Pittsburgh PA based company specializing in all types of flooring ceramic, laminate, hardwood, stone, carpet, linoleum, porcelain, marble, granite. Also offering kitchen counter tops and back plashes are also available a wide variety of materials such as; granite, soapstone, marble, quartz, engineered stone, glass, avonite, corian, swanstone, acrylic, epoxy, ceramic tile, laminate. We do custom new construction and remodeling down to the studs. Our team will take the time to work with you on your design layout and materials. Then provide a detailed plan with affordable pricing. Our company is registered and insured with the state, providing quality workmanship with our Satisfaction Guarantee!


The latest hard hitting music video from South London MC/Sing jay Artist Mad-X. The video is a Timemachine production directed by Lydia Garrick.

The Reggae/Breakbeat influenced song 'One Warning' is produced by RadioKillaz (Tony Vibe) and is available to download on Itunes:


IMAGINING CHINA tells a story of a composer meeting a Chinese ballerina - we don't know if he meets her really or just in his fantasy. The ballerina comes back to him again and again so he sits down and composes a series of songs inspired by her and the Chinese culture, especially music scales.

IMAGINING CHINA is a music video directed and produced by Bozenna Intrator to the album CHINESE IMPRESSIONS composed and performed by CHRIS RAFAEL WNUK with titles by BOZENNA INTRATOR.

CHRIS RAFAEL WNUK - the pianist
CHARLENE ZHAO - the ballerina

Film written, directed and produced by BOZENNA INTRATOR

Camera and edited by: DARIUSZ MIGALSKI

Music: composed and performed by CHRIS RAFAEL WNUK

Music recording licensed by Bovenkon and Jaguarec

Copyright :copyright: by Bovenkon 2019

Music author rights represented by ASCAP


Drive home in a late model low mileage vehicle for as little as $500. We Say Yes! Your job is your credit! All vehicles have warranties and 3 years oil changes! Easy financing!



Director- That Artist You May know
Concept - Angelos Gregoriou
Camera A - Loukas Paphitis
Camera B - Stelios Kattos
Producer - Xaralaboss Iakovou (Boss)
Hair/Makeup - Christiana Paschali

Produced by: Primestars
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Evangelina Nicole Dimovska
Lyricist and Mastering Engineer: Aeropryme

I tell you the cash 3 pick numbers to play instead of teaching you all of the different strategies that I use. As stated in the video, these cash pick 3 numbers will play fast, usually within 1-2 weeks. If you want more numbers or if you want numbers to other states that I do not post, then you can contact me at

Adsall is a new age promotion website that allows you to post your advertisements without a fee or charge. A one-stop shop for everything your customer is looking for!

Publicizing has filled a basic need in the business world by empowering dealers to viably contend with each other for the consideration of purchasers. Regardless of whether the products and ventures your organization gives are a need, an extravagance or a tad of eccentricity, you can't depend on a one-time declaration or verbal gab to keep a constant flow of clients. A substantial promise to publicizing is as much an outside suggestion to take action as it is inward support to your business group.

I'm The Culture Chaser! Join me as I explore the best way to see Asia, value and learn about local cultures and, indulge their rich histories all across Asia.


#BarsOnDeck Cypher League presents the Smoke Out Edition featuring #BennyTheButcher, #38Spesh and #FredTheGodson remember #TrustComesFirst #SunTzu Filmed by #whiteapefilms and #bigkevotg. Special Shout Out to #franknino x dj #DaInphamusAmadeuz of #Shade45. For hosting
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Top grade virgin hair wigs and mink lashes at wholesale prices.


170 Pages. In stores (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc) in Paperback format in early October 2019. Saving America is a manifesto of American conservative thought which takes an in-depth look at the economic and political problems facing America.
ISBN 978-1-942825-26-5. Published by Mikazuki Publishing House.


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"100% of All Investors Lose Money in the Stock Market." Some recapture their losses and eventually replace with gains. Some never recover and lose their entire capital base and some continue to play, hoping for a miracle, because they aren’t aware of any better opportunities. With the Stock Market, You’re never sure what to buy or when to sell and your return, if any, is uncertain.

It’s a crap-shoot.

Even skilled investors who make big returns.... Rarely Disclose the Huge losses. The odds are stacked against small investors who might do better at a poker table in ‘Vegas. Bank accounts are paying less than one half of a percent and CD’s aren’t much better. So where does one go to get a high, safe return in Today’s market?


Catch the vibe and get the feeling! It's time to spring up with a tune designed to get you feeling good about everything AFRO - the People, Music, Dance, & Fashion.

Enjoy this new tune by Afroswagg's own Ambassador Mc Wallywa @mcwallywa ( ) titled "Fashionista".


In this video I show how I got the mimic to spawn. Pretty much all you have to do is go into the main event and start playing 15+ zone missions in Save the World, and during those missions open up chests until you can get the mimic to spawn. I'm not 100% positive, but I'm pretty sure the tier 3 chests (which spawn the mimics) are most often found in Canny Valley. You know you've found a mimic chest when it is shaking.

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True Blue Sheds offers obligation-free quotes on our range of kit and custom sheds designs, our sheds are designed to keep your property safe and secure.
We use 100% Australian BlueScope steel and premium ColorBond cladding which provides years of trouble-free maintenance from the relentless Australian climate.


Top 5 COUNTRY in BIG FOUR beauty pageants.

