Do You Have Evidence?

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Do You Have Evidence?



Who is the one truly bringing the charges?
Is it a potentially fictional "STATE"?

Does the court recognize the "right" to meet one's alleged accuser?

Listen to ImBatman57 break it down...

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#sovereigncitizens NEED to hear this... stop making claims and learn to ASK QUESITONS that are on POINT!! #advice #getOVERyourself

Ever heard of Karl Lentz, Yusef El, Tazadaq, Carl Miller, Rick Martin, Trent Goodbaudy, Paul Unslaved, James C Lovett, Chille Decastro, or ANY of the "law guru's"??? Time to leave em in the DUST and FORGET EVERYTHING you THINK you know!!!

The TRUTH and REALITY is much simpler than you may have been led to believe!

This is a 12 minute gem from one of the Batcalls!

Who is the one who can help you in court, life, etc?

Can you get over the programming?

Could you be the problem?
Might things get better after one realizes that?

Is a witness the same as the claimant?

Is the prosecutor the same as the claimant?

Are you on point in court, in life, with the people around you?

Have you heard ImBatman57 speak on such things lately?

Do we need a birth certificate to get along in this world?

Is love and honor important?

Are you in fear?

Can you ask simple questions and forget what you THINK you know?

Might life be much simpler than one tends to make it?

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Might you be getting bad results with your brothers in blue because of a bad attitude or negative intent toward them?

Have you learned to stay on point?

Have you learned to stop ASSuming?

If you think you know somthing, could it be you know too much?

ImBatman57 & me chatting - wanted to share

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constitution government

Are you trying to TELL people things? Might it be better to ask why they believe what they do?

Ever heard of LIVING in peace and love, like REALLY LIVING it?

Could it be that if one did live that way, court would be NO problem, ever?

Could you be more selfish than you realize? Might it be time to change that BS?
ImBatman57 talking in the clip... ever listened to an actual philosopher?

Have you ever experienced the emergency lights come on behind you?

What happened next- did you pull over, or did you 'get pulled over'?

Could your attitude and understanding have a LOT to do with how the situation goes next?

ImBatman57 speaking here, allegedly!

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Could EVERY law, statute, code, and regulation ACTUALLY be completely ambiguous? What if they all need YOU to make a claim, in order to create a controversy?

What if YOUR testimony is what actually convicts you?

Would it make sense to learn more about what is being asked/offered in court?

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Could it be possible to get back what you put out?
What if you're putting out the wrong thing?

Learn how to master self... could court be EASY after that?

The man speaking goes by ImBatman57, allegedly...

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Are you SURE the judge is even talking to you?? Have you clarified?

In this vid, ImBatman57 sheds a little clarity on court and our attitude in court... Could we be bringing assumptions and attitude into court?

Do you know how to handle yourself in court? Are you in honor?

Are you familiar with hearsay?

Have you met the claimant? What if there IS NO CLAIMANT??

Ever heard of ImBatman57?
MIGHT that be why you have "issues" in court?

A little of the backstory is given here, but do you really need to know more than how to be in honor?

Could the court be asking you if you are a piece of paper?? What if you've been saying YES??

What if all of the "methods" you've heard is BS? What if it was ALWAYS a renewing of the mind that needed to happen. before you could understand?

Are you ready to FORGET everything you THINK YOU KNOW, and learn love?

What do you say when you go to court? Do you make statements, or do you ask on-point questions?

What if you've been going at this all wrong? Could it be?

How many different 'methods' have you heard from countless "law guru's"?
How's that going for ya?

Have you tried showing up with love, trying to help all involved?

Do you have the right to face your accuser? If so, would it make sense to ask to meet them, before things go farther?

Could it be THAT simple? Seriously? ALL of these methods and paperwork... could all of those be construed as warlike behavior? Could it be that the court is only looking to punish those who have belligerent behavior?

Would it make sense to show, through questions, your peaceful and helpful intent?

ImBatman57 seems to put it VERY simply, CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THO?

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Why argue with anybody? Would it be better to ask them why they believe what they do?

Who believes I have a claim to this NAME?

Would it make sense to let them prove their alleged claim?

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If you have rights, how would you prove it?

Ever asked a dead man where his right to breathe is?

Could it be that "owning" rights is simply another claim that will land one in hot water with the court, or police?

Is it true that whoever brings a claim must bring proof?
Why do we make any claims before we ask for proof of their claims?

