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"Russia and the WHO"Content managed by
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"Russia and the WHO"Content managed by
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John discusses the US Supreme court case of Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc.," U.S. Supreme Court, 2013 in the context of Covid vaccinesContent managed by
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Russia invaded, Biden investigated, and the economy in trouble? Join us at 11am EDT.Content managed by
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Reflections on an essay by Jonathan Tannenbaum, Executive intelligence Review, September 7, 2001Content managed by
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Open Chat tonight on Rumble! Join us.Content managed by
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1997 article i Executive intelligence Review article by Dr. Ernest Shapiro opens the discussion.Content managed by
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David fills us in on recent research and extraordinary connections involving Dr. Craig Venter of the Human Genome Project.Content managed by
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May 30, 2023Content managed by
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A big week here at Mystery Island Studio! Join us to discuss the week's shows and new research.Content managed by
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Professor Hamamoto shares the latest big stories in Cultural Forensics with us.Content managed by
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Mark, David and John discuss the latest findings in their research into the "deep state." Also, "Is this Armageddon?"Content managed by
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Live discussion of the week's news: Ukraine, RFK Jr., Free Speech in Germany, Biden goes Broke-- let's talk!Content managed by
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Author Tony Chaitkin takes a break from writing to give us a preview of his next book, "Who We Are," Vol. 2. Topics include Steel, Railroads, and the American System vs. the ever encroaching British Empire.Content managed by
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Let's talk about the week!

It's been a big week! let's discuss what's on your mind as we wrap up another week at McDuff Lives!Content managed by
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Nick and John discuss Dr. Alan Cantwell, AIDS research, and bioweapons.Content managed by
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Operation Northwoods was proposed in March 1962. McDuff was transferred to the Pentagon in March 1962. SACSA was JFK's answer to the Pentagon war hawks. A new team would take over from Lemnitzer and Lansdale.

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Readings from the original 1978 "Dope, Inc." and Executive Intelligence Review detailing the British Empire's Dope Inc. and it's American ennablers.Content managed by
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"Liberals and Neoliberals: who are they and what do they want?"Content managed by
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Who are the "neoliberals" and what do they want?

British Freemasons and Jewish Bankers from the CSA to Today."Content managed by
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The British Dope Inc. empire is exposed by readings from the original "Dope, Inc., Britain's Opium War Against the World", and articles in Executive intelligence Review by the LaRouche Organization.

Chat is open on rumble and YT channel McDuff Lives 2. Join us!Content managed by
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