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An explosive movement used to open up your opponent's Centerline and to attack his core.

In the MCM Wing Chun system an alternate Luk Sao platform is the Dragon Body methond. This training platform utilizes powerful dynamics that utilizes the four powers Float, sink,Swallow, spit and in its Chi Sao Training. The engery one exerts in Chi Sao is multidimensional ...

Simple movement

Using the double Palm Strike or po pai strike.

A short video on play lite sparring..

In this short video I show and demonstrate why the 1st section of Wing Chun Chum Kiu form is very important..The use of the waist and elbows are the essence of the 1st section.

In this short video inshownits better not to run the hand and why.

In this video I show by weaking one side of the body your able to strike the other side.

In this video I show how using to much forward enger is dangerous and can be used against you.

A continuation of my first video " How to break the Centerline " goes a little deeper.

Having the center and Centerline is a a falsehood. In this video I will show you why.

In this video I show an out of the box approach of using The classic Wing Chun Tao Sao..

A short form I created called Dragon body hooking hand. Based on my new style.

In this video I show how it's almost impossible to trap your opponent hands..

A little practice today at the lake.

In this video I show the fours powers using circular movements

In this video am demonstrating the 4 powers of sink,float,Swallow and spit.

Training the 4 powers Sink, Rise, Swallow, Spit.

Back to basics this video I show the basic power generations and techniques


In this video I show how using your Wing Chun in a different way can be useful and effective ..

In this video I show how to use the Suo Gee Sao or the opening movements found in all of the beginning moves of the Wing Chun forms.


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This channel is designed to showcase and propagate my unique approach to the art of Wing Chun. A progessive approach to Wing Chun. For more information on MCM WING CHUN you can contact Sifu McIlwrath me at > [email protected]

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