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Meditate not for for peace OF mind, but rather peace from the mind!! Meditation can help stop the brain from terrorising and torturing you!

First know the nature of the Mind (curious, disruptive, twisting, ego-protective, lonely ...) then you know you cannot possible expect "peace of mind", any more than you can expect a wild animal not to bite you.

Second, know your Nature (eternal, immutable, impartial, fair, just, fearless, because you are desireless, …) then you know how silly it is to imagine that you are trying to fit all that in a little human body, tight fit. It’s not going to happen. That’s why we are always so tired and anxious.

Third, with contemplation and detachment, the awakening of the Supreme Witness, the mind's minder, is never far off.

Relax while waiting ….. you are finally going back home ….
Breathe deeply and relax. Maharaj: 'With a deep and calm breathing, the life force will improve, which will affect the brain and help the mind become clean and stable and suitable for meditation. Without vitality, there is little to be done, therefore, the importance of protecting it and increasing it. _________________________________

Дышите глубоко и расслабьтесь. Махарадж: «С глубоким и спокойным дыханием жизненная сила улучшится, что повлияет на мозг и поможет разуму стать чистым и стабильным и пригодным для медитации. Без жизненной силы мало что можно сделать, следовательно, важность его защиты и увеличения. '

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