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Bugs is curious about everything

Bugs is very soothing to watch play. She entertains herself. She plays with me and her stepsister but usually just plays hard all by herself.

Calico cutie helping with laundry.

Bugsey snores.

Our new kitten Bugs is so very curious and wants to play with everything.

My other street cat Bow has no interest in my plants but Bugs has to climb my hibiscus plant.

Bugs has a loud purr that I’m realizing she has now that she is settling down and getting more comfortable in the house.

Four days here, Bugs is doing great. I knew in time she would find and love the view of the backyard from inside.

Instead of tossing, appropriate leftovers are given to wildlife. Raccoons and skunks both love this cheese ravioli. This early morning, two teenage raccoons scored!

The newest addition to the family has arrived. Such a playful, beautiful little 6 month old kitten. Found in a parking lot we are told.

Bow is mostly unenthusiastic about the toy ball of yarn around her head.
She’s getting ready to be the oldest street cat in the house. We found another cutie we plan to adopt. Can’t wait!

The cycle of life can be cruel but the Hawk needs to eat.

I will not let her chew electric cords again😳

Appears to be a slow creeper kicking in...

Gave Bow a little catnip plant.

Bow hates the hat.

This calico girl is quite the character.

I’m honoured that she finds our home a safe place!

Our newly adopted stray cat. I love her.

Bike riding through the clouds today.


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When this channel started we had the pleasure of knowing a beautiful Doberman named Arrow. Now we have two rescued female street cats who would have produced many more street kittens.