Today, we are breaking down the top 5 countries that have excelled in the big four beauty pageant competitions.
Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth.


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2D animation of two businessmen signing a contract in the office.
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Signing a Contract by Zoritemx. 2D animation of two businessmen signing a contract in the office.
This video can be used in any of your business projects related to business, work, signing contracts, collaboration, sales, mutual benefit and future prosperity. Feel free to download this video following the link above.

Alsana CEO Jennifer Crute Steiner reviews our client-centered culture. At Alsana, we take an integrated health approach where we tend to you as a person. Alsana incorporating data-driven, evidence-based therapy with a fresh, thoughtful strategy, Alsana concentrates on complete health and wellness and wellness in recuperation from eating conditions and also related conditions. A healing community with 5 places across the country. We give remarkable as well as committed like help those on their journey to a healthy and balanced and effective recuperation.

From the Latin origins suggesting "all" or "overall health," Alsana supplies a new ideology of care fixated our clients' complete wellness. We address the elements of consuming disorders that typically go without treatment in typical recuperation programs.

Our culture is improved servant leadership, which puts the client at the facility of our version. We likewise concentrate on looking after and empowering our teams so they can equally care for as well as empower our customers.

Our culture develops a workplace of interaction, collaboration, empathy as well as stability-- every one of which are required to craft one-of-a-kind treatment plans customized to our customers' needs and outcomes.


Alsana's St. Louis, Missouri Alsana place has a team of specialized as well as thoughtful, eating disorder professionals that are devoted to your one-of-a-kind road to healing. The day treatment and extensive outpatient program are located in Fenton, Missouri. Our stunning outpatient workplaces additionally supply shows 7 days a week. Alsana data-driven, evidence-based therapy with a fresh, caring technique, Alsana concentrates on total health and wellness and health in recuperation from consuming conditions as well as relevant problems. A recovery community with five locations across the country. We supply remarkable and also dedicated care to help those on their journey to a healthy and balanced and effective recovery.

From the Latin roots implying "all" or "overall health and wellness," Alsana offers a new viewpoint of treatment fixated our clients' complete wellness. We address the elements of consuming disorders that often go untreated in typical recuperation programs.

Our society is built on servant leadership, which puts the client at the center of our design. We also concentrate on caring for and encouraging our groups so they can similarly care for as well as encourage our customers.

Our society develops a workplace of interaction, partnership, compassion and integrity-- every one of which are essential to craft unique treatment strategies customized to our customers' requirements as well as outcomes.


This Alsana is located in the rolling hillsides of Birmingham, Alabama. this Alsana location offers property therapy, an extensive day treatment program with off-campus recovery-oriented houses, a teenage day-treatment program for teens ages 13-17, as well as an incorporated extensive outpatient program.

Incorporating data-driven, evidence-based therapy with a fresh, compassionate approach, Alsana concentrates on overall health and wellness in recovery from eating conditions and also relevant problems. A recuperation neighborhood with 5 locations across the country. We offer exceptional and fully commited care to assist those on their trip to a healthy as well as successful recovery.

From the Latin origins suggesting "all" or "total health," Alsana supplies a brand-new ideology of care centered on our customers' complete wellness. We deal with the aspects of consuming disorders that often go without treatment in traditional recuperation programs.

Our culture is improved servant management, which puts the customer at the facility of our version. We likewise concentrate on caring for as well as equipping our groups so they can equally care for as well as empowering our clients.

Alsana creates a workplace of interaction, collaboration, compassion and also stability-- every one of which are essential to craft one-of-a-kind therapy plans tailored to our clients' demands and also end results.


Mike Lindell, with MyPillow, tells about Pamela Hillman, her Atlanta ministry and the amazing LifeChangers Legacy Program under Pamela's non-profit charity called, "Chebar Ministries". Mike Lindell invented the MyPillow pillow in 2004 and grew the MyPillow business into a very large Minnesota manufacturing company with 1,600 employees in 2018 and 43 million pillows sold as of 2018. Lindell created the Lindell Foundation, a faith-based foundation originally started to help addicts and MyPillow employees. The Lindell Foundation had a soft launch nationwide in August 2017, with a special project to help Hurricane Harvey victims. The foundation's focus was then broadened to help people with any personal problem, including addictions, work and spousal problems, cancer victims, veterans. The foundation also offers services to active duty military members. The Lindell Foundation pays the overhead, so 100% of all donations go to the vetted organizations and individuals in need.


'Don't You Dare!' is based on Red Tan's tragic life experiences as a young widow and single mom. It aims to inspire everyone to use the challenges, failures, criticisms, rejections and even mental health setbacks as stepping stones to rise up and do more to achieve goals. A powerful piece that hits hard, 'Don't You Dare!' is a poignant representation of all of Red Tan's regained strength.

Vocally anchored and soulful, her approach on 'Don't You Dare!' layers powerful emotions to weave something that is an epic slam into the feels. A woman who is at the forefront of being honest, sincere and blunt, Red Tan creates a stunning ode to battling our enemies and acknowledge the ability to be happy with ourselves, love and life.

Download and Listen to "Don't You Dare!" on Spotify:

FB/TW/IG/SC: @redtanofficial

Music Video by BMV Productions
Directed by: Loraa White
Director of Photography: Nitin Lutch
Photographer: Jerick Go
Hair and Makeup: Judith Armstrong of JammCo Cosmetics
Dance & Choreography: Lewis Sycamore & Chase
Location: Central London



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