Could CLAIMING that you have rights, be ridiculous? Can you prove you do?
Can you actually go through a renewing of the mind?

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🤔 Could you be adding 1sthand testimony in court, unknowingly?

❔Do you understand what a claim is?

If only one brings a claim, is there controversy? 😆

ImBatman57 seems to see solutions, for those with ears to hear... 👂

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Do you realize JUST how easy you may be granting jurisdiction in court?

Why make a claim in front of them??

Ever heard of ImBatman57?

Ever heard of living in the moment, with love? Could this be what REALLY helps in court? Could it be this simple??

law sovereign court judge constitution lawyer how to government jurisdiction claim statutes codes regulations philosophy love

Do you want to be seen by the court as a warlike belligerent that NEEDS punishment, or the bill? Then KEEP filing paperwork!! 😂🤣

Could all claims be something that one should avoid when in court?

ImBatman 57 seems to combine philosophy, law, and understanding of oneself... might this help you?

How can you do anything that is impossible?

Have you been trying to do just that?

If you are open, could this be what you were searching for?

Tired of too many "methods" for court?

Want to understand it totally, or at least close to totally?

Why fight against yourself, while in court? Might that make you seem crazy??

ImBatman57 with another lesson on life, court, philosophy, ego, and more...

What IS the point in court? Do you know?

Can you stay on point? What if the game is to get you off point??

Could that be the reason for "negative"/learning experiences in previous court adventures? Do you want to learn how to "opt out"?

Shoutout to ImBatman57 - after many years of studying law, codes, regulations, policies, ordinances, procedure, and much more, you passed along some information that seemed to clear it all up... Thank you brother

What does the judge want? What does the prosecutor want?
IS there a way to please everyone involved? Would that be what honor is?

Are you ready to love, or do you "know" too much?

#law #sovereign #court

You gonna let a piece of paper tell you what to believe?
Why con yourself?

Is it true that you get back what you put out?

Could division be a be a reflection of an inner issue?

Could that division be detected in court and with police?
What if solving the inner division is the key to being treated honorably by all?

Could you be the a**hole?

- something similar to what ImBatman57 might say... allegedly

Could the sovereign citizens/constitutionalists be in war mode?

What if, instead of victimhood, one found accountability?

What if people showed up to court to help all involved?
Might we get better results?

What if people read the Leiber Code instead of the constitution? What if people learned the difference between a belligerent and a peaceful inhabitant? Might that change our interactions with brothers and sisters "in the government"?

Could borders be imaginary? What if we are all stuck on this rock together?
Where is the love?

ImBatman57 shedding REAL light on how the court system works!!!

Can you learn, or do you "know too much"?? 🤣🤣💥

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If you shine a light in someone's eyes, what is their normal reaction?

Ever read the 'Trading with the Enemy Act amended' from 1933? What if it talks about "you"?
What if you are an "enemy of the state", and don't even realize it?

Ever heard of ImBatman57? If not, could that be what's wrong with you?? 😂 Jk, but seriously check him out!

Ever read the seemingly people-hating-beliefs that were carved into the Georgia Guidestones?

Why do we have any tolerance for a democracy that quietly demolished a Republic?

Ever read 'The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America'?

Ever read General Smedley's book 'War is a Racket'?

Ever read the "fake" Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion? Sure it's fake, but have you READ it?

Ever read the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx? Have you heard the leaders of BLM claim to be pround marxists? Who funded it?

Do you realize that race division is a SIMPLE tactic used to divide the sheep? Do you realize that borders only exist on paper?

Ever read Theodore Roosevelt talk about sovereignty?

Ever heard Judge John Jay talk about sovereignty?

Ever read Chisholm v Georgia?

What the heck is a sovereign citizen? How can one be an oxymoron? Would that make one a moron?
I believe those people are well-intended, but seemingly misguided...

Why did the U.S. government bring over SOOOO many "scientists" in Operation Paperclip? How is that "okay"?

Who started Nasa? What was his previous position? What did he say about going to the moon? What does his tombstone read?

Could the Greeks have put it any simpler when they said "know thyself"? Do you know what that means?
Do you know YOU, or do you know the ego?
Could it be that you need to undergo a 'renewing of the mind'? Could that be why I mention ImBatman57?

Why did the Smith-Mundt Act, that makes it illegal for government to propagandize us, get repealed in 2013?

Why concentrate on ANY of their BS? How about use all of that energy to find self and develop your spirit and individuation?

"A life unexamined is a life not worth living"- Socrates maybe...