This calico girl is quite the character.

I’m honoured that she finds our home a safe place!

Our newly adopted stray cat. I love her.

Bike riding through the clouds today.

Squirrels eating bird seed.

Saw the skunk in the same place again today.

Normally I see dogs

Last weekend we canned stewed tomatoes with green peppers and onions, today we are canning tomatoes with basil.

Baby raccoon sleeping in the backyard grape vine.

These are the wild animals of my downtown big city. Feral cat, raccoon squirrels and pigeons!

Soaking wet baby raccoons are super cute.

Tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes.

I wasn’t expecting this little lovely to be so comfortable nudging me for breakfast. I was trying to have a cup of coffee on the front porch.

I missed recording the best footage, this is after she realized I was watching.

There were six baby raccoons in the back yard today and one adult. Busy morning.

We are making good progress!

Look mom I can hold a hotdog like a cigar, on this bike!

Have been wondering about Chunky. This morning I saw the feral cat running away at feeding time and Chunky came back. Made her a quick breakfast of hotdogs and kibble.

I haven’t seen Chunky for days and I’m really worried and miss her. Today these two little unnamed cuties were in the yard playing, crawling on my bike and going into the boxes for the feral cats. Oh my.

Chunky has at least two little raccoons she is watching out for but isn’t ready to share her favourite chicken hot dogs with them yet.

Chunky visits every day and night. I give her cat food, grapes, chicken weiners and marshmallows on occasion as a sweet treat. She isn’t shy.

Planted veggies at my brother’s house today, many plants grown from seeds. Now we wait.

Chunky usually visits at night but since the lockdown she visits mid-afternoon for dinner. She is one of our new wild animal pets since we had to euthanize our beautiful dog Arrow. We miss him so much we can’t bring ourselves to get another dog just yet.

Arrow doesn’t want to lie down yet today. I continue to syringe feed him. No appetite despite giving him an appetite stimulant. Heartbreaking to watch our beautiful boy deteriorate like this. Sorry for annoying humidifier background noise.


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Meet Arrow.
Our gentle giant Doberman.
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