In this video I show a few Wing Chun pole drills to develop the snapping power needed for the Luk Dim Bun Quan.

The 6.5 point pole technique

In this video many topics are demoed and taught such as why the Centerline is not an important element or needed. How to open and control the Centerline and various situations that come up in Chi Sao.

In this video I show and demonstrate the 3 stage Process of the way I Chi Sao and the reason why.

In this video I show the pros and cons of Wing Chun Structure and an alternative method.

In this video I show how to enter, control and Dominate your opponent.

This is a breakdown and one application of my second section of the Wooden Dummy.

In this video I show its not to your advantage to shorten your bridge when fighting or In Chi Sao.

In this video I show how I use the double Lop Sao technique which is used to jerk forward the shoulder not the hand to open up targets to strike.

In this video i show how I initiate the body to power the technique. How the power source come from proper body mechanics..

In this shirt video I show and demonstrate where the 4 powers come from and how to generate it.

In this video I show the first section of my dummy form. Looks very similar to the Ip Man wooden dummy 1st section but the application is very different.

In this video I show several ways to control, manipulate your opponent in Chi Sao.

In this video, I show a few isolated movements I like to practice independently of the Wooden Dummy form which I feel are important movements.

I show how thr Quan Sao Movement is not just a linear side to side movement but also a circular contracting and expanding movement.

Father and son training..

In this video I show why you need to stay close to your opponent. By doing so you reduce your opponent's abilities to counter and options to attack.

In this video I break and discuss why do perform Pak Da my why and the reasons for it.

In this I demonstrate Wing Chun advanced kicks, sweeps , locks and take downs

In this video I show how I perform the huen sao movement. How I use both linear and Circular movement.

In this video I show how I perform the Gan SAO USING spiraling energies..

In this videoni show how to move The MCM Wing Chun way using spiraling energy using linear footwork and Circular waist and hands movements.

In this video I show how to counter the neck pulling and reverse it.

In this video the internal or how energy is controlled and manipulated are shown and explained in detail.


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